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Xbox One Microsoft HUGE FUCK-UP

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  I searched the whole forum for something associated with this topic, and I didn't find anything, so I'm going to hopefully start a discussion about this topic.


  So what I'm actually talking about is the DRM policies for the Xbox One, Microsoft's current project, and my recent topic of interest. For those of you that didn't know, which since E3 was about two weeks ago you probably all know, Xbox had some pretty unattractive features, like the feature where you would have to check in every 24 hours, and the no trading games, and among others the kinect spying issue... But I wanted to get out there on the forums the newest big news, despite the fact that I'm about a week late, but I waited on the assumption that this had already been covered, so keep that in mind.


  Now the big news- Microsoft dropped the Xbox One's DRM Policies, that means; no 24 hour check-ins, and you can share physical disks, and many more qualities that fucked Xbox One pre-orders in the ass. This was announced about a week ago on the official Xbox news website, here's the link so you can read it for yourself- http://news.xbox.com/2013/06/update I wanted to know everyone's opinion on how you think this will change the Xbox ones sales and preorders, or if you think it's too late for Microsoft to rebound, and if this changes your mind and you are now getting the Xbox One as your first next-gen console, I also want to know your opinion of Don Mattrick, because I think he's a dumbass supremacist bastard, I just want to know your opinion, please help make this discussion as mean to Mattrick as you can and state your opinion.



   Sorry if I spelled something wrong or something I might go over and fix stuff later, but I don't think it really matters so I probably won't...


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Actually, they can go back and change the whole DRM thing anytime.


Also, the developers can make the games with DRM if they so wish, and I'm sure that a few of them would be more than happy to.


I think Microsoft is going to start their greed-on-speeding-rails trip, right down to rock bottom.


Next is probably Nintendo, or maybe EA.


Who knows? I just can't see Microsoft not pulling some of the same b/s in the future, and you know what is ball-grinding? The fact that there are gamers out there who support that DRM shit. After the company who supports the online service goes away, you won't be able to play your games anymore. Theyre just installed files. Useless.


I truly hope that gaming won't become that.



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XBox should do a 180 and go back where they came from.I think it's too late to change their minds, they've already shown they don't really have the gamer at heart.



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They don't really have the gamer at heart.


I'm not buying their opinion of the gamer,  I'm buying the console, and all the awesome exclusives and other games that come with it.


I couldn't give less of a fuck as of what they have in their hearts.

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