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Expanding our Reach


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Recently, David and I have been discussing changing our name to "The Rebelz" and to branch out into other games as well as Runescape. Runescape will still be our main game, but we will have sub-forums as well as events and whatever multiplayer games these games have to offer. The following are some suggestions that I have and some that fellow TRR members have suggested to me.

Club Penguin: Really fond of this game. Has f2p so there is no reason for us not to join in. It's p2p is solid and we can really come out as one of the first big Penguin clan

Webkinz: Fegal suggested this one to me. Apparently after I buy a stuffed animal, I can use the code to start an account. You can throw house parties and such.

Team Fortress 2: Free to play, but Blexun suggested this to me. He's a fag so we'll scrap the idea for now.

WoW: Most likely suggestion of the bunch. Cost a good amount, but it has great clan features. Alternatively, we can just keep making 10 day trial accounts until our eyes bleed.

Lemon Party: Delly suggested we do this. They have a .org website. Haven't checked it out yet so if anybody wants to do me a favor, they can check it out for me.

So if you have any comments, suggestions for additional games, or questions, just post and I'll read and answer if need be. Thanks for reading. o.O

Other Suggestions

1. League of Legends

2. Fallen Sword

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So "Fegal" showed you that, not me, everyone make sure ye realise that. >:PBut seriously, I'm not sure what the point of this would ever be. Where are we going to get more members? Our boards are barely considered to be active for a RS clan alone, think of what anyone that sees our number of active posts/members online when we open it up for other games; they would be expecting something really big because of the variety of games.But if it's going to be anything - LoL, I never played it, but I guess it sounds good.

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We actually had a legitimate conversation about something similar to this, haha. You got me though, I did think it was Blue. Didn't help that I just half-glanced at the OP didn't bother to read much of the sarcastic web games only Blexun could know about.

I was Blue for 5 days, then got bored nobody noticed. But subforums or whatever for other games would be pretty cool. Just need to have a large enough community for said games =/
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Okay, I was thinking. Maybe this is a good idea, since people who play other games may play RS, like a lot of us play CoD etc.

On the condition that we still have a strong focus on RS, I don't want The RuneScape Rebelz to die out. Lol.

LoL, Skyrim etc?

Agreed. I can lead the CoD part if you like :P Ive won 5 games of FFA yesterday in a row using only a sniper rifle with no killstreaks
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