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back in the day when we were kids and loved every new system out, what was the best game in your opinion and why and for what system?


case in point  

gamecube- metroid prime echoes.   the game play and constant open map plus finding treasures was a always fun time killer,  the story line was easy to follow and enemies were challenging and fun for the age group i was in at the time.

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Commodore 64 - Flimbo's Quest


Sega MegaDrive - Golden Axe, Streets of Rage


PS1 - Vacation 2012, or some shit, i cant remember its exact name, but it was so fucking fun.  Doom, C&C (only when link-cabled together with two PS1's and two TV screens.)


PS2 - PES 20(xx), Edit: GTA3, the first 3d GTA.  SO FUCKING AWESOME.




As you can tell, i had a brother, therefore every game i played was co-operative, or vs.  I suppose this excludes Flimbo's Quest, but whatever.


I wish games were as good now as they were when i was younger.  There's nothing like battling through hordes of enemies with a 2d character, a small moveset, and only half a screen to move upwards or downwards.  It didnt matter though, working together to kill shit is fun, and always will be.

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Gamecube: Super Smash Bros Melee, LoZ: The Wind Waker

Dreamcast: Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2



C'mon, the main reason most of us bought a Gamecube was for Melee. It was the flagship game of the console. As for The Wind Waker, it was the first game I ever owned. I like what my brother says of the game, saying it is "what an open world game should be." I will agree; the world was huge, even if most of it was ocean.


Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 are my favorite Sonic games, especially the latter. I always felt the 2D games to be boring and the 3D games to be either over the top or glitchy, usually both. These two games were the exception. I felt that the characters were actually good, the story was enough to keep me interested, and the gameplay, especially of the Sonic and Shadow levels, was fast-paced with just the right amount of difficulty. SA2 had pretty nice multiplayer, too.

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