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Request For More Rank Applications


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If you're interested in a clan rank or promotion, please apply. We WANT to hand these positions out, guys! As long as you do your job sufficiently, you get all of the prestige and power to abuse that your shallow hearts could ever desire.

Application Form

We need:

Event Coordinators



We're also considering a new position, Mentor, that serves as a "big brother" of sorts to new recruits that just joined TRR. They'll show them the ropes, help them out, and serve as their first friend in the clan. It won't be a primary rank since we're already spread too thin, but it will be a secondary group and have it's own private forum should we implement it. If it's successful, it might be moved up to it's own rank. It would be open on a volunteer basis.

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haha I will keep an eye out for you then ;)You had any past experience with warring/warlording?? (that should be a word)

Thanks haha, well yea. This is my second main clan, my first actual was called Demolition and I made it to High Council. Then when that clan died after about a year I started to mess with pures and made a pure clan called Brutality Pures which held up for about a year and a half made it to the top 10 and everyone had a maxed out stat. And i'm in the U.S. marines so i mean i can try to implement certain tactics and stuff. Also my main would be a higher combat level if it wasnt for all the PKing i did with it and my pure. Im just now starting to work on quests, skills, and my combat level.Sorry for the essay but yea let me know :(
>> Ci vs X we had about 150 guys on each side. My clan was the one charging the death dot. That war was a mess but it was fun to have so many people in that event.
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Damn I haven't seen a war like that in a long time :( clans have sort of started to die recently "/But yer man I'll let you lead at some point ;) we always need good leads

Sounds good i'm in no rush. It'd be nice if there was a clan event where we could all meet each other. Kindof like an In-clan war then some type of other event that everyone would enjoy.
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