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Rebelz Timez #3

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Table of Contents

Clan News

RS News


Fun Facts




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Welcome to the 3rd issue of the Rebelz Timez. Summer is finally in full swing. Our Event Coordinators are planning events, if you have any request make sure to private message them.

**Remember it’s important to check in and work in the Citadel each week**
Citadel Updates

**Also, check the updated Clan & Forums Rules**
Clan & Forum Rules

**Lasty, go here to request all your RS awards**

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The Combat BETA has finally been released.

For more Information click the banner

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RuneScape has released their 3rd Novel called Legacy of Blood

The city of Varrock is at breaking point, people are fleeing from the country into the already-full city and riots are breaking out as the government struggles to keep order. Meanwhile Gar’rth struggles with his dark destiny, Theodore chases a holy relic, Kara prepares for war. As the friends continue to fight against evil, Zamorak’s power continues to rise, bringing with it the walking dead... The third thrilling RuneScape novel!

It cost 7.99 USD

For more Information on the Novel and other RuneScape Merchandise click the banner

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Every Monday - BonFire

Every Wed - Penguin Hunt/Dungeoneering


July 7th

Castle Wars/BETA Testing

**Anyone that has any special events requests let any of the Event Coordinators know.**

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    [*]50,000 of the cells in your body will die and be replaced with new cells, all while you have been reading this sentence! pretty cool.

      [*]No word in the English language rhymes with month, orange, silver, or purple.

        [*]The tongue is the only muscle attached at one end.

          [*]Every human spent about half an hour as a single cell.

            [*]The border between Canada and the U.S. is the world's longest frontier. It stretches 3,987 miles (6,416 km).

              [*]Vatican City is the smallest country in the world, with a population of 1000 and a size 108.7 acres.

                [*]The San Diego Zoo in California has the largest collection of animals in the world.

                  [*]McDonald's is the world's largest distributor of toys.

                    [*]Play-Doh, whose ingredients are still a secret, originally came in only off-white.

                      [*]The international telephone dialing code for Antarctica is 672.

                        [*]There is no leading cause of death for people who live past the age of 100.

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                        This months interview features our own Blexun, former Council member of TRR.

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                        TC - What's your name?
                        Blexun - Blake Rodriguez

                        TC - Blake, what originally made you want to join TRR?
                        Blexun - Around 3 years ago, I was like level 60 and I decided to join a clan to get a bit more out of Runescape. So I just browsed Zybez's forums until I saw an application from a level 50. David replied to it, which led me to TRR, and I joined the next day.

                        TC - What aspect of RS do you enjoy most?
                        Blexun - I'd have to say the quests. Back when I was doing several a day, I actually felt like I was accomplishing something. The bigger and harder ones also gave me something to work for and helped me become a better player in general. I guess I also like mucking around Runescape with friends, but I don't have any because I'm a loser/failure.

                        TC - Is there anything you think should be introduced to RS that's in real life? (Skill/item/monster/etc)
                        Blexun - Occasionally I feel the jumping in Runescape, but I know the limits if Java. More realistically, I want to slay Narwhals and Pandas. How sick would Panda armor and a Narwhal helmet look together?

                        TC - If there was a really fancy get together in RS, what items would you wear to it?
                        Blexun - I actually enjoy collecting costumes, so I have several I would wear. For a really fancy get together though, I'd go with either white armor with Quest Cape, the Firemaking clothes with the FM cape, or black elegant clothes with a rune cane and top hat. Classy as hell.

                        TC - Favorite & Least favorite Slayer tasks?
                        Blexun - I actually decided that my new favorite Slayer task is waterfiends. I used to enjoy hellhounds, but after I got Ganodermic armor and Goliath gloves, I can breeze through a waterfiend task really fast. As for least favorite, it'd have to be jungle strykewyrms. Their drops are pretty bad, they hide around underground, and to be honest, they look a tad unsettling.

                        TC - Who is your RSBFF? (Npc's, monsters, players, etc)
                        Blexun - All the firemaker's from the quest The Firemaker's Curse: Emmet, Flint, Isis, Lina, Phoenix, Sera, and Twig. Also, the 99 Firemaking cape guy. They make Runescape go around. And I guess some TRR members are cool enough that I'd call them my friend.

                        TC - In your own words, can you explain the best way to get rich in this game?
                        Blexun - Inherit money from friends who quit Runescape. I'm only kind of joking. Honestly, I probably wouldn't have the gear I do now if it wasn't for Muzic quitting and giving me 55m. But I digress. Anyway, all my money is slow and from Slayer, so I'm not the expert on money making.

