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Sony Announces the PlayStation 4

Are you ready, Playstation fans? It's almost time for the next generation of consoles! Sony officially announces the PlayStation 4.
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Rumored PS4 Reveal, Take Two Acquires WWE

Sony has a big announcement coming up - is it the PlayStation 4? Meanwhile, Take Two acquires one of THQ's most important franchises.
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DICE Awards Announced; North Korea Copies CoD

The DICE awards have been announced! In other news, North Korea takes advantage of Call of Duty in its latest propaganda video, and Conan O'Brien reviews Halo 4.
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Tera Goes Free to Play, Ouya Prototypes

MMORPG Tera officially becomes Free-to-Play, and submissions of Ouya prototypes have begun. Oh, and have you ever wondered why Mario fights with Luigi?
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THQ Dissolved; Rumored PS4 and Xbox 720 Specs

THQ officially begins liquidating assets, and rumors regarding hardware specifications of the upcoming PS4 and the next Xbox begin to circulate.
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The Good, the Bad, and the Fat Guy

In other words, we have some good news on Capcom, bad news about THQ, and some information from Gabe Newell.
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Fez, Dune II, and Server Shutdowns

EA flaunts its greed by shutting down the servers to numerous recent games. Meanwhile, Phil Fish shares news about Fez, and a nostalgic treat is offered... For free!
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Free Releases, FFXIII-3, and ANGELICA

The Walking Dead: Episode 1 episodic game becomes available for free on the 360, and Square Enix announces their upcoming installment to the FF13 universe.
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Mass Effect 4 Release Date, Mario Warfare Web Series

Electronic Arts has announced a tentative release date for the much anticipated Mass Effect 4. We also chronicle a web series known as Mario Warfare and examine the voice behind GLaDOS.
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Dark Souls 2 Announced with Trailer

Dark Souls 2 has been officially announced! There isn't much information out there at the moment, but we do have a pretty exciting trailer that was featured at the VGA's.
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Pikmin 3, Bioshock: Infinite, and Black Ops 2

Nintendo has some news about Pikmin 3 on the Wii U, and Bioshock: Infinite's box-art has been released. Meanwhile, Call of Duty continues to cause a loss of faith in humanity.
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