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  1. That's gotta be her. Fish cape. The only person that we know that has fish cape is her. David doesn't count. No one even saw him get 99.
  2. Thanks for that Blake, the pictures brought a smile to my face. Also that SW one was my 99 HP party lol.
  3. Sell it to me, that way you don't have to look for a buyer and you get a fair price for your belongings.
  4. Nah, I was just genuinely worried. No worries about race.
  5. So... Does anyone even update this anymore?110 Dungeoneering!
  6. Looks cool, i've already been for a bit and this is what I've noticed: -Looks much better than it did before. -Nearly impossible to find a LS/CS world during the first week so either try and kick another clan/group out or FFA it on a world -New drop table, fairly decent you at least get back supplies used -Drop rate on new items is so/so -People rage if you show up then proceed to get the next 45 kills then leave due to boredom.
  7. Come at me bro.Moar pew pew less Q.Q:3
  8. Laughing my ass off that I'm in lead with only two days worth of playing with me being at nex for one of those.
  9. You guys are such haters :(Don't worry, I've only actually played Runescape twice this week. I've been too busy with work.
  10. Hello, I'm a Henray.*Waves*Best of luck to everyone
  11. Dung. Dung. and.... More Dung.Simply because I do not wish to level any of my other skills further then I already have. :\
  12. Forgot to take loot picture but here's Adventurers Log. Lol. Z-bow Ge'd for 90m (purposely double posted for bump)
  13. Just a friendly reminder. Please remember to pay Labush your entrance fee for the competition.
  14. Just to help you out.As of right meow:Agility:2,142,562Runecrafting:2,083,035Crafting:3,135,736Dungeoneering:32,051,434Construction:2,080,597Total: 330,768,808I r starting now.
  15. I'll give winner one MILLION gp in addition with each person's entry fee can be the prize
  16. Sighhhhhh Godsword Shard 1 x2 Rs be trolling.
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