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  1. Yep, I'm getting two.... maybe 3... setup two next to each other for wall decor, one to test out and more then likely break lol.
  2. http://www.swordsswords.com/demon-warrior-quest-role-play-dagger-full-size-replica.aspx Thinking about getting this.
  3. Nah thats every Saturday and Sunday at the swap meet.
  4. If you've done the Diplomatic Immunity quest apparently it takes the key out of your inventory, check sleeping giants inn chest for it. Still have you tried leaving city then coming back after sometime and then talk to the new Jarl? You lose your thane status and have to do stuff to get it back which might make you lose access to breezehome.
  5. I have to ask.... why dont you carry your keys on you.... they are weightless aren't they.... also have you tried talking to the new steward or jarl? Try waiting a few hours or leave city then come back and talk to him.
  6. Same, Oblivion Skyrim. Might get TESO if I could ever finish all game content on Skyrim ha.
  7. Dunno but i think its because most stores are in the red(loss of profits) most of the year and on black friday their sales raise so much that they go in the black(gain profit).
  8. I always got towards Dark Elves or Orcs myself. Also yeah I've seen that, that why i said I though he was just crazy.
  9. dafuq yo, hope nothing bad happened to him or he aint up to anything bad, and i thought he was just crazy? khajiits? i always lean more to battle mage types, use destruction spells then switch to a warhammer or something when they get too close.
  10. @saucy, when i have time I'll go through a few hundred rounds in a couple hours, right now I'm trying to just stock up. American Eagle is all right, i own some shirts, i buy most of my clothes from places like aussie outfitters or spencers.
  11. What up people I used to consider friends that we have lost touch with each other ha, and new folks idk, topic says it all. Hmm seeing as this is in introductions guess i should say something along those lines... Sup folks, I'm Apollyon, Mike/Haides/Pinoy to those people that became somebodies that i used to knowww... My interests include medieval weaponry, hand to hand combat, firearms, drifting, pie, cookies, and annoying people, guess that also shows my hobbies too. Most of my time is spent doing 3 things listed in order of time spent doing it work-videogames-napping. sooo.... yeah....
  12. Finally bought skyrim, any words of advice/tips for this newb?

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      ^ha, hmm i think i might go sniper:P bow and dagger, with an orc ha.

    3. Jake


      In my opinion, Orc assassins are the most efficient builds in the game. It sounds ironic, but their Berserker Rage skill leads to backstabs that other races could only dream of.

  13. that sounds almost as bad as the feather with birds coming out of it tattoo ha, have seen that tat EVERYWHERE, when i see it i always make a comment to them like "wow thats baddass, think of that yourself?" most of em make a crude remark and or say i dont understand their blah blah blah expression blah blah blah, lol others go "yep, cocaine is a hell of a drug" or something else along those lines. Google "birds of a feather tattoo" if you dont know what im talking about. side note: just finished my first tattoo, $1200(including tip,roughly $800-$900 without tip), and I cant wait for my next one.
  14. got a $200 supposed hand-forged sword for $60, and 1000 rounds of pmc bronze 9mm for $250 and saved about $150 on christmas gifts, oh and I finally bought skyrim ha, was on sale with all dlc for $35. too bad you didn't get borderlands on Ps3, I could of helped you out if you wanted it.
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