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  1. mesa Elder Soul now!

    1. David


      mesa too!

      Jar Jar Binks?

  2. Not to diss Runescape, but I can vouch from beta testing that TOR is really cool. But I realize not everyone is in to sci-fi or Star Wars like me
  3. Hello to whomever may be reading this.  I have decided to formally announce my leaving of TRR.  I must admit that I have purposely been inactive over the past month or so, as I became agitated for my quiet demotion from Diplomat.  Time has eroded these raw feelings, and so I figured I should honor the clan I loved so much with a departure message.  As I have said before, RuneScape has always been an off and on activity to me.  I have come back every time.  Now I even have a clan to come back to, when I feel up to it.  I very much enjoyed interacting with all of you and making some friends.  As a last act, I am giving all of my ibEconomy money the person I respect the most- Mono.  Farewell and good gaming!<br /><br />-Blakelington
  4. If you get confused in the game be sure to ask one of us because we probably know. And if you need anything PM me, I'm F2P too
  5. Hahaha. That is the worst cop I've seen in my life!
  6. Inverse, Ignite, Ideal - check out my blog peas and corn.

  7. Pieces. Considering most of us are making them ourselves. I'm willing unpack them all if you give them to me.
  8. I thank you for leaving with dignity instead of just taking off without telling anyone. I send my best regards and hope that you'll have a prosperous life.
  9. Gahhh! Those perverted Tennesseeians! *no offense to anyone reading this that is from Tennessee and is not perverted
  10. Hoodie Allen! Everyone should go check him out. He's unsigned and all his music is free http://hoodieallen.com/
  11. Sounds like you have your life together, which is awesome. It's nice to see down to earth people playing Runescape
  12. I'm illegal to vote for. But we are the Rebelz, right?
  13. Pretty neat. Seems like there'd be more, though.
  14. That's probably my favorite Eminem song. It's the reason I spell evol.
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