                        TC - When you're not playing RS, what do you like to do?
                        Blexun - At the moment I'm working at a garden down the street. Usually I just mow, pick whatever I can, watch for customers, and swim when it's a slow day. When I'm actually at school, I have more time to talk to friends, work out, and take part in whatever is going on around campus.

                        TC - If you were to die within a couple hours, what would you have for your last meal?
                        Blexun - Either a really good burger and fries from Five Guys or maybe a chicken and biscuit dinner from Bojangles. No need to get fancy when I'm about to meet my maker.

                        TC - How do you plan on spending your summer?
                        Blexun - Working and making money. I've also been running and playing pick up games of soccer with some Mexicans. Hopefully going to play Club Soccer when I go back to school.

                        TC - Would you rather have a pet dragon or an Autobot?
                        Blexun - Autobot. Easier to hide and probably easier to bend to my will. I'd have him transform into something cool, like a wagon or a bike.

                        TC - Who is the best vampire on screen?
                        Blexun - This reminds me a movie called Blacula, which is exactly what it sounds like. Anyway, favorite vampires of the female persuasioin are the vampire strippers in From Dusk Till Dawn and Kate Beckensale in Underworld. I guess Nosferatu gets all the credit though.

                        TC - There are lots of new movies coming out soon; Which are you looking forward to most?
                        Blexun - The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spiderman, and The Hobbit. I'm pretty sure this is what the majority of people are excited about as well.

                        TC - Anything else you would like to say to the members of TRR?
                        Blexun - Just like to say thanks to the various members of TRR, from the hard workers to the lowly do-nothings. You make me enjoy being in the clan and give me a reason to keep on playing. Also, I love David.

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                        "Valentine's Day"

                        By: Constancio

                        It was a frost-riddled February night when, Ryan stiffly walked into a pretentious Starbucks for a coffee. As he ordered his coffee he looked around for a place to sit. He couldn't see a single spot to sit. Then his eyes crossed a table for two, but there was already a woman sitting at the table. He didn't want to invade her shores, so he decided that he would just anchor at the door. After 10 minutes he realized his feet worn by the winter harshness, and decided to go sit with the woman sitting alone. As he approached the foreign shores of the table, he wondered what enigmatic thoughts the woman drew about him.

                        The women looked up. Ryan's brain completely scattered, and he was at a loss of words. He was utterly stunned by the woman's beauty.
                        The women suddenly spoke “Hi…how may I help you?”
                        “Umm…tired I am, may I sit down?” Ryan clumsily replied.
                        She giggled as she said “yes”. Ryan then took a seat at the table not knowing what he said, but aware it was undoubtedly stupid.
                        “I’ve never seen you here before do you come here often?” Ryan asked her
                        “No this is my first time here” She responded.
                        “You choose well, if this place were anymore relaxing everyone would be in a coma”
                        “Haha, I can tell, by the way I’m Angela”
                        She giggled.
                        Ryan responded ‘Ohh I’m so sorry for being rude, I forgot to introduce myself…I’m Ryan nice to meet you”
                        After a few hours of just getting acquainted, Ryan realized that it was already 12 and he had to be home working on his ever-growing project for work. As he got up he said “I’m so sorry for leaving but I have important work to attend to, it was nice meeting you Angela”
                        She replied “Yes, it was also nice to meet you”
                        Later that night Ryan thought to himself about how beautiful Angela was. All night he had trouble working and when he tried to sleep he could not stop thinking about her. Angela’s brief existence in his reality completely engulfed his mind. Her sweet aroma that tended to linger without her presence. He loved how a strand of hair was lightly braided and clipped on both sides. Every time he imagined her face all he would remember is her beautiful deep sea blue eyes, which he always got lost in like a pirate in search of lost treasure. Before he actually fell asleep he vowed “I’m not going to lose her”

                        The next day when he woke up, he wondered if everything that he remembered was a dream or reality. He wondered if she was the dwindling twilight of an over-stressed mind. He decided that after work he would go back to the Starbucks that night and see if Angela was there. He rushed to the Starbucks, long behold he was not dreaming at all she sat elegantly at the same table by herself. Ryan eagerly walked in and ordered his coffee and made his way to the friendly shores of her table. He was greeted with the comforting shine of her smile and started picked up where the conversation ended the night before.

