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  1. I've been playing Skyrim again lately (since I just got it on PC so I've been modding the heck out of it), so I figured I should visit.

  2. I've heard good things about Log Horizon but haven't had the chance to watch that either yet, I've considered watching .hack but there's other anime I'd prefer to watch first. Also is your username a reference to Igneel from Fairy Tail? If so I like you. (Fairy Tail is perhaps my favourite anime ever, Natsu is my favourite character in anything, and Todd Haberkorn-Natsu's English voice actor, is one of my favourite VA's)
  3. Yeah, I saw that recently, and I think there was an OVA released recently too.
  4. Haven't posted here for a while but Merry Christmas everyone :)

  5. I've played Arena (although I had no idea what I was meant to do) and Morrowind briefly a few times, I played through most of Oblivion (I only got it not long before I got Skyrim) and completed Skyrim once and then restarted a few times with characters I never completed it with.
  6. I'm probably not going to be on here for a while as my Dad was recently in a serious car accident

    1. David


      That's too bad, I hope he has a swift recovery.

    2. Fergal


      No problem bro, hope he will recover well.

  7. I think a few people tried to restart it a little while ago but I haven't heard much about it for a while
  8. I don't know that we're friends but I remember you from way back when I was first in TRR, does that count?
  9. You think Ewoks ruined Star Wars? I hope you're not referring to them as one of the Ep 1-3 additions (since they were in Ep6...)
  10. There's actually several manga series for Sword Art Online for several different arcs and stuff, so its probably one of the more complicated manga to get into. However here is a list of the series, and links to them on amazon Sword Art Online: Aincrad Volume 1 Volume 2 This takes place during the Aincrad arc obviously and ran from September 2010 to 2012. (covers volume 1 and 2 of the Light Novel series)Sword Art Online 4-koma A 4-koma version of Sword Art Online (4-koma or Yonkoma are 4 cells per page comic-strip style manga) and has been running since September 2010. I can't really find it online but its probably the least relevant one anyway)Sword Art Online: Fairy Dance Volume 1 (all I could find) this series covers Volume 3 and 4 of the light novel (second arc of the anime) Its been going since May 2012.Sword Art Online: Progressive An adaptation of the light novel reboot which covers extra stuff such as Asuna before SAO. It started fairly recently so I doubt it is available in English yet.Sword Art Online: Girls Ops A spin off featuring Lisbeth, Silica and Leafa. The original was actually a light novel (sort of a cross between a manga and a novel) but that's not available in english (not to purchase anyway, but there are fan translations here) This is actually still on going and as I mentioned before there is a reboot of it called Sword Art Online Progressive. As far as where you can purchase manga in general though, most comic stores sell manga, as well as many pop culture kind of shops. You may also be interested to know that Sword Art Online Box sets are now available although they are really expensive (about $100 each, and to get all the episodes you need 5 of them)
  11. RWBY (pronounced Ruby) is the latest series from Roosterteeth Productions, the creators of popular web series such as; Red vs Blue, a comedy series created in the Halo game engine now in its 11th season; RT Shorts, A series of skits featuring some of the Staff members; RT Podcast, formally known as the Drunk Tank and has topped the iTunes charts several times; and much more. RWBY is a very different venture for Roosterteeth as it ventures into the anime style. Whether or not it is technically an anime (due to the fact that its not produced in Japan and is mostly CG animation) it is definitely worth watching. The show was thought up and directed by Monty Oum, who you may know as being the person who created Haloid, Dead Fantasy and responsible for most of the animation in the later seasons of Red vs Blue. Before the series had even started to air the show had already gathered a wide fan base and even cosplayers, not just because of the loyal fans of RoosterTeeth but also because of the 4 trailers that were released introducing each of the main characters. So Talking about CharactersThe show gets its name from the four main characters, four girls who each represent the colours Red, White, Black and Yellow. (Click on the characters name to see the trailer) Ruby Rose - The main character of the series and the first to be revealed through the trailers. She is a young girl who resembles Red Riding Hood. She wields a giant scythe that also functions as a sniper rifle. She is a really bright and cheerful character, but she is quite awkward and has difficulty interacting with people. Weiss Schnee - The Second character to be revealed, Weiss is young Heiress to a large company that seems to be pivotal to the series. Weiss uses a special rapier which has a revolving chamber that appears to give the sword different effects. Weiss acts very self entitled and important, and feels others should treat her in accordance with her stature. Blake Belladonna - Blake is the third character. Blake seems to be a very talented fighter and uses a katana, which can transform into a pistol on a chain that resembles a japanese sickle (kama). Blake is a mysterious character who is very quiet and reserved. As such we know very little about her at this stage in the series. Yang Xiao Long - Yang was the last of the main characters to be revealed through the trailers and is also Ruby's older sister. She uses gauntlets with barrels for bullets and can shoot explosive rounds when she punches. She is usually incredibly cheerful and confident and doesn't usually take things seriously. She clearly really cares for her little sister but her Brute Force also applies to the way she tries to help Ruby. There are obviously many more characters, but I felt like introducing these characters is far more important, probably even more important than talking about the plot. SoundsRWBY has an amazing Original Soundtrack by Jeff Williams who has done music for several Roosterteeth productions for the last several years. Up until the last trailer there was little to no dialogue but because of the way the music complemented the scenes it really wasn't necessary. One of the main things RWBY is criticized for is its voice acting but personally I don't think the voice acting is that bad even if it is done by Roosterteeth Staff. I believe a lot of people formed their own vision of the characters and their personalities from the trailers and since the actual personalities didn't much up with what people had formed by themselves neither did the voices. Something that really supports this is that when Yangs trailer was released people were really disappointed by high pitched Ruby's voice was when she spoke for the first time saying it didn't match her character but obviously at that point we knew very little about her character and it turns out she's younger than the other characters and she's a chirpy and energetic character so a high pitched voice works fine. The other reason people criticize the voice acting, at least from the anime fans, is that they are american voice actors not Japanese. This is a pretty stupid criticism to make since the company is American and the target audience are primarily from English speaking countries. There are a number of anime fans who suggest that because the Japanese voice actors are "better" (which is obviously subjective) the Japanese voice actors should do the voices in English as well, but if you've ever heard a Japanese voice actor trying to speak in English you will know how ridiculous that would be, I've watched non-dubbed anime where a character will say about one sentence in English and despite knowing very little about the Japanese language I feel like I would have had a better chance of understanding if they had just said it in their native language. You also have to remember that despite Roosterteeth being over 10 years old and having over 40 employees they are still technically a small business and so they can't afford to hire voice actors for every character, especially since they produce so many different series. <h1>Conclusion</h1> Most episodes last for about 5 minutes (rather than the standard anime length of 22 minutes) and although it would be great if they were longer they do manage to fit a lot into those 5 minutes and still keep a good pace. Once again you have to remember that they are a relatively small company compared to most Anime companies, and again they have several different productions being released at once. The other thing to remember is that Production started months in advance and as this is a new production and such a different style to past ones that they could never have known it would be so popular, and it would have been a waste of time and effort if they were to produce 30 minute episodes that nobody watched. Overall I really love this series, its probably my favourite Roosterteeth series and I'd recommend it to anyone who is slightly interested. One of the great things about it being produced outside of Japan is that the references are more likely to be understood by a western audience. I purposely didn't discuss the plot, simply because there is so little out at the moment and what I know of the plot doesn't really give a great indication of the kind of series this is, but it seems to fit into a similar genre as red vs blue with a lot of comedy moments but also an action based plot line. Episodes are free to watch on Roosterteeth.com and as of recently Crunchyroll.com and new episodes are released every Friday and as of writing this there are 6 episodes so far. The DVD and Blu-Ray's are available for Pre-Order on Roosterteeth.com and will ship on November 12th (which I believe is the same day as the final episode) with a bunch of special features. I believe the full series will be about movie length somewhere around 90 minutes. If your watching this series comment what you think of it (no spoilers) and if your interested but want to know more just ask and I'll be happy to answer.
  12. Nathan

