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  1. we got a war coming out?!? how did i not know this? Too much slothing...
  2. Too many people are picking orc so ill switch it up and choose Argonian simply because they creep the f*ck outta me and hope it intimidates the others aswell
  3. we still only have like 8.5 active members though lol
  4. huygenssauce + brad are super awesome.
  5. I was gone for 10 days and come back to another threat. Fuck off korea
  6. 5.234523 just to be unique. You get the picture...
  7. nice to know im not the only person who thinks this way about N Korea....
  8. Dy3nasty666

    Dog Dream

    Dreams.... More powerful then shrooms.
  9. And thats why soccer is the most chirped sport in the world....
  10. ^ exactly. but if you also read on the site atleast there isnt additional cost for it :s
  11. if it was just NK and America, USA would easily win within a month. The only concern is if other countries join NK but lets be realistic. The combined might of USA Canada Great Britain and their allies is unreal.
  12. true, but the old game takes me back to the days when i was a wee child. But yeah the minigames and all that was a definate improvment
  13. laugh and then beat the shit outta him haha
  14. mix. I usually run in and swing my sword at anything that moves, get hit back run away and shoot arrows at them from behind something haha.
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