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  1. There's literally nothing in there bud charred bodies
  2. Farthest southeast corner of the map is a destroyed farm. What happened. Why is everyone dead.
  3. ok whats up with these agent status everyone talks about. i see the dibella and mara stuff is this just wearing the necklace or what
  4. whats the best race for the different builds. and why. i went with my main account as a high elf and built assassin with him. long range hidden killer. then built orc for a straight up warrior killer for up close and personal killings. whats the best build for the races youve made?
  5. no bounty in any of the holds at that time and no guards anywhere near it was past the bridge near dragons bridge up the path a-ways
  6. FUUUUUUUUUCCCCCK well i guess ive seen the werewolf so now ill see what the vamp looks. hmmmm an orc vamp.....this should be fun
  7. so later on when you are a vampire what are the benefits? in my main character i did the companions quests and became a werewolf which unless you have the update and download for the werewolf perks makes it nearly useless unless you like going beast mode in the tundra and killing everything in site. but whats the powers and things for a vampire and what quest types do you do.
  8. the house in windhelm is the best for displaying armor and weapons the amount of racks and stands is enormous
  9. it never popped up for me to do this quest i gave the vial back then he said thank you and paid me and i left. how do you do this quest
  10. so random incursion of this character and i hit the talk button then he attacks me, no weapons, just fists. in all my encounters hes never attacked me. any idea why?
  11. i guess i screwed the pooch on this on i bribed the guard then got bored and played for about three days now cant complete the quest. the guard take me to the mine but i cant fight the orc guard or give him the shiv. it just lets me serve my time by mining silver. anyone know a fix.
  12. one could say he worked magic in the kitchen.. badump tiss
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