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  1. I love the facial expression of the owl it's some kind of mix of : and the owl seems to be okay with both though
  2. Not sure whether to like the additions they make to the book (Legolas, etc.), I do enjoy the slight changes in the story in Game Of Thrones, I guess I'll still like it in this part of the Hobbit.
  3. Off-topic; is this game still alive? I heard the playerbase got small
  4. Why isn't this promoted globally on the internet? o.0 This is the first time I read about this. Excited though Is there any information released about the required specs?
  5. Got to love the gorgeous picture of Jeremy.
  6. YESHHHHH battlefront 2 was awesome, definitely going to try 3
  7. Anyone tried GTA 5 yet? Im curious...does it live up to the hype? Will buy later on for PC :)

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    2. Huygens


      Tynisa, I can't say I was too impressed either, but can't wait to start some fucking mayhem again. This time you can ever run over dogs! :D

      David, seriously 200 days? That sucks..

    3. Fergal


      Seems to be pretty top notch from what I have seen/heard. Also waiting for PC port, think my brother is thinking about getting it on PS3 though.

    4. Blake


      There is one part where you get high and shoot aliens, so there is that.

  8. So, I figured I'd check this forum again :P Anyone checked out Rome 2 Total War? ITS FUCKING AMAZINGGGGG!

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    2. Huygens


      It will take a while before it reaches that point :P You kinda need a heavy pc for it as well, my decent laptop barely manages at low detail.

    3. Eric the Bard

      Eric the Bard

      I saw someone play it and I didn't really understand it.

    4. Huygens



      Im currently playing as Sparta, just took over all of the Greek provinces, except for 1 city. They will soon fall. =]

  9. Wanted to let you know that Im going to Greece for a week. Cheers.

    1. David


      I've been there. Beautiful rural areas / islands but Athens made me think I was in a 3rd world country.

    2. Huygens


      Yeah third time Ive been in Greece, but never been on the mainland so far. I love the laidback atmosphere there :)

  10. ^ Sadly my view of Skyrim after not even that many hours of gameplay
  11. I still play sometimes, are we talking about runescape 07 or EOC? Because I only play EOC, cant wait for RS 3 I'm also in an other clan (Spirits of Arianwyn) but I think they allow multi-clanning, not sure.
  12. So I got invited to join the ES page on facebook. It kinda suggests that we're TES-related only, but we're kinda focussed on overall gaming right (yeah ESO and Skyrim do get a lot of attention, but still)?

    1. David


      I didn't think those actually got sent, now I feel bad for hitting the button twice.

      But yeah, a site known as "ElderSouls" pretty much has to have a TES focus even if there is general gaming supplements.

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