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This is one of the very few titles I'm willing to buy at the original $60 price-point.On this topic, would anyone be willing to buy Skyrim through Amazon? When we lost our ability to use google ads, we also lost our main source of income to help out with costs. Amazon has a referral program where we could link members to a product and get a slight commission for the referral if the item is purchased. You wouldn't have to pay anything extra at all; the clan would just get ~4% and Amazon would get ~96% instead of 100%.

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I've been playing it sense I got it at midnight lol, and I have to say...so much stuff to do and very little time before my day off is over with and then my skyrim time is limited again....:P But so far, I'm pretty impressed with the game, I haven't seen many glitches and nothing that effects the game too much. Love the new leveling system also, and dragon fights are awesome, but can be a pain in the ass.

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I don't get it.I played Oblivion, and all i worked out is that if i choose skills i can level up when i please as my main skills (Alchemy etc) then i can have high combat skills but still be level 1, thus destroying the game and all its fun.Problem is, because all the enemies level up the same as you do, i found myself dying a lot, and not understanding what skill levels i should have to complete various quests.This lead to me using the above tactic, and thus ruining the game.:-S

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