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TRR's triumphant trolling techniques.

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Alright, I'll leave it up.


Session Start: Wed Jul 13 19:07:02 2011
Session Ident: #meetingroom
03[19:07] * Now talking in #meetingroom
01[19:07] <bgs1977> Sorry
01[19:07] <bgs1977> laptop battery died
01[19:07] <bgs1977> What was the last bits of convo?
[19:07] <@MstrMonopoly> (22:05:41) <@MstrMonopoly> How is it funny at all?
[19:07] <@MstrMonopoly> (22:05:46) <@MstrMonopoly> We wanted Blakelington bakc
[19:07] <@MstrMonopoly> (22:05:49) <@MstrMonopoly> We got him back
[19:07] <@MstrMonopoly> (22:05:50) <@MstrMonopoly> The end
01[19:07] <bgs1977> It's funny.
01[19:08] <bgs1977> Because the idea of you having Council plans to "poach TLOL members" is in itself humorous
01[19:08] <bgs1977> And Blake was not mentioned at all until we caught you
02[19:08] * @Snorlax (~chatzilla@Swift-1AC164D7.lightspeed.irvnca.sbcglobal.net) Quit (Ping timeout)
[19:08] <@MstrMonopoly> Lmao
01[19:08] <bgs1977> And you thought up reasons later
01[19:08] <bgs1977> I agree, it's lmao
01[19:08] <bgs1977> :)
[19:08] <@MstrMonopoly> Who else do we want back
[19:08] <@MstrMonopoly> Tell me.
01[19:08] <bgs1977> No idea
01[19:09] <bgs1977> Never mentioned Blake there either
[19:09] <@MstrMonopoly> Not specifically
01[19:09] <bgs1977> And members is plural
01[19:09] <bgs1977> Meaning more than one
[19:09] <@MstrMonopoly> We also wanted one other guy
01[19:09] <bgs1977> Who?
[19:10] <@MstrMonopoly> I highly doubt we'd get him at this point.
01[19:10] <bgs1977> Well who is he?
[19:10] <@MstrMonopoly> Your Mole should have found out by now
01[19:10] <bgs1977> But he hasn't/
01[19:10] <bgs1977> :)
01[19:10] <bgs1977> Who is he?
[19:10] <@MstrMonopoly> Well he's a shit mole then
01[19:10] <bgs1977> Is it in your Council forums?
[19:11] <@MstrMonopoly> That's all the information I can give.
01[19:11] <bgs1977> Lol
[19:11] <@MstrMonopoly> http://s4.zetaboards...rofile/3581514/
[19:11] <@MstrMonopoly> this name ring a bell
01[19:11] <bgs1977> You gave no info
01[19:11] <bgs1977> Nuggeh isn't in our clan lol
[19:11] <@MstrMonopoly> I was joking, obviously.
01[19:11] <bgs1977> Ah
01[19:12] <bgs1977> See, jokes aren't so bad
01[19:12] <bgs1977> :)
01[19:12] <bgs1977> So who is it?
01[19:12] <bgs1977> Pinoy?
[19:12] <@MstrMonopoly> Hey, bgs, what do Ozzy and Aliath have to do with Kaiden?
01[19:12] <bgs1977> That also remains secret.
01[19:12] <bgs1977> Why do you ask?
06[19:12] * @MstrMonopoly facepalm
[19:12] <@MstrMonopoly> If you're telling us that he does secret things with TLoL's council
01[19:13] <bgs1977> Did I?
01[19:13] <bgs1977> lmao
[19:13] <@MstrMonopoly> (22:11:35) <@MstrMonopoly> Hey, bgs, what do Ozzy and Aliath have to do with Kaiden?
[19:13] <@MstrMonopoly> (22:11:42) <bgs1977> That also remains secret.
01[19:13] <bgs1977> I never confirmed anything
01[19:13] <bgs1977> Secret could be absolutely nothing
[19:13] <@MstrMonopoly> You could say... no
[19:13] <@MstrMonopoly> nothing*
01[19:13] <bgs1977> Or I can continue being sneaky for my own amusement
01[19:14] <bgs1977> Do you have any legitimate questions, legitimate things you want to tell me, or legitimate offers?
[19:14] <@MstrMonopoly> bgs, if you really want to take the high road
01[19:15] <bgs1977> I recall taking the high road when I was High Council and getting bitched about doing so many times before.
[19:15] <@MstrMonopoly> We didn't bitch about you taking the high road
[19:15] <@MstrMonopoly> We bitched about you distributing porn
01[19:16] <bgs1977> There was much more besides Pureuranium.
[19:16] <@MstrMonopoly> Also, soliciting nudes from 12 year old males named "chuckabuck"
01[19:16] <bgs1977> Porn was the least of our arguments.
01[19:16] <bgs1977> Anyway, I know reality has a well-known anti-TRR bias.
[19:16] <@MstrMonopoly> As I recall, we gave you another chance even though you asked a 12 year old clan member for nudes, causing him to quit the Rebelz
[19:17] <@MstrMonopoly> But that's no biggie
[19:17] <@MstrMonopoly> It's not like he was an active event-goer or anything
[19:17] <@MstrMonopoly> Oh wait
01[19:17] <bgs1977> As I recall, you are pathological liars who only say things that benefit yourselves regardless of whether they are remotely true.
[19:17] <@MstrMonopoly> Yeah he was.
[19:17] <@MstrMonopoly> Bgs.
01[19:17] <bgs1977> MstrMonopoly?
[19:17] <@MstrMonopoly> Did you or did you not ask the 12 year old male, chuckabuck, for nudes
01[19:17] <bgs1977> I did not.
06[19:17] * @MstrMonopoly facepalm
01[19:17] <bgs1977> He was not 12.
01[19:17] <bgs1977> Good game.
[19:17] <@MstrMonopoly> Alright, 13.
01[19:18] <bgs1977> Nor 13.
[19:18] <@MstrMonopoly> 14? He couldn't have been older than 14.
01[19:18] <bgs1977> And he was not an active event goer.
01[19:18] <bgs1977> He was a new member.
[19:18] <@MstrMonopoly> No, he'd been in the clan like at least a month.
[19:18] <@MstrMonopoly> Racked up like 100-200 posts on the forums
01[19:18] <bgs1977> Don't try to bullshit the only Event Team you had who gave a shit about making it work about Event Attendance.
[19:19] <@MstrMonopoly> I'm not bitching about your event team record
[19:19] <@MstrMonopoly> That was stellar
01[19:19] <bgs1977> I know.
[19:19] <@MstrMonopoly> We're bitching about the fact that you asked a clan member for nudes causing him to quit
01[19:19] <bgs1977> I'm saying trying to bullshit me about Events when I ran the team is idiotic.
[19:19] <@MstrMonopoly> He went to at least a couple events
[19:19] <@MstrMonopoly> I remember he went to my KBD/KQ events
01[19:20] <bgs1977> Oh dear, I made 1 member quit a year ago who could have had some potentinal if he had only been forced out a couple months later by Traaginen and you instead of me.
01[19:20] <bgs1977> Do you have anything recent to bitch about?
[19:20] <@MstrMonopoly> Yes
01[19:20] <bgs1977> Well start.
[19:20] <@MstrMonopoly> You felt the need to recruit a member of our Council
01[19:20] <bgs1977> I did?
01[19:20] <bgs1977> Who?
[19:20] <@MstrMonopoly> Kaiden or Tynisa, whoever's the mole
01[19:21] <bgs1977> Well he's not a recruit.
01[19:21] <bgs1977> Lol.
01[19:21] <bgs1977> Whoever the Mole is, he's still a member in your clan with a Council rank.
[19:21] <@MstrMonopoly> You also continued to take members from TRR
01[19:21] <bgs1977> Name one we took.
[19:21] <@MstrMonopoly> Therefore, we're interested in cutting off communications with you
[19:21] <@MstrMonopoly> Blakelington
01[19:21] <bgs1977> We didn't take him.
01[19:22] <bgs1977> He joined us of his own will temporarily when you guys did not have forums.
01[19:22] <bgs1977> I agree, why bring it up?
01[19:22] <bgs1977> Name one member you had that we actively recruited.
01[19:22] <bgs1977> Which is different from them deciding on their own, with no prodding, "Maybe I'll check out LOL"
01[19:23] <bgs1977> Can you name one legitimate case?
[19:23] <@MstrMonopoly> I can't tell if you're an extremely elaborate troll or you don't understand the basic concept of "if TLoL hadn't been constantly hanging around TRR, Blakelington would not have joined TLoL, he would maybe have joined some other random clan"
01[19:23] <bgs1977> I understand the basic concept, it's just completely retarded/
[19:24] <@MstrMonopoly> We're just politely asking you to stay out of our CCs, IRCs, forums, etc.
01[19:24] <bgs1977> Blakelington merely joined us when you had no forums, and as soon as you got forums back he joined you both again.
[19:24] <@MstrMonopoly> We will do the same
01[19:24] <bgs1977> We never recruited him nor discouraged him from leaving.
[19:24] <@MstrMonopoly> (22:23:10) <@MstrMonopoly> We're just politely asking you to stay out of our CCs, IRCs, forums, etc.
[19:24] <@MstrMonopoly> Oh, by the way, in David's totally non-serious proposal, we'd all be high council
01[19:24] <bgs1977> Politely is the exact opposite of what this conversation has been.
01[19:25] <bgs1977> And I adamantly refuse this non-serious proposal for a merger.
[19:25] <@MstrMonopoly> You seemed to entertain the idea until Fergal (correctly) told you how retarded it was.
01[19:25] <bgs1977> I did no such thing.
[19:25] <@MstrMonopoly> You were willing to chat about it with David.
01[19:26] <bgs1977> I entertained the idea by listening to Mageman and not immediately calling David out for being an imbecile.
01[19:26] <bgs1977> Chatting about an idea means it is being seriously considered to you?
[19:27] <@MstrMonopoly> When the two leaders of a clan have a talk about a merger
[19:27] <@MstrMonopoly> Without them prefacing the chat with
[19:27] <@MstrMonopoly> LOL THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN
01[19:27] <bgs1977> If you bothered to look at the logs I linked Fergal, you could actually see the conversation that took place.
[19:27] <@MstrMonopoly> It would be seriously considered
01[19:27] <bgs1977> And not your talking points.
[19:27] <@MstrMonopoly> Honestly, we would CONSIDER the merger with you guys, but we'd have to retain some leadership.
01[19:27] <bgs1977> Of course.
01[19:27] <bgs1977> So would we.
[19:27] <@MstrMonopoly> Mhm
01[19:27] <bgs1977> Which is where the problems immeditately started.
[19:28] <@MstrMonopoly> Fergal can lead the RT, you can lead the ET, and Aliath can lead the "banhammer'd" list
[19:28] <@MstrMonopoly> Joking, obviously.
01[19:28] <bgs1977> I doubt that would be a joke, to be honest.
01[19:28] <bgs1977> If the solution to the problem keeps the exact same symptons that started the problem, it is pointless.
01[19:29] <bgs1977> We keep fighting over ranks and David and you being egomaniacal imbeciles.
01[19:29] <bgs1977> It's exactly where we were before.
[19:29] <@MstrMonopoly> David claims that we'd all be the same rank
[19:29] <@MstrMonopoly> All high council
01[19:29] <bgs1977> David claims many things that rarely turn out to be true.
[19:29] <@MstrMonopoly> was this true or was this true
01[19:30] <bgs1977> He claimed he said that at the very end of the logs after he insisted on being leader above everyone else who would be "High Council at best."
01[19:30] <bgs1977> So no, he only claimed that after 20 minutes of insisting he be the only leader to cover his own ass.
[19:30] <@MstrMonopoly> How about Fergal Monoply and David lead "The Runescape Legacy Of Rebelz Legends"
[19:31] <@MstrMonopoly> Oh, also, can I see the logs?
01[19:31] <bgs1977> Any possible open-mindedness I had for any kind of alliance or merger from Mageman immediately died when David opened his mouth.
01[19:31] <bgs1977> And of course.
[19:31] <@MstrMonopoly> send pl0x
01[19:31] <bgs1977> <@bgs1977> In order:
01[19:31] <bgs1977> <@bgs1977> http://imageshack.us...684/loltrr.png/
01[19:31] <bgs1977> <@bgs1977> http://www.mediafire...992q695d03k91w7
