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All Nighter.


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Ever done it? Ever pulled an all nighter?I did it once, at university because i had nobody to go out with, because they were all doing coursework. FUCK DEM GAIZ!So yeah, i went for it, i was like, NP BROS I WANT 93 RANGE!So i played all night, got one level and was tired as hell for the next day because i had drank 4-5 cups of coffee and couldn't sleep when it got to morning, and completely regretted doing it.----So, how bout j00z?

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Same. Never simply playing RS though. My most recent all nighter was last night actually. Played and beat Borderlands2 at a friends house then went to work at 6am today.About to pull two more in a row probably. Just be fun :D

The pain, the paaaaain!I pretty much always regret it. At least if its an all night drunk, your okay, because sleeping is not an issue.MEOW.
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