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  1. So guys idk if you have messed me... but the thing is that I've been almost 2 weeks without coming here and posting and doing stuff.Sorry about all of this but the main reason is that MY PC IS BROKEN o.0yeah thats right, my PC is broken, it have like 6 or 7 years and the stuff inside is not so much good, the only good thing in it is the 3 Ghz and 500 Mb of ram, everything else sucks and wen I turn it on, it starts to smell like burned and thats why it's fucked up... SOmeday I will turn it on and it should burn or some shit and then Im fucked o.0 so well guys I will slowly keep getting back by using someones computer or wen I get my xbox, go to internet throw it and then post.
  2. I had guides here before, but due to some past problems I had to delete, old stuff between me and Traaginen.Sorry guys
  3. Gratz to you, and great luck to every1 for PMember of the year
  4. Like the most people in the game I use melee, but my favourite style is magic ofc, In all games that I can I use magic, here it's just too expensive ( out of the ganedermic staff, wich is great to low lvl rs players need tog et 80 magic for it, don't have p2p tho... )
  5. If I want a nice thing to do in F2P I do Fist of guthix because Im pro at it xDBut don't do much because Im going for 99 cooking, even slow because I don't play that much now, PC's fault, this piece of shit is older that bill gates and lag as fucking (....) lol
  6. Good luck very one in the pool list xD
  7. Thats like it because activity have been lower in the past few like 3 monhts wich makes people quit, wen I joined the clan orogonaly 1 and half year ago it was huge and great, so many events, great people, great activity in foruns + in game, now it's lame, half of the people here don't play RS anymore.
  8. http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9NF2edxy-MIf you can't see the video because of the Scripts here it is: copy and past in the brower...
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