01[19:31] <bgs1977> <@bgs1977> http://www.mediafire...motthlx1ahgt7vv
[19:32] <@MstrMonopoly> Wait, hold on.
01[19:32] <bgs1977> Mk
[19:32] <@MstrMonopoly> I see David on RS
[19:32] <@MstrMonopoly> That never happens!!!!!
01[19:32] <bgs1977> I have never claimed it didn't.
01[19:32] <bgs1977> In fact fairly recently I had compliments for David that sprung from him actually logging on.
[19:34] <@MstrMonopoly> it seems as if you entertained the idea before David.
01[19:34] <bgs1977> To Mageman, yes.
01[19:34] <bgs1977> He was the one who suggested it.
[19:34] <@MstrMonopoly> [18:22] <Traaginen> You realize things are peaceful, no one in TRR cares about tLoL anymore than any other clan.
[19:34] <@MstrMonopoly> 01[18:22] <@bgs1977> Well yes, merely a suggestion.
[19:34] <@MstrMonopoly> If only it was the other way around
01[19:34] <bgs1977> Fantasies do not help reality.
01[19:34] <bgs1977> I apologize that you think fantasies are reality.
01[19:35] <bgs1977> And run your clan in such a manner.
[19:35] <@MstrMonopoly> I apologize that you're obsessed with a clan you quit a year ago to start your own clan
01[19:35] <bgs1977> Insincere apology accepted.
[19:35] <@MstrMonopoly> It's like having a girlfriend, breaking up with her, getting a new girlfriend, then constantly moaning about how evil your old girlfriend was
01[19:35] <bgs1977> Although the accusation is more insincere than the apology.
01[19:35] <bgs1977> We left TRR and formed LoL because you guys were complete asshats.
01[19:36] <bgs1977> That is not the guiding force of the clan.
01[19:36] <bgs1977> You have way too much unwarranted self-importance.
01[19:36] <bgs1977> LoL merely cares about TRR in the form of lulz and the origins of how the clan began.
01[19:37] <bgs1977> Once we were off the ground, which was helped immensely by your own continuing idiocy where your own members fled TRR and came to LoL, or as you would call it, actively recruiting.
01[19:37] <bgs1977> We were perfectly fine.
[19:38] <@MstrMonopoly> Oh, also
[19:38] <@MstrMonopoly> TRR is run by council
[19:38] <@MstrMonopoly> That's true.
01[19:38] <bgs1977> Nor do I dispute that.
01[19:38] <bgs1977> That does not however erase the possiblity of David fucking things up with his higher rank.
[19:38] <@MstrMonopoly> But David knows how to do shit!
01[19:38] <bgs1977> Like the time Li Chef quit TRR to join us.
01[19:38] <bgs1977> For that exact reason.
01[19:39] <bgs1977> When the guy you appoint as your leader is trying to make progress and the old leader who fucked it up before, and claimed to have stepped down, cockblocks progress reviving your clan that he killed.
01[19:39] <bgs1977> It's understandble why your puppet leader would be upset.
01[19:40] <bgs1977> And yes, I literally heard of this precisely from Delly who told me why I was banned right after.
01[19:40] <bgs1977> "The real leaders, Plex/Mono/David, not Li Chef/Terra"
01[19:40] <bgs1977> made a decision to ban me
01[19:40] <bgs1977> way back
[19:40] <@MstrMonopoly> Plex
[19:40] <@MstrMonopoly> Leader
[19:41] <@MstrMonopoly> pick one
01[19:41] <bgs1977> That was Delly's own words
01[19:41] <bgs1977> Apparently he was in that decision to vote me out
01[19:41] <bgs1977> With the real leaders, not the figureheads who are infinitely more pleasant
[19:41] <@MstrMonopoly> I'm not pleasant when I'm not mad?
01[19:41] <bgs1977> When you
01[19:42] <bgs1977> When you are not mad you've very pleasant.
01[19:42] <bgs1977> It's too bad you can get worked up into a fake outrage whenever you are told you should do so.
[19:42] <@MstrMonopoly> BGS
[19:42] <@MstrMonopoly> You were using Allan's hosting software for the porn
01[19:42] <bgs1977> 50% of the time I consider you a great friend. The other 50% you are actually David Jr.
[19:42] <@MstrMonopoly> David Jr.?
01[19:42] <bgs1977> Mono, this is way after that incident.
[19:43] <@MstrMonopoly> I prefer being his l'il bro'
01[19:43] <bgs1977> I mean after LoL was formed.
[19:43] <@MstrMonopoly> li'l*?
01[19:43] <bgs1977> When you appoint Li Chef leader.
[19:43] <@MstrMonopoly> Oh
01[19:43] <bgs1977> And he attempts to revive your clan by bringing me in to help you.
[19:43] <@MstrMonopoly> Yeah, we appointed Li Chef and Terra leader
[19:43] <@MstrMonopoly> Ye
01[19:43] <bgs1977> Yes, and that was when David cockblocked progress.
01[19:43] <bgs1977> And I was informed by Delly at the time.
01[19:44] <bgs1977> About real leaders (you, David, Plex) vs. leaders that didn't really count, like Li Chef and Terra.
[19:44] <@MstrMonopoly> You think anyone but David is the real leader!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?!?!?!
[19:44] <@MstrMonopoly> DAVID CONTROLS ALL
01[19:45] <bgs1977> For a little while we entertained the idea that David may have actually been more honest than we previously assumed.
01[19:45] <bgs1977> Fortunately we were proved wrong yet again by the Fuhrer himself.
01[19:46] <bgs1977> Do you truly think most of your problems are because of LoL?
[19:46] <@MstrMonopoly> No
01[19:46] <bgs1977> Then why are you at all concerned about us?
[19:46] <@MstrMonopoly> We're not
01[19:46] <bgs1977> Then why call me into a meeting to bitch at me about how LoL interacts with TRR?
01[19:46] <bgs1977> If it is not an issue.
[19:47] <@MstrMonopoly> You said "most of our problems"
[19:47] <@MstrMonopoly> We do have SOME problems with you guys
01[19:47] <bgs1977> Oh, and what are they?
01[19:47] <bgs1977> What problems do we cause that could actually hinder your clan?
[19:47] <@MstrMonopoly> None yet
01[19:47] <bgs1977> And we've been around causing problems for you guys for nearly a yearZ?
[19:47] <@MstrMonopoly> But if we actually want to use our Council forums to discuss matters like promos/demotions
01[19:48] <bgs1977> Oh dear.
[19:48] <@MstrMonopoly> Bgs.
01[19:48] <bgs1977> God forbid a rival clan waits a week to see who you promoted.
[19:48] <@MstrMonopoly> RIVAL CLAN
[19:48] <@MstrMonopoly> YOU ADMITTED IT
[19:48] <@MstrMonopoly> AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NOOB
01[19:48] <bgs1977> When did I ever deny it?
[19:48] <@MstrMonopoly> We don't consider you our rivals
[19:48] <@MstrMonopoly> We consider you annoyances
01[19:48] <bgs1977> Of course you don't.
01[19:48] <bgs1977> You only consider FL rivals.
[19:48] <@MstrMonopoly> All we want to do is get members in peace
[19:49] <@MstrMonopoly> FL is lame
01[19:49] <bgs1977> Exactly.
[19:49] <@MstrMonopoly> AL were our true rivals
01[19:49] <bgs1977> The one rival you have is the one clan worse than you.
[19:49] <@MstrMonopoly> Wat
[19:49] <@MstrMonopoly> How is AL the "one clan" worse than us
01[19:49] <bgs1977> FL.
[19:49] <@MstrMonopoly> Oh
01[19:49] <bgs1977> Not AL.
[19:49] <@MstrMonopoly> Our rivals were AL not FL
[19:49] <@MstrMonopoly> Jesus
01[19:50] <bgs1977> Semantics aside with what clans you once considered rivals.
01[19:50] <bgs1977> What exactly do you want me or my clan to do?
[19:50] <@MstrMonopoly> Get rid of the Mole, stop coming in CC/IRC (this obviously excludes neutral channels like #mindmyskillz or #fergal or skype or something), get off our forums
01[19:51] <bgs1977> We're all banned from your IRC, so that is never a problem.
[19:51] <@MstrMonopoly> Alright, CC then.
01[19:51] <bgs1977> The Mole is your Council, you can demote the mystery man yourself.
01[19:51] <bgs1977> You can also ban my secret identity of Mstr Snrub through your own Admin CP
01[19:51] <bgs1977> Which as far as I know Council lacks
[19:52] <@MstrMonopoly> High Council doesn't lack Admin CP
01[19:52] <bgs1977> High Council doesn't exist yet, apparently
01[19:52] <bgs1977> As a forum rank
[19:52] <@MstrMonopoly> It does.
[19:52] <@MstrMonopoly> No one has it
01[19:52] <bgs1977> Exactly.
[19:52] <@MstrMonopoly> We were going to give it to Delroth but
[19:53] <@MstrMonopoly> He retardeded it up
01[19:53] <bgs1977> So Council is unable to use Admin CP.
01[19:53] <bgs1977> As I stated.
[19:53] <@MstrMonopoly> We didn't say you'd be Council
[19:53] <@MstrMonopoly> We said you'd be high council
01[19:53] <bgs1977> Did I ever suggest that?
[19:53] <@MstrMonopoly> Wat
01[19:53] <bgs1977> The idea of Council does not appeal to me any longer.
[19:53] <@MstrMonopoly> No
[19:53] <@MstrMonopoly> David did
[19:53] <@MstrMonopoly> FUCK IT
[19:53] <@MstrMonopoly> GOD DAMN IT I MISS THAT KID
01[19:54] <bgs1977> Council became meaningless to me once I learned it could be taken away for looking at porn.
06[19:54] * @MstrMonopoly facepalm
01[19:54] <bgs1977> And I do not believe that at all.
06[19:54] * @MstrMonopoly facepalm
06[19:54] * @MstrMonopoly facepalm
01[19:54] <bgs1977> You want Aliath back?
01[19:54] <bgs1977> Really?
[19:54] <@MstrMonopoly> Yes
[19:54] <@MstrMonopoly> Yes
[19:54] <@MstrMonopoly> Yes
[19:54] <@MstrMonopoly> A million times yes
[19:54] <@MstrMonopoly> Aliath
[19:54] <@MstrMonopoly> and uh
[19:54] <@MstrMonopoly> Fergz
01[19:54] <bgs1977> The guy who yesterday called David a cunt in your channel?
[19:54] <@MstrMonopoly> Mostly Aliath though
01[19:54] <bgs1977> You want HIM?
[19:54] <@MstrMonopoly> David likes when he is insulted.
01[19:55] <bgs1977> Lmao.
01[19:55] <bgs1977> Try lying about something that someone could actually believe.
[19:55] <@MstrMonopoly> I'm srs
01[19:55] <bgs1977> And Delly enjoys being hit on by yours truly, correct?
[19:55] <@MstrMonopoly> Watch
[19:55] <@MstrMonopoly> David you're dumb
01[19:55] <bgs1977> One choreographed instance does not disprove a million real ones.
[19:56] <@MstrMonopoly> He's not even here
01[19:56] <bgs1977> Exactly.
[19:56] <@MstrMonopoly> He's AFK and logging the channel
01[19:56] <bgs1977> But if he was, it wouldn't matter.
01[19:56] <bgs1977> And don't worry Mono, I am logging this channel as well.
[19:56] <@MstrMonopoly> Tbh bgs
01[19:56] <bgs1977> I am certain LoL will get a long hearty laugh from this.
01[19:57] <bgs1977> To be honest, first time today you've done that.
01[19:57] <bgs1977> I'm eager to see that.
01[19:57] <bgs1977> Please, continue.
01[19:59] <bgs1977> I will be back shortly after I finish defecating.
01[19:59] <bgs1977> Please type your response in my absence.
[19:59] <@MstrMonopoly> You've just been trolled for an hour. In all honesty, we find TLoL as a collective annoying as we grow into a clan. You can either leave us alone or continue to live in your own little world. Faggot. Bye :)
03[19:59] * @MstrMonopoly (~MstrMonop@Swift-B1FA3512.nyc.res.rr.com) has left #meetingroom
01[20:01] <bgs1977> Lmao.
01[20:02] <bgs1977> To David logging this chat, apparently your co-leader fails to understand what trolling actually is.
01[20:02] <bgs1977> I had a wonderful time and Monopoly became enraged.
01[20:02] <bgs1977> I do believe I have won this skirmish.
01[20:02] <bgs1977> Good day.
Session Close: Wed Jul 13 20:02:48 2011


