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  1. If I was on, I would have happily taken that 30m.
  2. This should have been a pm, not a forum post, but whatever.
  3. Not really sure. As far as free to play games go, runescape is a pretty good game. However, they have won in the past, so I guess it's nice to see something else. I honestly don't care that much though.
  4. Terravilla


    This is descriptive.
  5. I like the gameplay, I think it's much better than Cod's, I'm just sick of falling through the map every 3 minutes.
  6. I just got this game a few days ago. It's pretty fun. Kinda hard though.
  7. OMG BATTLEFIELD 3 IS GOING TO BE AMAZING.I don't think CoD is gonna have much on this game. I love the beta so far, kinda. It is only a beta, after all.
  8. Cool, you can get me 99 strength soon.
  9. Sorry that picture was so big, I didn't mean to burn everyone's retinas.
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