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TRR vs. AL Report Card


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The Runescape Rebelz vs. Ancient Crybaby Legion

Full Out and Matched

TRR again rolled to victory against Ancient Legion, who we now have a lifetime 5-1 war record against. AL doesn't like that a community clan is able to beat them, so they were terrible sports and ran out of bounds because they thought we were "mass sniping". Given that AL couldn't even pile, I would say we were clearly in the right here.

For reference, the average grade is a B-.


There was nothing too special about the number we pulled - we had a grand total of 22 available opts (fighters), which would have been slightly below average for a TRR war (I would estimate that our average pull to all wars is something like 25-27). However, the levels that we pulled were outstanding. We outleveled AL considerably and, along with our decent pull of numbers, we beat the tar out of AL in the first war, starting 20-10 and ending 16-0. It also helped that the people who showed up for the war were there way ahead of time and prepared.


Calling and spamming were both above average. In general, TRR did a much better job of spamming the pile in this war than they did in TDS (special props to Henry). Calling became sort of muddled after it was clear we were going to win again in the first war. In the second war, Blue_speed did an excellent job of calling and spamming.

After using Ventrilo, it became clear that this would be a much easier way to do war calling and spamming. I would recommend everyone get it - if not for the next war, at least the following war. You don't have to speak or have a mic or anything - just listen to the people calling the war. But getting a mic would also be good. Thanks again to Blue for buying us one. He is cool.


So overall you guys did a good job (Kaiden and Henry, I'm looking at you). AL basically gave up on you. I can't realistically give more than a B+ to this grade though, because AL failed to get any sort of pile going in the first war (the one person I saw tanking in the entire first war was Aliath), and Gohankaiy failed to tank AL at all in the second war.

I would recommend interclan wars for clan practice from now on, provided we have at least 8 people. Overall, tanking practice should be much improved when you actually have to tank. Maybe we could make clan teams or something, i don't know. But it's not too big of a hindrance right now, because we're simply killing other clans right now.


Piling: We did a good job in general, but when we're warring AL you have to make sure you're on the pile AT ALL TIMES. If one person so much as misclicks for one second, AL throws a hissy fit. Run management could also have been a little better. If you guys want, I can post a miniguide on run management for F2P Clan Wars.

Binding: Henry was just so good at this he wasn't even letting other people bind. But everyone who came and was binding tried to do a good job. The binding obviously also enhanced our piling.


Ancient Legion were such bad sports that they got a -10 for sportsmanship, leaking into OUR grade. But yeah, there was no flaming on our part. We could have refrained from the "this is sad" comments though. It was more funny than sad.


The video speaks for itself.

Co-War MVPs: Kaiden (2), Henry

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