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How did you progress through the main quest?


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I tend to do the first couple missions of the main questline to get a feel for the game, and then abandon it until I've done damn near every other quest that gives me some important, necessary, or powerful item. I think I'm about ~50 hours in (and level 40) and I've just now gone back and done a few more main quest missions. At the moment I'm at the end of the peace meeting/conference thing. Will probably abandon it again.

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Every time I play, I do the main quest in chunks.1. From the beginning to being summoned by the Greybeards*do whatever*2. From Greybeard lesson to sneaking in and out of the Thalmar Embassy*do whatever*3. Find Esbern to first fight with Alduin*do whatever*4. Trapping a Dragon to killing AlduinSimilar fashion to how I beat Oblivion. :)

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