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  1. So complex I DON'T UNDERSTAND
  2. So I played it again for the first time in ages. I think I might be active again. Add me Blue_speed
  3. He loves you not...He loves you not...He loves you not...He loves you not...He loves you not...He loves you not...
  4. Lol alright alright. I'm neither one of those. As for the Zucchini comment. Well your post is still up.
  5. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing. Lol the episode that is currently playing right now
  6. For my xbox nation fans. Play with me and or I'll be a zombie join your game for free xp. Pls. On a serious note, I love it. Despite it being incredibly short which makes me feel abit sad. Hopefully the DLC can fix that minor flaw. That and the fact that if I slide underneath something 4/10 times will result in me falling under the map and insta death.
  7. Valentines day is the day where you waste moneys
  8. How can you possibly forget do you not see all the red stuff everywhere?
  9. Anyone plan on doing something special with someone? I'm getting dragged into watching that 50 shades of grey movie Premium member plox.
  10. Last status update on this forum was last year. Here take some 2015!

    1. David


      It's pretty lonely around here when there's no recent TES game. I was a few days from talking with myself.

    2. Blue speed

      Blue speed

      That's extremely depressing lol

    3. Illini


      You two are sad.

  11. Need moar photos (first post 2014)
  12. Another day in paradise

  13. Another day in paradise

  14. Welcome to the community I know you will enjoy your stay
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