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How many languages do you know?

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I've been thinking about learning Japanese to assist my path to a Game Design career. Anyone know how hard it is to learn?

From my experience its fairly difficult, and probably something you'll actually have to want to know (as in you actually find it interesting rather than you just think its useful so that you can persevere with it). The reason its so difficult is that you have to not only learn new words and letters but you have to learn several different alphabets essentially (katakana, hiragana etc)


Then there's all the different meanings to words, and if you wanted to be able to speak it (which I imagine you would) then you also have to be aware that the way you pronounce words can completely change what they mean. There are also characters that act kind of like punctuation and/or conjunctive words. The example I was taught is that the sentence "I ate a small fish" can be changed to "the small fish ate me" based solely on where you put the characters "wa" and "no" (or something like that).


Anyway, not discouraging you, if you want to do it you definitely should, just wanted to inform you based on my experiences.


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English and Tagalog. Thinking about taking Russian, German, French, and Japanese.

If anyone has a reliable bootleg Rosetta stone, let me know 



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hick, hillbilly, ethiopian, english, pirate, gansta, southern gentleman, asshole, drunk, and water head

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