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Make the LoL Squad then :)



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lol funny stuff, I can say for certain that both tynisa and kaiden are not the mole. I havent talked to delly or zeus for some time, but I couldnt see either of them doing it either. The mole deal is most likely a fake. Ive suggested this before, and I'll suggest this again, make a new 'Friends Chat' Hell, use that TRR Events account I gave you a few months ago mono, and make it ranked. It will keep them from trolling our cc, and possibly trying to recruit our members in that single way. I heard about bgs's porn shit and trying to get kids naked, and if he got demoted because of it, it serves him right. On another note, if a merger were to ever happen, in my experience with clans, they happen on an even note. Though one person 'figure' ultimately still holds the most power, those in each others prospective positions, merge in and work with the others in their own respective position. Simple as that, though I know that the chat was a hoax between traag and bgs, simply put thats how it would go. The recruiting by tlol of trr imo was pretty bogus and I have disagreed with it from the get go. I like a lot of members of tlol don't get me wrong, but imo, its just stupid to have two separate clans when we all know eachother and have been around eachother for so long. And even if we have split, why poach members off one another, just go on and recruit from other places. I still intend on dragging my little pinhead back here into trr btw bgs :P And btw, there all in all, was little trolling. Head to tribalwars and learn about trolling bud. And learn about community, and working together there while you're at it. That game takes 10x what this game takes in organization. That could be said to any of you btw, not directed at one single person. Cheers!!! BEER!!! love it! lmao TRR FTW!



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:P Also, Tlol sucked in my opinion. I wouldn't even classify it as a clan because of the amount of inactivity.



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Oh look, BGS continues to ask for nudes. Classic.(00:17:08) <bgs1977> I'll tell you that along with all the other juicy secrets after you get naked on Skype(00:17:10) <bgs1977> :P



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Why don't you post the other 30 minutes of conversation? :P



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I had multiple lol's throughout reading this.



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Why don't you post the other 30 minutes of conversation? :)

I don't have it. If you would be so kind...

