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  1. Congratulations Walter, nice to have you back!
  2. So i leave today for my cottage, gonna be there for 4 days. It's a good break for me cause ever since the release of the combat beta, I've begun to realise that I'm liking this game less and less every day and will probably quit if they go through with the combat rework. Gives me some time to debate what I want to do, will be back either late Sunday or early Monday.
  3. I leave today for 4 days, if you guys could keep this going and keep bumping it, that would be great.Thanks again to everyone,Spencer
  4. It says that for me occasionally, just ignore it and click again later. It's a bit weird
  5. I am here to tell you slackers, PICK IT UP!!!!!!Last night when we had 400, some girl had 500
  6. Brad is attracted to anything with a vagina
  7. Thanks to everyone that's clicking, it's really appreciated, she's getting close to winning we think. For those of you that aren't, the question is, WHY THE HELL NOT?And yes, I'm aware One Direction is extremely homo
  8. Haha, I hate them as well, but it's not for me.Thanks Jaime
  9. Thanks Cons, fixed it now
  10. Hey forum-users, Mageman or Spencer here. One of my irl friends is trying to win a trip to NY to see One Direction for her niece. She asked me if i had any ideas of how to get more clicks so I thought of you guys. You can click it every 15 minutes, and I would appreciate it.http://www.kiss108.com/common/shareme5/index.php?linkid=6085Thanks everybody
  11. AVG is used at my house. It's free and seems to work very well.
  12. Yesterday was my cousins wedding so I have family in town, and this coming week is my exam week. So I will not be around much. Don't miss me too much
  13. Sounds cool. The only GOW I've seriously played was the first one. Me and a friend spent Halloween 2 years ago trick or treating for an hour and a half then spending 6 hours eating the candy and playing the campaign.
  14. Lol Paul, I like how it says "This one is for David"
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