    WTF Game Ad

    I thought it looked familiar, and I run a fanart group on deviantART so I might have seen the character there. I figured it had been just stolen from an anime it happens all the time.
  13. Yes, yes it is! And I see your avatar is the colossal titan haha. I approve of Eren x Mikasa lol nothing wrong with it since they are not blood related xD. So what other anime have you watched? I thought so, I wasn't 100% sure though since I think he was only really starting to become more involved in the story in the last episode I watched. And fair enough with Eren x Mikasa, its a lot better than loads of anime pairings . I've watched heaps of other anime (I have a list of all of them here http://myanimelist.net/animelist/Deathirst), I watched SAO, Fairy Tail, School Days, I'm trying to watch the new Oreimo specials right now but its taking ages to load (Theres at least 50 that I've at least started watching) and I've read another 20 or so manga series. You were actually probably one of the people commenting in the thread that caused me to start watching anime years ago
  14. I remember you a bit, I instantly noticed your name (well instantly after I noticed your avatar-Its Levi right? I'm a few episodes behind in AoT since I've started waiting for the legitimate streaming down here to catch up ) Also, I'm not a LoL player yet (although I know there's definitely a few around here) but I'm actually about to finally start to get into it (I was actually considering posting a topic about that when I saw this one and I'm almost done installing it) Anyway good to see you again and welcome back
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