Session Start: Thu Jul 14 00:26:21 2011Session Ident: #meetingroom03[00:26] * Now talking in #meetingroom03[00:26] * MstrMonopoly sets mode: +o Traaginen01[00:26] <@Traaginen> Awh, I can't idle and not be here...[00:26] <@MstrMonopoly> Supposedly, BGS claims that something led him to make the "mole" connection.[00:26] <@bgs1977> No, I do claim it.01[00:27] <@Traaginen> Let him have his mole. He can learn all about how we're going to do weekly f2p clan wars, and who is going to make EC. :)[00:27] <@bgs1977> Exactly.[00:27] <@bgs1977> Never knew why it was such a problem for you guys.[00:27] <@MstrMonopoly> I'm just curious as to why you got the mole.[00:27] <@bgs1977> :P01[00:27] <@Traaginen> Then he can shrivel up in his dark corner and fap because he KNOWS, damn it.[00:27] <@MstrMonopoly> Like, what led you to make those connections.01[00:28] <@Traaginen> I'M WATCHING HARRY POTTER.[00:28] <@bgs1977> I keep that a secret unless I get my precious nudes as a payment. 03[00:28] * Traaginen is now known as Traaginen|HarryPotter[00:28] <@bgs1977> Congrats.[00:28] <@MstrMonopoly> Why WOULD you keep it a secret[00:28] <@MstrMonopoly> That makes no sense[00:28] <@MstrMonopoly> What could we have done to slight TLoL[00:29] <@bgs1977> I've described it to you many times from the very beginning.[00:29] <@MstrMonopoly> Go again[00:29] <@bgs1977> If you fail to understand the first hundred times, why shall I waste my time repeating it?[00:29] <@MstrMonopoly> I mean recently[00:29] <@bgs1977> I said that as well.[00:29] <@MstrMonopoly> I forget[00:29] <@bgs1977> In the last few days I likely said it tens of times.[00:30] <@MstrMonopoly> WHAT WAS IT[00:30] <@MstrMonopoly> DAMN[00:30] <@bgs1977> No.[00:30] <@bgs1977> You don't bother to listen.[00:30] <@MstrMonopoly> I can't listen[00:30] <@bgs1977> So I will not state the obvious.[00:30] <@MstrMonopoly> I can read![00:30] <@MstrMonopoly> Bgs, I literally have no fucking clue[00:30] <@bgs1977> I will gladly point out the obvious that you fail to grasp assuming I get something out of it.[00:30] <@bgs1977> Which I won't.[00:30] <@MstrMonopoly> Okay[00:30] <@MstrMonopoly> I fail to grasp this obvious[00:30] <@bgs1977> Exactly.[00:31] <@MstrMonopoly> You will get either an "oh okay, yeah we were being dicks"[00:31] <@MstrMonopoly> Or [00:31] <@MstrMonopoly> "what the fuck bgs that isn't true"[00:31] <@bgs1977> Probably the latter.[00:31] <@bgs1977> Because lying is more important to make yourselves look better.[00:31] <@MstrMonopoly> Obviously not.[00:31] <@MstrMonopoly> We left that log up, didn't we?01[00:31] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> My penis is 11 inches.[00:31] <@MstrMonopoly> I scored a 2360 on my SATs[00:31] <@bgs1977> Heavily edited, and took away my ability to respond to it.[00:32] <@MstrMonopoly> HEAVILY EDITED?[00:32] <@bgs1977> But yes, technically you left the post there.[00:32] <@MstrMonopoly> I removed the word "faggot"[00:32] <@MstrMonopoly> Because it is offensive to some people.[00:32] <@bgs1977> You also cut off the beginning and the end.[00:32] <@MstrMonopoly> What a crying shame[00:32] <@MstrMonopoly> Oh[00:32] <@MstrMonopoly> I didn't mean to cut off the beginning and end[00:32] <@bgs1977> You also took away my posting rights to be able to respond.[00:32] <@MstrMonopoly> Well, no shit[00:32] <@bgs1977> Obviously not a mistake.[00:32] <@bgs1977> No shit, of course.[00:32] <@MstrMonopoly> bgs, if you're gonna raise hell[00:32] <@bgs1977> How am I raising hell?[00:32] <@MstrMonopoly> for no adequately explained purpose[00:33] <@bgs1977> I do adequately explain my purposes to you.[00:33] <@MstrMonopoly> You're trying to push this rivalry (which YOU invented) [00:33] <@MstrMonopoly> NO YOU DON'T[00:33] <@MstrMonopoly> WHY BGS WHY[00:33] <@MstrMonopoly> If you're doing this just to troll a clan[00:33] <@bgs1977> Check those logs.[00:33] <@bgs1977> You will see details.[00:33] <@bgs1977> Or you are blind.[00:33] <@MstrMonopoly> You're honestly the saddest person I've ever seen01[00:33] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> I love you bgs.[00:33] <@bgs1977> I know.01[00:33] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Don't listen to him.01[00:34] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> I NEED you to be my nemesis.01[00:34] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> <303[00:34] * bgs1977 is now known as bgs1977|Voldemort[00:34] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> .01[00:34] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Who the fuck would read Harry Potter if he just did algebra.01[00:34] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Okay, my sarcasm is done, continue.[00:34] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> No idea.01[00:34] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> My stream is back.[00:35] <@MstrMonopoly> BGS, how come you banned me off your forums[00:35] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> I did not.[00:35] <@MstrMonopoly> Someone did[00:35] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> I merely removed your account, kept your posts intact.[00:35] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> There is no ban.[00:35] <@MstrMonopoly> Lol01[00:35] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Why was I banned even though I didn't register?[00:35] <@MstrMonopoly> So much for TLoL being free and open[00:35] <@MstrMonopoly> Whereas TRR is a police state[00:35] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> It is free and open, just not so much to allow constant spamming.01[00:36] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Where they all have forum accuonts.[00:36] <@MstrMonopoly> I didn't post once.[00:36] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Which you had shown in our IRC channel.01[00:36] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Am I getting ignored?[00:36] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> And you didn't post once, which meant to me nothing was lost.[00:36] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Tragic, if you never registered there is no way I could have banned you.[00:36] <@MstrMonopoly> Face facts BGS - we didn't ban you or Ozzy or anyone else, you removed our accounts01[00:36] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Yes, but you banned that one kid who wanted to join, lol.01[00:36] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> You thought it was me.[00:36] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Did I ever dispute that?[00:37] <@MstrMonopoly> No[00:37] <@MstrMonopoly> But that means that you aren't as free as you proclaim[00:37] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> You do not ban my accounts sometimes, and only then you leave them heavily minimized.[00:37] <@MstrMonopoly> And that we aren't as police-state ish as you claim[00:37] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> When do I claim I'm so free to never ban anyone?[00:37] <@MstrMonopoly> I didn't do shit[00:37] <@MstrMonopoly> I applied to be a clan friend[00:37] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> In our IRC, you had spammed our channel constantly.[00:37] <@MstrMonopoly> then didn't spam up your boards at all or be rude to you on the boards[00:37] <@MstrMonopoly> Oh[00:37] <@MstrMonopoly> I spammed once.[00:38] <@MstrMonopoly> After you banned me.[00:38] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> And because you never posted anything, nothing was lost.[00:38] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> After I banned you?[00:38] <@MstrMonopoly> Sorry.[00:38] <@MstrMonopoly> You "removed" my account.[00:38] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> You failed to mention you were banned until now.[00:38] <@MstrMonopoly> Nah, I realized it like 4 days ago[00:38] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Your spam was before.[00:38] <@MstrMonopoly> David and I were wondering if you copied our IRC guide.[00:38] <@MstrMonopoly> Once again, Jeremy felled by the use of logic.[00:38] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> I do not think so, but I am not the one who wrote it or posted it.01[00:39] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> If I applied for CF right now, would I get in?[00:39] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> I doubt it.[00:39] <@MstrMonopoly> BGS, we're freer and more open than you[00:39] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> You're not exactly a friend to the clan.[00:39] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> How so, Mono?01[00:39] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Yet we have 4 of you on TRR with forum accounts.01[00:39] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> And we're Hitler.[00:39] <@MstrMonopoly> ^01[00:39] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> None of you are friends of TRR.01[00:39] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Bgs, basically, you're the worst kind of hypocrite.[00:39] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> False.[00:39] <@MstrMonopoly> Pinoy might be a friend of TRR[00:40] <@MstrMonopoly> I'll give you that one guy.[00:40] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> That we even accepted you, Blexun, Illini, and Nuggeh as clan friends at all makes us equal in the amount of mutual friends our clans have.01[00:40] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Am I the only one who watches the 5min battle scenes on Lord of the Rings.[00:40] <@MstrMonopoly> No01[00:40] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> The sam/frodo thing is just gay and boring.[00:41] <@MstrMonopoly> I skipped over the boring parts the 2nd time i watched it01[00:41] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Nuggeh and Illini aren't in TRR.01[00:41] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Blexun joined yesterday.01[00:41] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> So you had 1, who you recently banned.[00:41] <@MstrMonopoly> You removed my account[00:41] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> This was before last month.01[00:41] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Exactly.[00:41] <@MstrMonopoly> Nuggeh and Illini haven't been in TRR for ages anyway[00:41] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> It is not my fault your forums died between the time your last ones were up.[00:41] <@MstrMonopoly> Oh, I see how it is.01[00:41] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> What does that have to do with the fact the only TRR member you allowed was banned?[00:42] <@MstrMonopoly> Once TRR becomes competent again, you have to ban everyone.[00:42] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Well, for starters that he is not the only TRR member.[00:42] <@MstrMonopoly> That makes a lot of sense.[00:42] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> That is a blatant falsehood.[00:42] <@MstrMonopoly> Blexun and Nuggeh are autobanned from your IRC[00:42] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> TRR has not been competent since before I left.[00:42] <@MstrMonopoly> I lol'd[00:42] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Blexun and Nuggeh are autobanned from IRC because they do nothing but spam and troll on the occasion they actually come in.[00:43] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> We're open-minded, but we're not so open-minded our brains fall out.[00:43] <@MstrMonopoly> You're certainly not more open-minded than us01[00:43] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Nuggeh isn't in TRR, and Blexun just rejoinined yesterday.[00:43] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Btw Mono, you and David are still allowed in the IRC.01[00:43] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> We are the most liberal, open-minded, free-spirited clan around.[00:43] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Until you fuck that up, which I expect is soon.01[00:43] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> We love everyone, and don't treat our members as currency such as youl.[00:43] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Oh David.[00:44] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Why don't you make up lies someone with a functioning brain could actually believe?[00:44] <@MstrMonopoly> It's funny because we just proved that we are more open-minded than you[00:44] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> How?01[00:44] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Lol.[00:44] <@MstrMonopoly> And that we let the TLoLers all over our clan [00:45] <@MstrMonopoly> While you guys are like OMG MSTRMONOPOLY = THREAT WITH ZERO POSTS[00:45] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> No you don't, you just took away my posting rights without mod approval.[00:45] <@MstrMonopoly> MUST ELIMINATE IMMEDIATELY[00:45] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> I never said you were a threat.[00:45] <@MstrMonopoly> Why remove me then[00:45] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> I simply removed the account because you had 1 post and spammed our IRC the day before.[00:45] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> No loss.01[00:45] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> OH.01[00:46] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Mono, don't you see? It was a COINCIDENCE.[00:46] <@MstrMonopoly> It makes so much sense now01[00:46] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Let's leave the poor fellow alone, he's clearly trying his best.[00:46] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> It was a result of something Mono did previously.01[00:46] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Just one more hard working American trying to due his duty.[00:46] <@MstrMonopoly> David.[00:46] <@MstrMonopoly> I think he's talking about the fact that I didn't give him nudes.01[00:47] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Lmao.[00:47] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> That never came up before you mentioned it on a Skype conversation with Delly a couple days later.