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  1. been lurking from Canada... LMFAO
  2. miss you guys D:

  3. O_O Runescape Also Hello BLUE
  4. hello strangers :D

    1. David


      What's new?

    2. Anarchy


      nm david, miss this community

  5. why is this place so quiet?

    1. Francis


      Because ESO is a soulless ripoff. We're holding a silent vigil in its wake.

    2. David


      No one plays ESO, and Skyrim is too old to support this place alone at this point.

    3. David


      Though I will add the the forum is really the only thing that is dead. The number of hits/visits to the site hasn't changed much (excluding ESO's launch).

  6. what console do you play on? if you do!
  7. What games do you play if you do?
  8. I'm really looking forward to building my PC hopefully by the end of this year D: I hope everything works out
  9. I honestly can't wait to start gaming again, miss it terribly
  10. Has anyone used mechanical keyboards with the Cherry MX style keys?
  11. I haven't gamed on a PC in a long while D: last time was probably 2010, I sometimes game on my laptop...but the specs are not even worth posting LMFAO I only started this topic to get a general idea of what people are playing and what they're using to play.
  12. Hey everyone, just wondering what everyone's pc/gaming specs were and what type of games you run.
  13. Ahhh, that makes sense then, really depends what complimentary colours you use on the white forums
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