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  1. 1. You cannot keep him, he is not your horse. 2. Nothing, Frost doesn't just disappear into thin air, he probably goes to the farm to work for farmer Harris, and plough his fields, and his 17 year old Horse Fetish Daughter. 3. Frost will be too busy nailing a 17 year old slut, no you cannot get him back. 4. No, stop asking questions about useless fucking horses.
  2. Tynisa


    For a start, if you imagine Elder Scrolls, but the game is good instead of wank - you have ArcheAge. So, might as well change the site name to "a good game" and come join us.
  3. I am currently playing mods such as: assassins skyrim, planetside 2: return of the skyrim, league of skyrim etc
  4. Um. Stop playing with the Children, people will get the wrong idea about you - which i think is what has happened here. Less time with children and people wont arrest and bum you
  5. i tried to kill him while wearing the socks of wisdom +9 as we all know he is immune to the wisdom socks, and as such i died like 50+ times to him, then, after much deliberation and frustration, i took off the socks, much to my demise i also was wearing the giant earring of corruption +14 (of the night). this caused many problems. after 43 hours of play, i finally beat him and i only got 2 rocks and a dead fish skull for a reward.
  6. shes a slag, dont worry about it. penetrate her in the bootyhole to make sure she knows who is the boss. then make water all over her things. you can try to eat her pet fish, if its still there, i was there last time and it was swimming nicely.
  7. You could always equip the staff of penetration +14 (of the sun) it is gud dk pvp item
  8. I invented something even more genius, then.
  9. dont read a black mans book. black men books are the most dangerous of books. didnt you read the front cover before you delved into the whole thing? it clearly states: DANGER: DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU ARE BLACK MAN.
  10. Ok so here is your problem. go to http://rockhouserecords.bandcamp.com/track/beethoven and listen, listen real hard and you will find the solution to all your problems, then this minor issue you are having will seem insignificant to the out of body experience you just had, listening to this track.
  11. Mmmmmm, Now i can see the cheese as i imagine the cheese also inside.
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