[00:47] <@MstrMonopoly> Not only is your timeline hilariously wrong (Delly left like 5 days ago)[00:47] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> I banned you last week.[00:48] <@MstrMonopoly> You've been asking for nudes from me, Delly, etc, for a very long time01[00:48] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> WHY HAVENT YOU ASKED ME FOR NUDES?![00:48] <@MstrMonopoly> If you banned me last week, it wasn't because I spammed your IRC.[00:48] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> But in relation to a ban, that has never been the case.[00:48] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> And yes it was.[00:48] <@MstrMonopoly> I spammed your IRC 3 or 4 days ago to notify you that[00:48] <@MstrMonopoly> You won an MMSy01[00:48] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> What was the category?[00:48] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> One: that is spam. Two: it was over a week ago.[00:49] <@MstrMonopoly> AND THE MMSY FOR NUDE SOLICITATION GOES TO:[00:49] <@MstrMonopoly> JEREMY[00:49] <@MstrMonopoly> Nope.06[00:49] * @Traaginen|HarryPotter clapclap[00:49] <@MstrMonopoly> The MMSYs were awarded while I was at work Monday[00:50] <@MstrMonopoly> You banned me before the spamming, and now you're trying to cover your tracks.[00:50] <@MstrMonopoly> Pathetic.[00:50] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Okay, now the trolling has worked. It's over an hour late, but I am now trolled.[00:50] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> If either of you wish to discuss something in a sane and honest manner, by all means hit me up.[00:51] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> If you wish to have conversations like this one, fuck off.01[00:51] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> I don't know what this is.[00:51] <@MstrMonopoly> I'm treating you how you treat me now.01[00:51] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> I don't even know what's being discussed. Be more interesting.[00:51] <@MstrMonopoly> Don't like it? [00:51] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Mono, how have I treated you lately?[00:51] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Give a description.01[00:51] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> At least we know what Kim Jong-nam does in his spare time.[00:52] <@MstrMonopoly> You have fucking interfered with my clan's operations by attempting to create drama.[00:52] <@MstrMonopoly> I don't want you to do that.[00:52] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Mono, I have done no such thing until after you attempted to troll me on TRR's behalf an hour ago.[00:52] <@MstrMonopoly> So you mean you didn't think the Mole would create drama?06[00:52] * @MstrMonopoly thinks someone needs special help.[00:53] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Not at all, I didn't think you would care since nothing of interest was there.[00:53] <@MstrMonopoly> You didn't think we would care that one of our Council members is really working for a different clan?[00:53] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> It's just fun to look at this stuff and find out your own plans to revive TRR are exactly the behavior we accuse you of and you deny.06[00:53] * @MstrMonopoly again thinks someone needs special help.[00:54] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Mono, I will gladly remedy the problem for a bribe.[00:54] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Unless it doesn't matter.[00:54] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> In which case, why are we discussing this?[00:54] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Your Council spies for us.[00:54] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Who gives a shit?[00:54] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Right?[00:54] <@MstrMonopoly> Mhm01[00:54] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> [00:53] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> It's just fun to look at this stuff and find out your own plans to revive TRR are exactly the behavior we accuse you of and you deny.01[00:54] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Wait, isn't that supposed to be reversed?[00:54] <@MstrMonopoly> So of course, you're willing to let me have a forum account[00:54] <@MstrMonopoly> If you have access to a Council account in TRR[00:54] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Do you actually want one and plan to use it?[00:55] <@MstrMonopoly> It's only fair that I have a Clan Friend account[00:55] <@MstrMonopoly> Yes I do[00:55] <@MstrMonopoly> I don't know why you banned it in the first place![00:55] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> If you will keep my posting priveleges in TRR the exact same as a normal member who has not been restricted, and give me a Council rank, sure.[00:55] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Otherwise, I do not haver a Council rank in TRR.[00:55] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> And your contract is invalid.[00:56] <@MstrMonopoly> Because, like, you claimed that you having Council access was no biggie but me having Clan Friend access is a biggie.01[00:56] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Lololol.[00:56] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> I never claimed it was a biggie.[00:56] <@MstrMonopoly> Why won't you let me have one then?[00:56] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> It was never brought up until now.[00:56] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Do you actually plan to post?[00:56] <@MstrMonopoly> Why won't you let me have one, BGS?[00:56] <@MstrMonopoly> Yes[00:56] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> More than once a week?[00:56] <@MstrMonopoly> I will post in your 10000 pokemon threads[00:56] <@MstrMonopoly> Yes[00:56] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> And give me Council access on Snrub?01[00:57] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Ok, that's it. Pokemon threads? I'm joining.[00:57] <@MstrMonopoly> BGS.[00:57] <@MstrMonopoly> You still haven't answered the question[00:57] <@MstrMonopoly> WHY not.[00:57] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Why not....what?[00:57] <@MstrMonopoly> Why not let me have a forum account[00:57] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Because at the moment you are proving to be far from a friend of the clan.[00:58] <@MstrMonopoly> But it's no biggie[00:58] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Indeed.[00:58] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> I just have no reason to make an effort to allow you in.01[00:58] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> So if I deleted your account right now because obviously you're not a clan friend, there's not going to be any incessant whining from you?[00:58] <@MstrMonopoly> Well, there you have it.[00:58] <@MstrMonopoly> Jeremy Sears, the laziest shit alive.[00:59] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> No, unless you interpret whining as saying bad things about you.[00:59] <@MstrMonopoly> Jeremy, you bitched about when we had to give MODERATOR APPROVAL for your posts.[00:59] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Which I am well aware you do.[00:59] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Bitch? No.[00:59] <@MstrMonopoly> Hmm[00:59] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> It merely proves you are exactly what I accuse you of.01[00:59] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Sooooo, can we say bad things about you since you're doing the exact same thing?[00:59] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> You restrict my posts the moment I say something critical?[00:59] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Sounds like I was right.01[00:59] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Bgs. YOU HAVE AN ACCOUNT.01[00:59] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> We don't even have THAT.[00:59] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> An account that I can only do mod-approved things with.01[01:00] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Even someone as delusional as you should see that you're being the bigger Hitler.[01:00] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> If Stalin has to approve what I write, it's hardly freedom.[01:00] <@MstrMonopoly> We'll approve all the legitimate posts you make.01[01:00] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> We're not even allowed accounts.[01:00] <@MstrMonopoly> ^[01:00] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Legitimate means what?01[01:00] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> We couldn't post if we wanted to.01[01:00] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> YOu have an unlimited accuont that was just limited because you tried to stir shit up.[01:00] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> You can just delete illegitimate posts.[01:00] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Like before.[01:00] <@MstrMonopoly> BGS, we'll approve 99.5% of your posts[01:00] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Stir shit up by posting your attempts to stir shit up in context.[01:01] <@MstrMonopoly> If you post something like "LOLOLOL SPAM SPAM SPAM DAVID = HITLER MONO = JR. HITLER"[01:01] <@MstrMonopoly> We're not gonna approve that.[01:01] <@MstrMonopoly> Anything else you want is fine.[01:01] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Have I ever posted anything like that on any forums?01[01:01] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> That's fine, and fair. You're missing the point.[01:01] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> I explain in details why you guys are asshats.[01:01] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> I don't just make baseless assertions about it.01[01:01] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> You literally have no legitimate complaint since we've been censored since we're not even allowed accounts.01[01:02] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> You can't debate it's not the same thing, if not worse.[01:02] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> I have been censored, merely in a different and more sneaky form.[01:02] <@MstrMonopoly> You haven't been censored[01:02] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> I recall on your last forums, you banned me so I couldn't log on and made me look like a normal member who could log on.[01:02] <@MstrMonopoly> Go ahead, post anything on the forums you want that's not "LOLOLOLOL DAVID = HITLER"[01:02] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> I recall on your last forums, you banned me so I couldn't log on and made me look like a normal member who could log on.[01:02] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> And then mentioned that I didn't log on as if it was my own fault.01[01:03] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Lol, what?[01:03] <@MstrMonopoly> BGS, that actually never happened.01[01:03] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Maybe you're just incompetent with forums.[01:03] <@MstrMonopoly> ^[01:03] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Around the time Li Chef was leader for a month.[01:03] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> That did happen.01[01:03] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Oh, lmao.01[01:03] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> He's talking about an IP ban.[01:03] <@MstrMonopoly> Oh.01[01:03] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Lmao.[01:03] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> The only indication I was ever banned was when I tried to log in.[01:04] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Nobody else could see.[01:04] <@MstrMonopoly> Yeah, that would be an IP ban.01[01:04] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> .....[01:04] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Why would you do an IP ban for any other reason?[01:04] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> I switched counties twice every week.[01:04] <@MstrMonopoly> To prevent you from creating alternate accounts01[01:04] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Because you'd make some other account and continue with the douchebaggery.[01:04] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> I switched counties twice every week.[01:04] <@MstrMonopoly> BGS, we don't know the intricate details of your personal life[01:05] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> I recall Admin CP has details of what IPs a person logs in from.[01:05] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> If you banned my IP you obviously went to find out what it is.[01:05] <@MstrMonopoly> Perhaps we banned all IPs associated with your name.[01:05] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> That would make sense.[01:05] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> So for that instance, yes, you look right.[01:06] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> A 1% average of being right is hardly a bragging right.[01:06] <@MstrMonopoly> Lol[01:06] <@MstrMonopoly> Christ, BGS, you still haven't answered my question[01:06] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> See, explaining your positions with logic and facts instead of trolling and lies can actually be useful.[01:06] <@MstrMonopoly> Why can't I be a clan friend?[01:07] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Because you are a clan antagonist at this point.[01:07] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> If you decide to be remotely pleasant, clan friend can be yours.[01:07] <@MstrMonopoly> So why are you complaining about moderator permission for your posts[01:07] <@MstrMonopoly> That is just retarded[01:07] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> One, not complaining.[01:07] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Merely pointing it out.