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Clan & Forum Rules

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When a clan member says "TRR UBER ALLES" the phrase must be repeated by every TRR member who witnessed said phrase until someone else utters something different. Someone else is then shot.

The Three Perfect Laws of Clan Members

    [*]A member may not disobey clan rules or, through inaction, allow the clan rules to be disobeyed.
    [*]A member must obey any orders given to him/her by Moderators+ (CC Mods and up also Forum Moderators), except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
    [*]A member must protect his/her own values as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.
    [/list]The RuneScape Rebelz: Clan Rules

    The rules are simple - Don't do something on the lists below and you probably won't ever realize that any rules exist. If you do something on these lists, you may be banned for a duration specified at the banning staff member's discretion:

    I. Common Courtesy

      [*]Read and follow the rule summaries and the rule stickies located at the top of each forum before posting.
      [*]Do not make more than one account on TRR. Please private message (PM) a Global or Category Moderator (someone on the online list/clan leader) if you wish to change your name.
      [*]Do not partake in blatantly excessive swearing. Members who are intentionally disruptive will be warned.
      [*]Do not flame (insult, degrade, send discriminative comments to, or otherwise intentionally offend) other members or staff members, whether through posts or private messages.
      [*]Do not beg for free money or items.
      [*]Respect all staff members' decisions and follow their orders. [If you disagree with a staff member's decision, you may peacefully and maturely argue with them or with someone of a higher rank, assuming that you have a means of backing up your claims.]
      [*]Do not put harmful, offensive, filter-evading, obscene, or pornographic content in your avatar/signature and don't use a signature that is too large.
      [*]Do not change back your signature, avatar, member title, posts or any other profile field if it has been edited by a mod.
      [*]Do not post private information regarding other users without their consent.
      [*]Follow the official RuneScape rules.
      [*]Do not encourage others to break any of the rules above or below.

      II. Spamming

        [*]Make your posts meaningful, and do not post brief comments such as "lol," "nice," "cool/awesome or _________ is cool," or "10/10."
        [*]Do not double-post (post twice in a row in the same topic). Instead, please edit your posts with updated content (you can post the time with the new content which was posted to inform other members that it was updated).

          [*]Exception with Goals and Achievements Forum. Double post in a thread must be at least 12 hours apart. If not, edit the post.
          [*]Exception with Community Events Forum. A double post may be only used for cancellation of an event.
          [/list][*]Do not post "Bump" or a meaningless post for the sole sake of raising a topic's position in the forum index.
          [*]Do not post a new topic directed at a certain member. Use the private message system for all private conversations.

          III. Chat

            [*]Do not spam, excessively swear, or flame in the Clan Chat (violating this rule will lead to further action or temp-ban)
            [*]Do not spam, excessively swear, or flame in a Friends Chat which is running a clan event (violating this rule will lead to further action depending on Chat Owner or Present Moderating Staff)
            [*]Do not spam, excessively swear, or flame in IRC (violating this rule will lead to further action or temp-ban)

            IV. Bannable Offenses

              [*]Repeatedly breaking any rule listed above or a rule mentioned in any rule sticky, despite warnings from staff members in PM or rating form (or violating a rule once in enough severity to cause damage).
              [*]Joining TRR seemingly just to cause mischief and break our rules. [We don't want to risk keeping a member who has shown no dedication to the Clan and only a desire to harm it.]
              [*]Impersonating a famous RuneScape player, RuneScape moderator, or Clan member.
              [*]Threatening the security of the Clan or any of our members.
              [*]Distributing pornographic or obscene content.
              [*]Distributing content or links to devices that can damage one's computer, endanger one's privacy, potentially compromise one's RuneScape/TRR account (such as, but not limited to, keyloggers and viruses).
              [*]Registering more than one account on the forum.
              [*]Multi-clanning is prohibited. Clan members are, however, permitted to join various "teams." (Groups who partake in specific areas of the game, such as bosses or mini-games)

              Thanks for taking the time to read our clan rules. If you have any problems or do not understand any of these guidelines, please PM your concerns to the Clan Leader.

              Rules Effective Since - May 12th, 2012 1:53pm


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