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  1. Yes. As of right now, 3 left. Ritual of the Mahjarrat (currently training for it), A Clockwork syringe, and Nomad's requiem. Why do I do them? Well idk really. When I joined I never got into the pking frenzy my friends were in to. I did quests, and thru a quest met a close friend who was also really in to quests. We both eventually got our quest capes. She quit, and I am working to get mine back .
  2. I don't know how it is where you live, and I don't think a rec center is a great example. I assume a place you pay for/or can get thrown out of etc. I live in Brooklyn NY and if we're playing on courts (this goes for handball, basketball, baseball etc.), another group of people are not just going to show up and start playing on your court without asking to play, asking for next etc. You say horrible example, and maybe for your rec center it is, but where I'm from, it doesn't happen often, because when it does, a fight does take place, or one of the groups is just walking off because they don't want to fight.If there's enough room so that people can share without hampering someone else's or their experience's I'm all for it. And who are you to say I'm not sharing or compromising? By all means if someone shows up, I ask not to crash, and they offer to share (such as coal mines, I had someone crash me, and he offered to share. He got top half, I got bottom half). Same thing happened at Kuradel's Iron Drag's. 4 Dragons, I was there with 1 person already, 2 joined later. We agreed 1 dragon a piece, no stealing others). The thing is I know not everyone hops. People will just crash in an effort to make the other person leave, or force themselves in. I'm annoyed solely at those people. The ones, where the resources/monsters are tight, yet they don't care, they won't hop, they will ruin your experience, to benefit theirs.
  3. I was like 14-15 at the time. Regardless, was not the point of the post .
  4. On double exp weekend I hopped nearly 20 times, before I found an empty world for red salamandar's. Yes it's frustrating to keep trying over and over, but it's so you're not a raging asshole. It's not that these resources/monsters are "mine", it's just some mutual respect this game "should" have. Granted Jagex can do a LOT to fix this, but they won't. There's also foreign world's too. I'd love to see people crash on people in real life. Let's say I'm playing basketball with friends on a court, and all of a sudden other people just start playing. Believe me, there will be a fight if they don't move. It's not macho bravado, it's respect. The only reason people don't do it on RS, is because a)They might even enjoy ruining someone else's experience b)There's nothing the other person can do. c)tired of hopping. d)Just don't care...and I guarantee it's usually A or B.
  5. Just a way to make money if you didn't know. All it requires is some patience (as there is a 5k buying limit for every 4 hours. 30k tickets per day.) You buy as many archery tickets as you want from the GE, and when you're ready to cash out, you go to the Ranging Guild and buy Rune Arrows. They sell 50 Rune Arrows for 1020 Tickets. As you can see below, I recently did this, and made roughly 500k, for almost no work from me. While it took me roughly 8 Days to get this many tickets, and only a 500k profit, you got to remember, it only takes 5 minutes worth of "work" to earn this money, and the only thing you suffer, is one less Exchange box to work with for a week. Only requirement for this method is 40 Ranged and a Members Account. Not an amazing tip, but I'm sure somebody will take advantage of it. Edit: Sorry about how bad the pictures came out. Will not fix, sorry :/
  6. This is just a general thing that really grinds my gears. And I hope nobody here does it, because you automatically lose respect points . Don't crash. Maybe I'm using the wrong terminology, but when you go somewhere to do something in Runescape (Mining, Slaying, Boss Killing, Hunting etc), don't crash in on someone who was already there. This is rude. People who do this are assholes. Seriously. Just hop to another world. Why ruin someone else's experience.Yes this is a slight rant but seriously, this bothers me more than anything in the game even bots. Today I finally saw the Shilo Gem Mine empty, so I decided to mine for a little bit. 10 minutes later, someone gets on and is pretty much competing with me for the rocks. I ask him to hop, please don't crash "Make me". FFS. I'm killing Aberrant Spectre's the other day, and finally found a semi-unpopulated spectre world. 4 Spectre's all to myself. 2 people come in, I ask them to not crash "Oh, I'm here with a friend, and there's 2 of us, one of you...so you hop". WTF.Assholes./Rant.
