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Biggest wastes of RS Money?


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So recently I got into the construction skill. To make a long story short, I blew 2.2mill on my house (which was all my money). It took me months to make it all back. And now I'm beginning to want to do some more work on my house. Those throne rooms aren't going to build themselves you know...So what is you biggest waste of money in RS? It could be an item, scam, skill, clan, etc.

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I look at scenic items as a waste of money i.e. party hats, cloaks, those fance clothes, ect. ect.

Those in fact are not a waste..What I've learned about party hats and shit...In the last weeks I've been F2P since I couldn't pay for P2P and so I got addicted to see videos of RS in youtube and I have many many great channels subscrived and I know many many players that did a ortune out of party hats... why?? Because they buy a party hat and a few months later it worth + 200M or + 100M and they start to make fortunes merching party hats or you can just loan partyhats like 50k hour and still make money while you sleep!! SO there is junk that suck but what I know is that partyhats MAKE MONEY, but only if you first can afford them....
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My curse is buying more ammo then I need ex: right now I have 10k mithril bolts, 10k rune arrows, about 12k mithril arrows and 10k bronze knives, then I end up selling them and loosing money from GE price changes. And now a days I'm chinning to train so all that ammo is for killing stuff for fun, pvp or dueling so I barely use em.Posted Image

Fletching made me 8mil, not a waste of money, as cow said it just took me 2 months for 1-99 fletching.

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