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Hello everyone, if your reading this thank you for being somewhat active on the forums, I myself have been declining but that will change now.I would like to see the activity on these forums go up. Seeing as how I provide most of the funding I wouldn't want for this clan to disappear. I met alot of friends of here, friends that I will cherish forever. I mean it's had its drama everynow and then. But somehow, we manage to keep it alive. Don't let an epic clan with such great history (despite some incidents) go to waste.I joined this clan as a level 70, rose up the ranks. Was motivated to play runescape again and level up my skills. Just so I can participate in more events, and dominate in wars. I remember how we had epic events created, such as the all time favorite Crazycow73 fire fest. The summer has ended thus dropping activity to an all time low. I would love to see us get our citadel above lvl 2, instead of staying at 1. So help me help you. You are a Runescape Rebel. Old and new, we all work together as a team. :) I will in the near future host a drop party, just for you guys. I also plan on doing a Event show up roster, so at the end of the month. The rebel who attended the most events, will get a shiny medal and a lucky award of my choosing. This includes the current MOTM (Which you guys are also slacking in voting) And MOTY. It wont be anything luxurious like a Party hat. But it'll be worth your while.So how about it guys, up for it?TL;DR - pick up the slack

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