[01:07] <@MstrMonopoly> You ACTUALLY are a clan antagonist[01:07] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Look who'[01:07] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Look who's talking.[01:07] <@MstrMonopoly> What with the mole and the drama-causing and all.[01:08] <@MstrMonopoly> I did nothing to antagonize your clan.[01:08] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> I recall Tragic making mole accounts for rival clans.[01:08] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Usuaully when we were about to war them.[01:08] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> They didn't have council access, but they were definitely moles.[01:08] <@MstrMonopoly> BECAUSE THAT IS DEFINITELY COMPARABLE[01:08] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> How is it not comparable?[01:08] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> That is exactly the same, posing as a legit member to spy on forums.01[01:08] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Oh, yeah, I myself made a member account on FL, which has unlimited validating forum access.[01:08] <@MstrMonopoly> ^[01:08] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Yes.01[01:09] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> I wasn't being sneaky about it.01[01:09] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> I wasn't using members to break into hidden forums.01[01:09] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> I had a forum account.[01:09] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Only because FL were the only clan more incompetent than you guys.[01:09] <@MstrMonopoly> Baseless insult time![01:09] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> See the last 2 hours.01[01:09] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Ok, BGS, say what you want about Mono and I. TRR has done so much more than tLoL, it's inarguable.[01:09] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> It's been covered.[01:09] <@MstrMonopoly> David, I think you have to step down from your position as Hitler.01[01:09] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Incompetent clans don't pull 40+ to wars.[01:10] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> When was the last time you did?01[01:10] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> When Mono and I were leading full time.01[01:10] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> I know, shocking fact.[01:10] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> How long ago?[01:10] <@MstrMonopoly> This other guy, bgs1977, doesn't even let us have forum accounts01[01:10] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Last summer.[01:10] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> I remember that war.[01:10] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> I was there.01[01:10] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> We did it 3 times.[01:10] <@MstrMonopoly> Last summer was the last time we were both active full-time.[01:10] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> That was when I was an Event Team.[01:10] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> You pulled 40+ to a war 1 year ago.[01:11] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> And had many wars since.[01:11] <@MstrMonopoly> Bgs[01:11] <@MstrMonopoly> We've never pulled 2.01[01:11] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> BGS, how many has tlol EVER pulled?[01:11] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Congrats, there are instances you do not suck.[01:11] <@MstrMonopoly> We've never pulled fucking 2.[01:11] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> First, my clan does not base our worth on only war pulls.01[01:11] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> You're missing the point. All I said is that TRR has accomplished more, and is clearly not more incompetent than tlol, much less other clans.01[01:11] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Yeah, you base your worth on "bgs is in the clan"[01:11] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> You have accomplished more in what time period?01[01:11] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Therefore, instant amazing.[01:12] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> When have I ever used my mere existence to explain a clan's success?01[01:12] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Well, there's nothing else to justify it....[01:12] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Nothing else besides the hundreds of lines you ignore.01[01:12] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> You have a semi-active IRC with 3 different clans involved. That's about it.[01:12] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> False.[01:12] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Active forums, VERY active IRC.01[01:12] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Want to point out any of those hundreds of lines?01[01:12] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> How about one?[01:13] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> No point, because you merely ignore it like the times I posted them originally.01[01:13] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Lmao.01[01:13] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Convenient. If there were literally hundreds of lines why not just copy and paste one.02[01:13] * @MstrMonopoly (~MstrMonop@Swift-B1FA3512.nyc.res.rr.com) Quit (Connection reset by peer)[01:13] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Because you have never, ever done that when I bring up the exact same point.[01:14] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> And when I do that, you continue to ignore it.[01:14] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> And use the same talking points as before.01[01:14] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> I don't make idiotic statments with quantities I pull out of my ass, either.[01:14] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Occasionally you invent new talking points, but that is all.[01:14] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> I don't make idiotic statments with quantities I pull out of my ass, either.[01:14] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Seriously.[01:14] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> You are going to claim that?[01:14] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Legitimately?01[01:14] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Once again, BGS, it must be easy to pull one out if there are so many.[01:15] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> I have done it many times before.01[01:15] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> One time won't hurt much then.[01:15] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> It won't be of any help either.03[01:15] * MstrMonopoly (~MstrMonop@Swift-B1FA3512.nyc.res.rr.com) has joined #meetingroom[01:15] <MstrMonopoly> Sorry, pinged01[01:15] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Again, convenient.[01:15] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> I'll waste some time looking for a log that will not matter.[01:15] <MstrMonopoly> What's up01[01:15] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> [01:13] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Because you have never, ever done that when I bring up the exact same point.01[01:15] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> [01:14] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> And when I do that, you continue to ignore it.01[01:15] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> [01:14] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> And use the same talking points as before.01[01:15] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> [01:14] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> I don't make idiotic statments with quantities I pull out of my ass, either.01[01:15] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> [01:14] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Occasionally you invent new talking points, but that is all.01[01:15] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> [01:14] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> I don't make idiotic statments with quantities I pull out of my ass, either.01[01:15] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> [01:14] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Seriously.01[01:15] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> [01:14] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> You are going to claim that?01[01:15] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> [01:14] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Legitimately?01[01:15] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> [01:14] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Once again, BGS, it must be easy to pull one out if there are so many.01[01:15] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> [01:15] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> I have done it many times before.01[01:15] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> [01:15] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> One time won't hurt much then.01[01:15] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> That's going to be annoying to read when we post this.[01:16] <MstrMonopoly> lol, yeah.[01:16] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Don't worry, you can just edit out half of it like you usually do.[01:16] <MstrMonopoly> I still don't see where I edited out half of It[01:16] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Not my fault your forums before 2 weeks ago are dead.[01:17] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> I'm sure you can find a way to make it my fault if you wanted to, though.01[01:17] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Wheretf did that come from?[01:17] <MstrMonopoly> Yeh[01:17] <MstrMonopoly> YeaH*[01:17] <MstrMonopoly> That was on Allan and a bunch of people[01:17] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Because the posts you did that stuff before are gone.[01:17] <MstrMonopoly> Mostly Allan[01:18] <MstrMonopoly> Not REALLY his fault either though[01:18] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> It's nobody's fault your forums died.[01:18] <MstrMonopoly> Clan was dying and he had donated a lot, didn't feel like paying more money[01:18] <MstrMonopoly> http://therebelz.invisionzone.com/[01:18] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> I only say that because the posts before this forums are gone.[01:18] <MstrMonopoly> WHAT DEAD FORUMS[01:18] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Which means I can't point to examples you did before if I only have two weeks out of 8 years to go on.01[01:18] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Lol, we already have 1/10th of your forum posts.01[01:19] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> In 7 days.01[01:19] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> 8 years?[01:19] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> In a few months once the hype of you not being quite dead yet has fizzled that will not be the case.01[01:19] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> And worst case, we'll be similar to tlol.01[01:19] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> I'll be in collge by then anyways, oh well.[01:19] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Similar being below us.[01:20] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> A pale imitation of what you once were.[01:20] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Like the last year.01[01:20] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> See, no there we go again. What we once were when Mono and I were around.01[01:20] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Yet you constantly proclaim I "killed" it.[01:20] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> You did kill it.[01:20] <MstrMonopoly> Even a pale imitation of what we once were > 6 ex-TRR buddies chatting in IRC with some spammers.[01:20] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> There's more to the clan than 6 of your former members.[01:20] <MstrMonopoly> Oh, and you don't even chat about RuneScape.[01:21] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Which you both gleefully admitted yesterday.[01:21] <MstrMonopoly> Whaat[01:21] <MstrMonopoly> Your IRC is the only thing better than ours[01:21] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> As if having members that weren't yours was an embarassment.01[01:21] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> We did say 7-10, he's got us there![01:21] <MstrMonopoly> Oh.[01:21] <MstrMonopoly> Let's count![01:21] <MstrMonopoly> BGS, Fergal, Ozzy, Aliath...[01:21] <MstrMonopoly> Techy[01:22] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> You fail to notice that we have members who were not in TRR.[01:22] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Which is your own fault.[01:22] <MstrMonopoly> Such as?[01:22] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Go into the channel for yourselves.[01:22] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> I didn't ban you.01[01:22] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> How many of them aren't in some a different clan they consider their main.[01:22] <MstrMonopoly> I'm looking at chanstats[01:22] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Look at the members list.[01:22] <MstrMonopoly> I'm looking at chanstats[01:22] <MstrMonopoly> Also, it looks like a lot of your IRC activity is DM[01:22] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Recently, but far from all there is.[01:22] <MstrMonopoly> Yeah, your #1 non-TRR member is tehubernoob[01:23] <MstrMonopoly> Who is an extreme spammer.[01:23] <MstrMonopoly> Scymnus is good, that's fair enough.[01:24] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> By the way, I have never had anything against TRR itself.[01:24] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Only how it is run.