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Lets discuss TRRs Future


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So to those who aren't aware I was recently promoted to the Clan Leader of The Rebelz and there's a lot of changes that need to be made.

Firstly I think we really need to improve recruitment, and I don't just mean getting lots of new members (although obviously thats vital) but also making them feel more welcome, and willing to stay and talk. To do this I really think we need to update our clan advertisements which can be found at http://eldersouls.com/topic/333-clan-advertisement-codes/ . What we need to do with this is create advertisments specific to each community we post on since they all have different rules regarding this. Unfortunately this isn't something I really have the skills to do myself so if theres someone else who thinks they can create useful graphics for us, then we can work together to decide what needs to go into them.

Another thing I think we should do related to recruitment is creating a new Introductions forum within the Runescape section of the forums. I know we have one for Elder Souls, I think it could be useful to have one more specific to the clan. That way hopefully new clan members will be introduced to current clan members rather than people who don't really play Runescape anymore.

Something I also think needs to be done is removing inactive members from the clan. At this stage I don't mean people who just aren't really playing at the moment I mainly mean people who have never really played since joining and/or don't talk in the clan chat. I will also be evaluating the staff, getting rid of people who haven't been seen for a while, motivating those who are around but not doing anything and filling in the missing gaps.

We also need to get more events being made and attended. In the long term this means getting a good events team but it also means everyone needs to be making events. So what I suggest is if you have an idea for an event, no matter how stupid, or whether or not you think your capable of running it, POST IT.

Now the way I see my new position is not that the clan is entirely my responsibility nor that I am better than anyone else in the clan, I am merely someone to help motivate and direct all the clan members. If anyone has any suggestions for me to add please contact me, either post a reply to this topic or send me a private message, whichever you prefer. Also let me know your thoughts on my existing plans and if your able to help with clan advertisements please let me know as well.

Alright, that's it for now guys and hopefully together we can really improve everyone's experience with the clan.

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Yeah, I know a lot of people in the clan at the moment don't play runescape anymore, which is okay so long as we have other people who do play regularly.


As far as deadncrispy goes, I'm not sure whether he's still around either (I've posted a topic trying to find out whats happened to people who are currently staff.

As for your offer for help I don't suppose you would be able to design some clan advertisements? If not I'll still probably get feedback from people on the ads before we start using them.


Again if anyone has suggestions for me, let me know. Otherwise for now I'm focusing on getting a more solid team on staff which should help with my other goal of getting new people joining the clan and being more involved.

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