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  1. Fuck the lack of HTML.


  2. I'm a man now.

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    2. bgs1977
    3. David


      Pics or it didn't happen.

    4. T ranger101

      T ranger101

      I got the pics, he aloud me to be the Photographer. Ill upload later.

  3. No doubt Obama's a nice guy, but he's a pussy. As are most democrats.
  4. Indeed. He was one of the rare few honest politicians. He's the only one in Canada who could achieve such great things.
  5. He was, until very recently, leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada, which is the Official Opposition. The NDP is a social-democratic party. Here's a list of some of its principles and policies, taken from Wikipedia. Jack Layton was a truly amazing guy. Very charismatic and optimistic... There aren't many politicians like him.
  6. Truly a sad day for Canada. Rest in peace, Jack.
  7. I'd be glad to run it. I wouldn't really need any help, though. I enjoy writing, doing interviews, editing... Pretty much everything the job entails. I've got plenty of ideas to keep the newsletter entertaining and, more importantly, useful. My only request, however, is to allow me to accept/decline applications to the team. As I said before; I don't really need that much help. And every time I get involved in something like this, it ends up being crowded with members who either don't know what they're doing or don't do anything.(Hell, there doesn't even have to be a team.)
  8. This is why I want an xbox. >.>
  9. Beat my Tetris highscore. I dare ya.
  10. Aliath, we both know it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to beat your amazing tetris score xD

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