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  1. what the fuck is this shit/
  2. When I looked at this topic, I checked to see if it was April Fools Day. I was disappoint.
  3. "Kids" as in people how followed her around, obsessed with her, and what not. I've only spoken to her once. She was talking about the movie "The Butterfly Effect". I said something about that movie being kind of bad. Then she said I had bad taste in movies and I don't know what a good movie is. What a bitch.
  4. It should be said that Nuggeh was just joking when he typed all of that. He doesn't really care about Lorena and was just giving Halo a hard time. That being said, it isn't that Lorena was hot or anything. I mean, it is the internet. It is pretty much a select few of people ruining my lulz with their drama.
  5. Hit 93. I'm user_267582 because apparently signing in with Google+ doesn't post my name on there. GG kiddies.
  6. Blake

    weapon trait example

    Does it come with the big white box at the bottom? Seriously though.
  7. Beautiful. I like how the voices in Red's are gone and they moved to the boy in Gold/Silver. Especially since you can fight Red at the end of Gold/Silver, so instead of it being a fight between the two best trainers like it is in the game, it'll be a fight between Red and the voices that got him to where he is. I was more than just a little bit upset that I missed the fight, especially since I watched every attempt yesterday. Edit: Hall of Fame fo lyfe
  8. Right now our Venemoth, arguably our most worthless Pokemon, is soloing Lance's Dragonite without even getting damaged at all. Generation I AI is so shit it isn't even funny.
  9. Just in case anybody who is on right now is interested in this, they are at the Elite Four and about to begin fighting all 5 trainers. So much hype.
  10. The only chest that I know for a fact to be safe in the Sleeping Giant Inn, in Riverwood, are the chests in Delphine's Secret Room (hidden behind her wardrobe, part of the main quest).
  11. No, but there is a script you can use on any browser that isn't Firefox that hides all of the commands.
  12. So, I've been laughing at this for the last 10 minutes. Apparently, this NPC moved. We wandered ourselves into this corner, and the NPC moved back to his original spot. Now he won't move at all. My sides.
  13. I was up till like 4:15 am witnessing our long trek through the Power Plant. I was on Twitch mobile and I'm not entirely certain commands work on there. It was kind of worth it.
  14. The whole Anarchy v.s Democracy debate is being taken too seriously by too many people and just isn't worth the time to talk about. Basically, Democracy should be used for the impossible, like Safari Zone. It shouldn't be used as a crutch to get through the hard parts, like that Rout 9 ledge. Holy shit, that ledge. We used our Masterball to catch Zapdos today. In the process of trying to get him out of the computer, we accidentally released 8 or 9 Pokemon, 3 of which we actually card about. I think it'll go down in history as "Bloody Sunday"
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