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Fish Mask: Worth it or No?


There is something fishy about this poll....  

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  1. 1. What is your opinion about the fish mask?

    • Don't buy. It'll be worthless before long.
    • G.E Price. No more, no less.
    • Might as well buy one or two for a decent price. You are bound to make a little bit of money.
    • I'll go 1-2m over market price for these. They are going to be discontinued after alll.
    • I'm willing to sell/sold the majority of my bank to stockpile these masks. I'll be rich by the end of the year!

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So after claiming to not release anymore discontinued items, Jagex released a soon to be discontinued item: the Fish Mask! Only winnable on the Squeal of Fortune. As long as people are willing to buy spins, why not release a rare sellable item? It began its apperance as an uncommon spin on the wheel, but by the time you read this it'll be a rare spin. Most importantly though, it'll be discontinued by the end of the summer.

Naturally, this leads to hype among the millions of Runescape players, who many claim this will join the tier of rares occupied by Party Hats, Santas, and Christmas Crackers (I call these people idiots, but we'll get to that). If you go to the usual major trading areas, you are bound to see people buying fish masks for 1m+ over their current GE price.

So the question is, should they be making such a big deal about these masks? I'll withold my arguement as I enjoy picking apart other people's case than presenting my own, but here is the general idea.

Warning: The following is mad, incoherent, ramblings of a 3 year TRR member who has long been corrupted by David. The following speculations shouldn't be acted upon unless you trust this hollow shell of a Blex. If you lose money, not his fault. If he is wrong, he'll claim insanity and deny this whole topic.

Although they won't rise to an astronomical amount (hell I'll be surprised if they hit 5m market), if you get a decent deal, you should buy one or two as hype and idiots will make you a bit of cash.

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