  7. I don't know anyone really here. I've only "trusted" one person here, and I *believe* it was Kaiden. Not 100% sure to be honest. I needed someone to build something in their house, so I can do something for my achievement diary, I didn't have the level for it at the time, gave Kaiden the materials for the item (about 150k), and gave it to him, on my first or second day in the clan. He didn't scam me, so .In Runescape I only trust one person truly, and it was a friend I used to play with. I had a friendship with her for nearly 2 years on RS, and we knew each other's passwords, pins and everything, and I know I never stole anything, and I don't believe she stole anything lol. Unless it's someone you can meet irl, or have a real long friendship with, it's hard to trust. I used to play Neopets (shut up), and was a guild leader with 4 close friends, and we talked everyday on MSN, spoke about the clans, did the plots, blah blah blah. One day I woke up, spoke to one of the co-leaders, and she was scammed for millions (which actually is just as hard as there as here lol), and it was just such a shock. Can't trust everybody...I would love to find other players I can trust and vice versa, but you'll always have that thought in the back of your mind that it could all go wrong.
  8. None because it's not fun. Sorry. I understand that this is the clan, but I'm very blunt about certain things...I'll go to events and chat when I can, but collecting resources has got to be one of the most boring RS tasks cuirrently available. And that's coming after training several skills for 7 hours that I hate. Maybe when it's more useful or more fun, or more afkable.
  9. This is my video. Happened to me yesterday. I just find it hilarious, maybe someone else would enjoy
  10. Started with Construction...Started at 64, ended at 69, which was my end goal.Next I will be training Thieving. Starting is 70, pushing to 74.Not sure in what order I'll be doing the following 2 (suggestions?)Agility from 65-69 and Range from 70-75...Why am I training these? Quest requirements. 8 Quests away still, and because of this weekend I might have the Quest Cape back by the end of this week .
  11. Not that I really left. Just wanted to let everyone know, if anyone noticed I haven't been on that My Video card on my 5-6 month computer died. Since I bought my comp direct from Dell, I was under warranty, with free replacement. I could've only been gone for 2 days but because of work, and the repairman's availability I couldn't get it fixed until today. But I'm back now..
  12. Can someone tell me why Botting is such a big deal, and always a huge discussion? I really don't care for them, and albeit a few activities I don't really see WHY it's such a big deal. Maybe it's the n00b in me, botting wasn't a big thing when I quit 2 years ago, obviously because free trade was non-existant... But I don't see what the big deal is?I can see why to some skillers. Woodcutting was probably my favorite way to make money thru a non-combat skill. Easy to AFK while watching videos, and produced a lot of money. Willow Logs back when I remember were 30gp per, Yews were 600gp and Magic Logs were 1k each. Since then, Mage logs are actually higher in price, but Yews and Willow logs have suffered severe price drops. This obviously goes for ores in Mining, fishes in fishing etc...More Botters = Lower priced stuff...Which also has it's benefits in other skills...Fletching, Smithing, Firemaking etc. The only time botters have actually bothered me on RS, is during certain activities (Sorceress's Garden) for example, as the bots would screw me up and make me get caught by the guards. Other than that I really couldn't care less about bots. If it's an actual person botting for skills and stuff....well, his/her accomplishments are null and void. If and when I get my 99's, and my Quest cape back, it will be a personal accomplishment, that would not feel the same if I had botted. I don't see the big deal, maybe someone can enlighten me? Lol
  13. Completely destroying my house, and rebuilding it better. I probably spent a couple mil to my current Construct level (64), and today's revamp spent 1.5mil+, without leveling up, just to make the house "look better". lol...Feel better? lol
  14. Awesome, someone else who likes Skillet... Here's another song
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