[01:24] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Basically, you two.01[01:24] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> So you're mad that we wouldn't make 3 exceptions for your porn solicitation.[01:24] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Hardly.[01:24] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> That's the straw man you put up.[01:25] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> First off, that argument in itself is lame.02[01:25] * MstrMonopoly (~MstrMonop@Swift-B1FA3512.nyc.res.rr.com) Quit (Connection reset by peer)[01:25] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> As if Pureuranium is reason for a demotion when even Mono was in on it.[01:25] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Along with most of the clan.01[01:25] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Chuckabuck was the reason you idiot.01[01:25] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> We've already been over this tonight.[01:25] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> You got the 2nd time.[01:25] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> What were the other two?[01:26] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> The first time was indisputably Pure.[01:26] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> The 3rd time was indisputably Pure.01[01:26] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> There was Chuck, and others claiming you asked them about it.[01:26] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> 33%.[01:26] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> You're batting decently.03[01:26] * MstrMonopoly (~MstrMonop@Swift-B1FA3512.nyc.res.rr.com) has joined #meetingroom01[01:26] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Either way, I didn't mean 3 as a hard number 1 exception is more than you're fairly allowed to expect.[01:27] <MstrMonopoly> God damn internet.[01:27] <MstrMonopoly> Someone fill me in?[01:27] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Why was I ever demoted before and after Chuckbuck's existence in our clan?[01:27] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Basically.01[01:27] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> [01:25] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> As if Pureuranium is reason for a demotion when even Mono was in on it.01[01:27] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> [01:25] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Along with most of the clan.01[01:27] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> [01:25] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Chuckabuck was the reason you idiot.01[01:27] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> [01:25] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> We've already been over this tonight.01[01:27] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> [01:25] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> You got the 2nd time.01[01:27] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> [01:25] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> What were the other two?01[01:27] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> [01:26] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> The first time was indisputably Pure.01[01:27] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> [01:26] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> The 3rd time was indisputably Pure.01[01:27] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> [01:26] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> There was Chuck, and others claiming you asked them about it.01[01:27] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> [01:26] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> 33%.01[01:27] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> [01:26] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> You're batting decently.[01:27] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> We're arguing about Pure againm.[01:27] <MstrMonopoly> Oh.[01:27] <MstrMonopoly> Yeah, the 3rd time was Pure.[01:27] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Soliciting porn.01[01:28] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> We're not arguing about Pure.[01:28] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> The 1st time was also Pure.[01:28] <MstrMonopoly> Technically, yes.[01:28] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Your argument for demotion is void then.01[01:28] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Well, not specifically I mean.[01:28] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> What were reasons for a demotion the 1st and 3rd times?[01:28] <MstrMonopoly> But you were the only one uploading kiddie porn to Allan's server01[01:28] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> We warned you, you repeated, and repeated.[01:28] <MstrMonopoly> And posting it in #rebelz01[01:28] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Any one of those things was enough for a demotion for a Council member.[01:28] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Does Allan own Megaupload?[01:28] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Because if not, that is a lie.01[01:28] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> ....[01:29] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> I never posted Pure on forums.01[01:29] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Bgs, you have no clue about forums and databases.[01:29] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Ever.06[01:29] * MstrMonopoly facepalm01[01:29] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Don't even attempt to get in that argument.[01:29] <MstrMonopoly> You PM'd it on forums.[01:29] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Through a Rapidshare link.[01:29] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Which is not Allan's.[01:29] <MstrMonopoly> Let's not argue about Pure.01[01:29] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> You used his software to traffick.[01:30] <MstrMonopoly> Let's argue about how we are running TRR with an iron fist[01:30] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> The 3rd time.[01:30] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> I only posted it on IRC.[01:30] <MstrMonopoly> When we allow 99.5% of TLoLers 100% access that a normal clan member has[01:30] <MstrMonopoly> and the other .5% 95% access[01:30] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> 80% of stastics are made up.[01:30] <MstrMonopoly> Whereas you don't allow us in at all[01:30] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> You're allowed in our IRC.[01:31] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> I am not.[01:31] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Why?[01:31] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Because Delly banned me for mentioning that at some point Pureuranium was naked.[01:31] <MstrMonopoly> Idk, we forgot to unban you after you wouldn't shut up about Pure[01:31] <MstrMonopoly> Sorry :([01:31] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Wouldn't shut up?[01:31] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> I made 1 line.[01:31] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Then was banned immediately.[01:32] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Your argument is once again wrong and irrelevant.[01:32] <MstrMonopoly> I still want to know why we can't have an account on the forums[01:32] <MstrMonopoly> I just want to know that[01:32] <MstrMonopoly> Please[01:32] <MstrMonopoly> PLEASE[01:32] <MstrMonopoly> Any answer.[01:32] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Fuck off.[01:32] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Good answer?[01:32] <MstrMonopoly> There you have it! Mr. Liberal Prime Minister Jeremy Sears![01:33] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> That makes no sense whatsoever.[01:33] <MstrMonopoly> Meanwhile, Hitlers David and Monopoly give everyone equal access until they prove they want to create drama[01:33] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Equal access?[01:33] <MstrMonopoly> And even then give second chances[01:33] <MstrMonopoly> Those Hitlers[01:33] <MstrMonopoly> those god damn Hitlers.[01:33] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Why don't you give me equal access then?[01:33] <MstrMonopoly> Oh, I'm sorry, that's right.[01:33] <MstrMonopoly> You don't have equal access.[01:33] <MstrMonopoly> You have Council access.[01:34] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> No I don't.[01:34] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> My mole does.[01:34] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> That's not me.[01:34] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> If you give Snrub council access, then your argument would be valid.[01:34] <MstrMonopoly> What's the difference?[01:34] <MstrMonopoly> Have you ever attended a fucking math class[01:34] <MstrMonopoly> Transitive property[01:34] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> The fact that your own Council would betray you and help me out is a reflection on you, not me.[01:35] <MstrMonopoly> WE DIDN'T EVEN SHOW UP UNTIL A WEEK AGO[01:35] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> What do you mean by show up?[01:35] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Are you forgetting that TRR existed before last week?[01:35] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> You've been around even when the clan officially wasn't.[01:35] <MstrMonopoly> Yeah, but David and I were enjoying retirement until we took it upon ourselves to revive the clan[01:36] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> It looked like retirement was thrust onto you due to a lack of activity.[01:36] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> The last time you declared retirement Li Chef and Terra were made to lead the clan.[01:36] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> We see how that turned out.[01:36] <MstrMonopoly> When I left, we had 20+ active topics every day, a healthy player base, and 25+ turnouts to war[01:37] <MstrMonopoly> How is that a reflection on me and David[01:37] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> When you left you didn't even have 25 active members.[01:37] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Allan didn't pay for your forums because nobody used them.[01:37] <MstrMonopoly> Wait what[01:37] <MstrMonopoly> That was months after I left.[01:38] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Oh, when did you leave?[01:38] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> In this example.[01:38] <MstrMonopoly> November-December.[01:38] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Then that's what I was referring to with Li Chef and Terra.[01:38] <MstrMonopoly> BGS[01:38] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> And retired Tragic deciding to fuck up progress on his day off.[01:38] <MstrMonopoly> TRR did not end because you formed TLoL[01:39] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> I agree.[01:39] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Completely.[01:39] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> TRR ended because of TRR's leaders constant decisions to fuck it up.[01:39] <MstrMonopoly> Things didn't get bad until David and I retired - for fuck's sake BGS, what don't you understand about that01[01:39] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Symptoms of dementia: difficulty recalling recent events, difficulty with calculations, problems with judegment, difficulty controlling moods and behaviors, agigation and aggression, inability to detect lies/irony/sarcasm, detailed hallucinations.[01:40] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Tragic, that sums up your mindset flawlessly.[01:40] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Except you fail to understand when you're lying or just fail to understand when to stop lying.01[01:40] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Inability for self-reflection.[01:41] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> I reflect on my own actions as well as everybody else's.01[01:41] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> So you're also a schizophrenic. I see.06[01:41] * @Traaginen|HarryPotter takes a few notes.[01:42] <MstrMonopoly> BGS, face it. You're more controlling than David or I based on forum accounts, proclaim that we're the worst leaders ever, then claim that TRR was great once upon a time long ago [01:42] <MstrMonopoly> Guess who fucking ran TRR once upon a time ago[01:42] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Wrong.[01:42] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Completely.[01:42] <MstrMonopoly> Was it uh....[01:42] <MstrMonopoly> Jamie? [01:42] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> You ran it a long time ago but you didn't fuck it up long ago.[01:42] <MstrMonopoly> Nah she was retarded.[01:42] <MstrMonopoly> I think it was David[01:42] <MstrMonopoly> How could a clan be great with Hitler at the helm!?!?!?!??[01:43] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> You fail to understand, or just refuse to, that I blame your failures on decisions you made.[01:43] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Not just your names at the list of ranks.[01:43] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> The decisions you have made killed TRR.[01:43] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Treating members like currency or cattle.[01:43] <MstrMonopoly> Breaking news: Our decision to demote Jeremy fucked TRR over for the rest of its career01[01:44] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> Except it's still here, and improving past what the former leaders (hint: not us) had going.[01:44] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> That is nothing I have claimed.[01:44] <MstrMonopoly> What decisions killed us, then[01:44] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> A constant disregard for anything but your own egos.