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Problem with a Girl


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I know a lot of you are fairly decent at giving advice when it comes to girls, so here is a problem I have now.


So I knew this girl in high-school named Angel (weird name, I know). Blonde hair. Blue eyes. All in all, a 8-9/10. We had some classes together, but we mostly talked during homeroom. Even though we talked and passed notes and whatever, I would still get really nervous. And, if you didn't know this already, I have a horrible problem with getting nervous. Whenever I do get nervous, it feels like my blood is ice. Only way I can describe it.


Anyway, we talked a bit during homeroom, casual flirting and whatever, but nothing ever came from it. I was always shy and I'd turn away before she caught me looking at her. We both graduated and went out separate ways.


So jump ahead 2 years. I'm in my bathroom looking through some weightlifting magazines that my roommate owned just for some reading material. And in the middle of the magazine, I see Angel posing in a bikini for the magazine. She was pretty reserved, so this was the first time anybody who knew her before she graduated really seen her like this. I looked her up and I was right: she started modeling about a month ago. Even better, she lived relatively close to the area where I was. So I posted on her Facebook, telling her congratulations on the modeling gig. About 10 minutes after I posted that, I got a phone call, It was her. I was really nervous so I didn't answer. I mean, those soft and fuzzy sweaters are too magical to touch. To see her in that neglige is really just too much.


My blood runs cold.

My memory has just been sold.

My angel is the centerfold

Angel is the centerfold.

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