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  1. Maybe doomsday fell asleep or something. It did have a very long time to wait before this day happened. It is just running a little late.
  2. Cthulhu will rise from the depths and show us all what a real doomsday looks like.
  3. Yeah, it is silly to see how something so trivial spreads all over the social networking sites like wildfire. It is easy to see how miscommunication can happen just by accident. Children, this is why you get your news from the TV (at least somewhat relevant news) and not from Facebook.
  4. I appreciate that webpage. The wait is KILLING me.
  5. Crazycow73

    Last day

    So today is the last day before the end of the world. What do you plan on doing during the last day of existence? I still have 1 more final and after that, probably going to get naked and walk around campus. Then, of course, watch the meteor drop at midnight.
  6. I like the end of the Fergal one. Made me giggle.
  7. Hello everyone, I think it has been long enough for me to create another introduction post since a few of you may not know/remember me. My name is Tyler, I'm 19 and I use to do that Runescape thing back in the day. Oh and... HELLO AGAIN! Love, Tyler
  8. There are veterans who left a mark on this clan that AREN'T here anymore.They should still have the title.
  9. #10, They don't want people resetting, speccing smithing, making dragon armour, resetting, repeat, with whatever they want.
  10. Congratulations on your rank and title.
  11. We are just looking for the best in TRR and honestly the best in TRR might be a subforum in a bigger forum. Honestly, we aren't looking to kill it. We want you guys to be able to keep the community and have fun with each other. The activity just isn't there anymore to sustain an entire forum on the RuneScape subject.
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