                        Two Months Later… (April)

                        It was a couple of months since Ryan had meet Angela and everyday he went home, he could not stop thinking about her. He wondered to himself if he was in love with this woman he just met or if he was swept by the gale force winds of infatuation. He asked himself “how he fell in love so fast?” But every time he thought about denying the fact he loved her, she kept coming to mind. She had a clear stranglehold on his heart and it seemed unlikely that the grip would loosen.

                        Ten Months Later… (February)

                        Ryan decided that it was time to ask Angela out. He could not bear being alone anymore. So that morning he called in sick for work and prepared himself for the big question he was going to ask her. Every time he practiced in the mirror he would get all flustered just thinking about her. As time passed, he got more and more flustered thinking about her, so he decided that he’d just stop thinking about it and just act upon his current emotions when he saw her. Around the time he would leave from work he got dressed with. He wore and suited pants with a dress shirt with a pullover on top. He left to go get a flower for her at the local florist. When he got to the florist he could not decided on what flower to get. The lady at the store came up to him and asked him
                        “What's the special occasion?”
                        “I’m going to ask my friend out whom I’ve know for a while” He replied shyly
                        The lady then suggested “then you’re looking for a rose”
                        “Why didn’t I think of that myself” he thought.
                        Ryan wondered what color would suit her. It then came to him “WHITE” it suits her gracefulness. Ryan picked out a white rose and rushed to the Starbucks and walked straight to her.
                        Angela looked up in wonder.
                        Ryan stuck out his hidden arm with the rose and asked her “Will you go out with me?”
                        “Yes” Angela replied swiftly.
                        Ryan was drowning in happiness. He sat down and talked about how he had loved her from the moment he meet her. Angela sat there and listened with a smile on her face. The kind of smile that infected you with undeniable sincerity. Angela then told him that they should go to a park on Valentine’s Day. Ryan was very quickly to agree. Angela saw that she had to leave, she got up and kissed Ryan on the cheek and left. Ryan sat there at the Starbucks thinking about everything that just happened. He then went home and fell asleep in her loveliness.

                        Later That Month… (February 14th)

                        Ryan left his house and headed to the park where Angela had told him to be at. On his walk there he thought to himself how things were changing for the better in his life. How his life had become better ever since he had met Angela. He finally got to the park and saw Angela standing in the middle of the field wearing a white dress. She stood in the moonlight looking at him. She stood there drenched in the envious lunar rays that only magnified through her. He made his way to her and when he reached her Angela told him she needed to tell him something important.
                        “I can’t be with you anymore…” Angela slowly uttered the words out of her mouth
                        Ryan stood there in the ironic darkness. He felt his life shattering around him as if it was the result of a sinister dream.
                        “But...i love you.”
                        “I know you do Ryan, but I can’t stay here anymore my Father needs me” Angela replied remorsefully.
                        Ryan was quick to reply “Then I’ll come with you to your Father, I want to be with you forever”
                        Angela then told him “You can’t come with me to my Father” and as she said this, two large wings on both sides of her back appeared.
                        She then walked up to him and kissed him on the lips and said “I love you too Ryan”.
                        As she spoke those words, she started to ascend into the encompassing night sky.
                        “When will I see you again?” Ryan questioned lovingly.
                        “We shall meet when the time comes.” She said.
                        As she flew towards to sky a feather fell of her wings. Ryan caught in his hand and then thought “at least I have this feather to remember her”.
                        Ryan went home and kept the feather in a jar. He sat on his bed awake. He stared at the feather and wondered when the time would come. He eventually got tired and fell asleep. The next morning he woke up to see the jar had no feather in it, but it had a piece of parchment. He moved to the jar, opened it and read the piece of paper. “I’ll be waiting for you Ryan, Love Angela.” He glanced outside the window and caught the soft descending motion of gleaming feathers. "I won't miss my flight."

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                        Constancio - Editor
                        TC - Co Editor, Interviewer
                        Constancio - Provided the lovely banners
                        Constancio - Author of story

                        Blexun - Participating in the Spotlight

                        Thank you all hope helped out, hopefully more people will want to join in and help out next time, please comment with your suggestions for improvement. Thank you All


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Well done guys, good work in my absence.



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Also, I love David.

I see how it is.

Also: Very good article, really enjoyed reading it.



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Love this :)



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Nice :-)! I want panda armour too!



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VERY GOOD please make sure to pm any of the events team though for events



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Nice read.Throw me something to do for this month, i'll always write a little piece to help out.

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