[01:44] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Treating members like currency, not people.[01:44] <MstrMonopoly> Name one specific decision that killed TRR[01:44] <MstrMonopoly> Other than us retiring[01:45] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Your intereferences.[01:45] <MstrMonopoly> Like what[01:45] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Demoting not just me, but many other people.[01:45] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Who actually effectively ran things.[01:45] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> For not doing it exactly as you wanted.[01:45] <MstrMonopoly> You did Council and Events Team exactly as we wanted[01:46] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> And I still got demoted from them.[01:46] <MstrMonopoly> You know why you were demoted, it had nothing to do with your performance[01:46] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Exactly.[01:46] <MstrMonopoly> There are other factors[01:46] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> It was completely unrelated to anything that actually mattered.[01:46] <MstrMonopoly> Such as soliciting nudes from 14 year old kids and making them leave the clan[01:46] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Just that David and you bitched about it enough.[01:46] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> You cannot use that flawed reason for every single time you fucked up.[01:47] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Porn is your ultimate straw man.[01:47] <MstrMonopoly> That's like saying John Wayne Gacy was a fucking great manager of KFC (he was)[01:47] <MstrMonopoly> So he shouldn't go to jail cause he managed a great KFC[01:47] <MstrMonopoly> Forget about the 33 boys he killed and raped[01:47] <MstrMonopoly> Nah, that's irrelevant to his job at KFC[01:47] <MstrMonopoly> He should be allowed to keep that sweet KFC job.[01:47] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> So the fact that I didn't refuse Pureuranium's nudes when she offered them to me.[01:48] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Means I was a bad Council.06[01:48] * @Traaginen|HarryPotter facedesk.[01:48] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Or at least didn't deserve to be.[01:48] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Because if that is the case, the large majority of staff need to quit.[01:48] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Including you, Mono.[01:48] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Delly.[01:48] <MstrMonopoly> BGS, may I post this log on TLoL's forums?[01:49] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> You will on TRR's anyway, so go ahead.[01:49] <MstrMonopoly> Also, did you read my John Wayne Gacy metaphor?[01:49] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> I did.[01:49] <MstrMonopoly> I thought that was pretty nice01[01:49] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> So did I.[01:49] <MstrMonopoly> If exaggerated a bit.[01:49] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> That's one of the stupidest things you uttered today.[01:49] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> And there's a lot of competition.[01:49] <MstrMonopoly> BGS, you asked for nudes from a 14 year old kid01[01:49] <@Traaginen|HarryPotter> It's apparent you can't grasp sarcasm, irony, or analogies, so we'll just leave it to YOU, THE VIEWER, to decide.[01:50] <MstrMonopoly> I don't think there's much competition in the "fucked up" department[01:50] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Everything you say is stupid and sarcastic so it's hard to tell when you actually believe what you're saying or are just trolling.03[01:50] * Traaginen|HarryPotter is now known as Traaginen|AFK[01:50] <MstrMonopoly> Log posting time? Log posting time.[01:50] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> If you believe what you're saying, you're severely fucked up.01[01:51] <@Traaginen|AFK> Tbh, I really don't care about any of this. If I met either one of you irl I wouldn't give a shit about any of this.[01:51] <MstrMonopoly> David, can you post the logs? Mine are broken up b/c of internet disconnects.[01:51] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> So obviously I will never do any favors for you guys.01[01:51] <@Traaginen|AFK> Yes, but I don't really see the need since this has eclipsed 300 thousand lines.[01:52] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> The Mole will continue to do some nice work for me.[01:52] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> While you run yourselves into the ground without my assistance.01[01:52] <@Traaginen|AFK> I just did a recent favor for you. :([01:52] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> What favor?01[01:53] <@Traaginen|AFK> Well, actually, not so recent.[01:53] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> What is it?01[01:53] <@Traaginen|AFK> I gave Fergal our old pips.[01:53] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Old what?01[01:53] <@Traaginen|AFK> And told him to use them.[01:53] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> What are pips?01[01:53] <@Traaginen|AFK> Those are the member icons on forums above the post count.01[01:53] <@Traaginen|AFK> pips are the small dots that increase as post count goes up; they can be replaced with a large image.[01:54] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> If that's true, congrats. You're pleasant .1% of the time.[01:54] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> I'm not even sure if it is.01[01:54] <@Traaginen|AFK> Thank you. :)[01:54] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Hitler loved his dogs too.[01:54] <MstrMonopoly> BGS, I'm pretty sure we've already proven that David and I are more liberal than you01[01:54] <@Traaginen|AFK> Did you just call yourself a dog relative to me being a minister?[01:54] <MstrMonopoly> in terms of administration[01:55] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> I have done no such thing.[01:55] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Nor have you.[01:55] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> In any single definition or context that you do not intentionally manipulate, you are not more liberal than I am.01[01:55] <@Traaginen|AFK> 01[01:56] <@Traaginen|AFK> That is a pretty liberal video.01[01:56] <@Traaginen|AFK> I posted it.01[01:56] <@Traaginen|AFK> :D[01:56] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> I agree/[01:56] <MstrMonopoly> It's funny.[01:56] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> I've linked it before too[01:56] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> More than once[01:56] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> in your own chat[01:56] <MstrMonopoly> HEY guys[01:56] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> I still win\[01:56] <MstrMonopoly> (01:55:24) <@bgs1977|Voldemort> In any single definition or context that you do not intentionally manipulate, you are not more liberal than I am.01[01:56] <@Traaginen|AFK> LETS ALL HUG.[01:56] <MstrMonopoly> This sentence makes no sense.06[01:56] * @Traaginen|AFK huggles everyone.06[01:56] * MstrMonopoly huggles Nuggeh[01:56] <MstrMonopoly> Where is that kid01[01:57] <@Traaginen|AFK> Tbh, that is a horrible song.01[01:57] <@Traaginen|AFK> Just awful.[01:57] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> I suggested we be friend yesterday.[01:57] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> That fucked itself up.[01:57] <MstrMonopoly> Yeah bgs[01:57] <MstrMonopoly> We were willing to be friends[01:57] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> No you weren't.[01:57] <MstrMonopoly> You, on the other hand, feel the need to have a spy in our council, ban our forum accounts[01:57] <MstrMonopoly> etc[01:58] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> You were willing to pretend to be friends as long as you have an overwhelming power above us.[01:58] <MstrMonopoly> When the cold, hard facts come raining down[01:58] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Cold hard facts are not your speciality.[01:58] <MstrMonopoly> You are left with very little evidence that we were trying to cause drama[01:58] <MstrMonopoly> If at all.[01:58] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Reality has well-known liberal bias.[01:58] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> And I am the liberal here.01[01:58] <@Traaginen|AFK> I'm a liberal.[01:59] <MstrMonopoly> I'm a liberal[01:59] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> You're an Alan Colmes liberal.[01:59] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> You're what Fox News presents as a liberal.01[01:59] <@Traaginen|AFK> I voted for Obama.[01:59] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> So did most of the country.[02:00] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> I even saw Fox News anchors praising Obama at the end of that election.01[02:00] <@Traaginen|AFK> Which is exactly why you should stop wearing being a liberal as a badge of pride, when everyone else is.[02:00] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> I don't, and they aren't.[02:00] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> I'm not ashamed of it.[02:00] <MstrMonopoly> No one with a brain believes in the ideals of the Republican party as it's currently construed today.[02:01] <MstrMonopoly> There are some conservative viewpoints that make a lot of sense[02:01] <MstrMonopoly> But the Republicans are retards as far as I'm concerned.[02:01] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Unfortunately that's not true, as much as I wish it was.[02:01] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> They're taken seriously.[02:01] <MstrMonopoly> Not by any real economists/political thinkers[02:02] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Unfortunately those people are far from the majority.[02:02] <MstrMonopoly> Doesn't mean that the Republicans aren't retarded[02:02] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> I agree they are.[02:03] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> That does not remove their influence, unfortunately.01[02:03] <@Traaginen|AFK> Do you know what we haven't argued about yet? Al Qaeda.01[02:03] <@Traaginen|AFK> AL QAEDA BAD.[02:03] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> I don't think anyone outside of their group supports them.[02:03] <MstrMonopoly> I THINK DAVID IS OSAMA BECAUSE HE IS DEAD AND HIS CLAN AL QAEDA IS DEAD HAHAHAHAHAHA[02:03] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Al Qaeda isn't dead.[02:03] <MstrMonopoly> Neither is TRR[02:03] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> And neither is TRR, in a literal sens.[02:04] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> TRR is not dead in the same way as the knight in Monty Python who lost his limbs.[02:04] <MstrMonopoly> TLoL is moribund tbh[02:04] <MstrMonopoly> It is fucking moribund[02:04] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> TRR is not dead in the same ways Elvis was touring in the last years of his life.[02:04] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> It's limping along.01[02:04] <@Traaginen|AFK> It would actually be good for me if it died.01[02:05] <@Traaginen|AFK> I'd have donation money.01[02:05] <@Traaginen|AFK> Now THAT would be evil worthy of Hitler.[02:05] <MstrMonopoly> You could buy some nice white van shit.01[02:05] <@Traaginen|AFK> Fuck yes.[02:05] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> You have donation money.01[02:05] <@Traaginen|AFK> As long as it's under $7.02[02:05] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> I recall hearing many times from both of you most of the donations are not spent on TRR.[02:05] <MstrMonopoly> Lol[02:05] <MstrMonopoly> Nah, all donations are spent on TRR[02:06] <MstrMonopoly> We just fantasized about spending it on non-TRR stuff.01[02:06] <@Traaginen|AFK> For some reason, BGS, I suspect you made that up.[02:06] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Only if you made it up.[02:06] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Because I am recalling what you told me.01[02:06] <@Traaginen|AFK> Considering Allan was the only one who handled donations and didn't tell anyone anything.[02:06] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> That's what I mean.01[02:06] <@Traaginen|AFK> So, again, it probably comes down to you not getting the sarcasm thing.[02:06] <MstrMonopoly> David, what happened to our frat house at Finlandia01[02:06] <@Traaginen|AFK> Tbf it is hard with text.[02:06] <@bgs1977|Voldemort> Exactly.01[02:07] <@Traaginen|AFK> But such shit as a Finlandia frat house with TRR donations... I think that's graspable.[02:11] <MstrMonopoly> Fuck, I have work tomorrow[02:11] <MstrMonopoly> Well, they invented amphetamines for a reason[02:11] <MstrMonopoly> That's a joke.[02:11] <MstrMonopoly> I drink coffee.03[02:11] * MstrMonopoly (~MstrMonop@Swift-B1FA3512.nyc.res.rr.com) has left #meetingroom03[02:11] * @bgs1977|Voldemort (~bgs1977@Swift-1AC164D7.lightspeed.irvnca.sbcglobal.net) has left #meetingroom



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How can you fight about...nothing for an hour? I woulda just been like "Bye."Unless it was fun...it seemed pretty fun.



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I have one thing to say TRRololololololololololololol



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loli wish i was there, i love arguingsee my name got mentioned ha



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Beer to that.

T ranger101

T ranger101

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[19:48] <@MstrMonopoly> RIVAL CLAN[19:48] <@MstrMonopoly> YOU ADMITTED IT[19:48] <@MstrMonopoly> AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NOOB!!!

Lmao, get 'em mstr monopoly!!!! xD



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To clear up the mole shit, I was unintentionally the mole. Bgs hacked me.

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