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Your Unpopular Opinions


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I agree that the voting system is pretty terrible in the US. I also think money matters too much when it comes to who runs the country, meaning they are all rich or get paid by the rich and thus work on behalf of the rich, and not the whole people.


You should add one of your own "unpopular opinions" to the thread as well.  :thumbsup:

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I don't like the romani people. They come to our country, refuse to follow our laws, rights and duties. Instead they flee from the government when they try to help them, and then sues the government for being able to flee from them. I think there are three romani people in Norway that got education, and they say that their people should give their kids education, but they refuse to adapt to the modern society and instead begs on the street!

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I actually think the Dutch political system is quite good; anyone can form his/her own party, and actually get votes.


There are 150 'seats' to be divided in the 'Tweede Kamer' (''2nd chamber''). Every so many votes represents a seat in the chamber.


We actually have a party in the Tweede Kamer that's called Partij voor de Dieren, which means Party for the Animals, which obviously fights for animal rights. They have 2 of the 150 seats.


The biggest party at the moment is the VVD, which stands for Party of Freedom and Democracy (Liberals), which are in my oppinion, chosen by the upperclas mainly.

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Note: in the westernized world. I believe so atleast.

As you are Norwegian, you may not know this, but the US still has a draft system in place. We aren't using it, but we still have to sign up just in case. And by we, I mean men. Women have no obligation to do so.




Anyway, another unpopular opinion of mine is that Pirates are in fact superior to Ninjas.



Living in the good ol' Conservative South, I also get a lot of hate when I proclaim that the US spends WAY too much on military.

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Stupid women are, by default, not attractive.

Call of Duty isn't a horrible game.

I hate group projects.

Agreed on the first one. If you're going for marriage, a stupid woman contributes nothing, especially since surviving in the current economy almost requires either staying single or having a dual income family.


Agreed on the second one. It's not a terrible game, but I just think it receives WAY more attention than it deserves. In my opinion, comparing to other games of similar quality, it should only be selling about 2.5 million copies a year, not 10 million. It just doesn't make any sense why it gets so many sales.


Agreed on the third one. If I am good at the subject, I end up doing the work and having others take equal credit. If I am not good at the subject, it makes me feel like a third wheel.

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