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what's wrong with blexun??


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This is a IRC conversation between me and blexun today, he seems he is diferent... stupid realy stupid.. Just read it and you will understand

[22:10] <Muscle-AFK> back guys.. [22:10] *** Muscle-AFK is now known as Muscle-FM [22:11] <Blexun> back? [22:16] <Muscle-FM> I was afk [22:17] <Blexun> Wait [22:17] <Blexun> I dont get it [22:17] <Muscle-FM> I got to the chat then I was going to do Fm but I had to get dinner [22:17] <Muscle-FM> than I get back and I did some FM [22:17] <Muscle-FM> then I was AFK a few mins ... [22:17] <Muscle-FM> now Im back and doing FM [22:18] <Blexun> Fm...? [22:18] <Blexun> .ud fm [22:18] <Blexun> That is cool [22:18] <Muscle-FM> yeah firemaking why?? [22:18] <Muscle-FM> realy boring for me [22:18] <Muscle-FM> useless skill.. [22:18] <Blexun> Idk. Why are you firemaking? [22:18] <Muscle-FM> you only spend money.. [22:18] <Muscle-FM> idk [22:18] <Blexun> No I'm not.. [22:18] <Blexun> I"m not spending money... [22:18] <Muscle-FM> I were almost at 78 so I started to finish the lvl [22:18] <Muscle-FM> Im now 30k to 78.. [22:18] <Saucy> yeah [22:18] <Muscle-FM> than I will stopd and make like fishing or cooking... [22:18] <Saucy> YOU ONLY SPEND MONEY [22:18] <Blexun> You are 78? [22:19] <Saucy> on things like.... [22:19] <Saucy> GOLD CANNONS?! [22:19] <Muscle-FM> Im lvl 77 firemaking and 30k till 78 [22:19] <Blexun> 30k what? [22:19] <Muscle-FM> yeah there are gold cannons why? [22:19] <Muscle-FM> 30k of XP from lvl 78 FM.... ur beeing to slow belx sorry to say that.. [22:19] <Saucy> that was aimed towards blexun but alrighty [22:20] <Muscle-FM> .calc 135*27 [22:20] <Muscle-FM> lol?? [22:20] <Blexun> I'm not firemaking. How am I being slow? [22:20] <Muscle-FM> ur beeing slow to understand what I say -.- [22:20] <Blexun> And yes Muscle. Gold Cannons exist. [22:20] <Saucy> he knows that [22:20] <Muscle-FM> yeah I know they exist [22:20] <Muscle-FM> saucy were the one thinking they didnt exist... [22:20] <Blexun> Then why did you ask? [22:21] <Blexun> oh [22:21] <Muscle-FM> I didnt ask [22:21] <Blexun> Saucy isn't too smart, right? [22:21] <Saucy> :P [22:21] <Muscle-FM> lol [22:21] <Muscle-FM> saucy sed [22:21] <Blexun> he sed what? [22:21] <Saucy> christ... [22:21] <Saucy> YOU ONLY SPEND MONEY [22:21] <Saucy> on things like.... [22:21] <Muscle-FM> GOLD CANNONS??!! and I sad... yeah there are gold cannons why?? ( why saucy??) [22:21] <Saucy> GOLD CANNONS?! [22:21] <Muscle-FM> lol [22:21] <Saucy> minus the q mark [22:22] <Muscle-FM> gold cannons are reward from a thing.. [22:22] <Blexun> q isn't a mark. it's a letter [22:22] <Saucy> ARE WE ALL ON THE SAME PAGE NOW [22:22] <Blexun> Muscle, that is wrong [22:22] <Muscle-FM> no.. [22:22] <Blexun> You can buy or mine gold. [22:22] <Blexun> and you can buy cannons [22:22] <Saucy> NO U [22:22] *** Saucy has left #rebelz [22:22] <Blexun> They aren't rewards [22:22] <Muscle-FM> blexun you are not understanding [22:23] <Muscle-FM> to get the gold cannon you have to buy a cannon get respec in the artisant shop and then you can turn it as a reward to gold!! [22:23] <Muscle-FM> ur strange today blexun.. [22:23] <Blexun> So I need to respect the artisian shop to get a cannon to buy gold to make gold cannon? [22:23] <Muscle-FM> are you stupid?? [22:24] <Muscle-FM> you have to work in the artisants shop to get respec [22:24] <Muscle-FM> wen you have high respect there( thats like tokens) you can have some rewards [22:24] <Muscle-FM> one of them is turn your dwarf multicannon to gold colour.. [22:24] <Blexun> I can haz rewards if I get respec? [22:24] <Muscle-FM> yeah [22:24] <Blexun> oh [22:24] <Blexun> Thanks [22:24] <Muscle-FM> respect is like tokens [22:24] <Muscle-FM> didnt you knew? [22:24] <Blexun> No I never know [22:25] <Muscle-FM> lol [22:20] <Muscle-FM> you know now [22:20] <Blexun> I thought I had to respect the shop [22:20] <Blexun> So I kept complimenting the workers [22:20] <Muscle-FM> you get respect that is like tokens and then you have some rewards [22:20] <Blexun> And I didnt get anything [22:21] <Muscle-FM> lol no... [22:21] <Muscle-FM> you have to work in the shop to get respect and then buy the rewards.. [22:21] <Blexun> So after I respect the shop, I can buy gold cannon with tokens? [22:22] <Muscle-FM> yeah [22:22] <RamenLover> guys [22:22] <Muscle-FM> but you dont respect the shop [22:22] <Blexun> Hai [22:22] <Muscle-FM> you work in the shop and you are the one that get respect.. [22:22] <RamenLover> anyone wanna wish me goodluck on my english talk tommorow? [22:22] <Muscle-FM> than respect act as tokens [22:22] <Blexun> What are you talking about? [22:22] <Muscle-FM> and you spend the respect in rewards.. [22:22] <Muscle-FM> ok GL ramen.. [22:22] <RamenLover> :D [22:23] <Blexun> WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT [22:23] <Blexun> Well good luck anyway [22:23] <Blexun> Even though you won't answer me D: [22:23] <Blexun> hai [22:23] <Blexun> Illini [22:24] <Illini> lol'd @ clan [22:24] <Blexun> You know if you respect the artisian shop, you can buy a gold and cannon to get gold colour cannon? [22:24] <Illini> no [22:26] <Muscle-FM> blexun I will just post a linki here and you will see [22:26] <Muscle-FM> two links actualy [22:26] <Muscle-FM> one from RSWIKI and another from RS website.... [22:26] <Blexun> Links to what? [22:26] <Blexun> Link to the Past? [22:28] <Muscle-FM> blexun is realy you or ur sleeping? [22:28] <Blexun> I'm sleeping atm, but I'm really Blexun [22:29] <Muscle-FM> ok [22:29] <Muscle-FM> so if you are sleeping why are you talking to me?? [22:29] <Muscle-FM> you should talk because ur tired.... [22:29] <Blexun> Aren't many other people to talk to

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I have special problems too! But nobody makes me a topic about it :D

well just talk like stupid to me in IRC or like a geek and I'll make a topic xD

he still never got my point of spending money on pointless things...... like GOLD CANNONS

You don't spend money to get the gold cannon.. you buy it with respect..... but yeah it's nice sometimes to spend money in pointless things...
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