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Complete Slayer Guide


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Warning: first section outdated. However, it still may have some useful info, so it's still up there. Look for new additions to this guide soon!


1) Requirements


Slayer is essentially the only skill that has requirements. Well, Slayer and Dungeoneering. A level 3 player with one in every skill can train pretty much every skill without the aid of other skills. Slayer absolutely mandates at least 60 combat and full rune, and this requirement is hard. Turael's tasks are a complete waste of time. Mazchna gives some decent tasks but nothing compared to killing flesh crawlers or something at level 60. It is only when you get to Vannaka that the experience from Slayer becomes anywhere close to reasonable, and even then Vannaka has some tasks that will absolutely stop a Level 60 cold such Green Dragons, Ankou, Terror Dogs, Jungle Horrors. In addition, without proper base gear, anything that attacks with something besides melee will rip the newbie Slayer's innards out. Therefore, in my opinion a Slayer needs the following levels at LEAST to begin. (Do not fret about "wasting" melee xp.)

60 Posted Image - this is for Dragon weapons. A Dragon Longsword is recommended if Monkey Madness is not complete at 60 Attack. Switch to the whip ASAP.

60 Posted Image - you have to be able to hit some damage.

60 Posted Image - this isn't for Dragon Armour, that's a waste of money. 60 Defence is purely for tanking hits.

50 Posted Image - this is for blue d'hide, anything less has too little magic defence.

43 Posted Image - Protect from Melee is necessary on some tasks

A list of required Quests can be found in the 4) Other section of this guide.

Get full rune with a black mask, amulet of glory, obsidian or legends cape, rune defender, rune/dragon boots, combat bracelet at LEAST before you start slaying. You also need a red d'hide set and a lot of patience. Do not powerslay yet - you likely don't have the bank to support it if you barely meet these requirements.

While those are the absolute minimum requirements for starting Slayer, I would begin with

70 Posted Image - I would recommend starting Slayer only when you have a whip.

60 Posted Image - Strength is paradoxical. It's the most important skill for getting high experience on Slayer, but it's the least important to start high with. If your Strength is barely above this, I would train Strength with a Dragon Scimitar for a while, with Slayer.

60 Posted Image - this isn't for Dragon Armour, that's a waste of money. 60 Defence is purely for tanking hits

60 Posted Image - Red dragonhide enables you to actually fight bloodvelds or infernal mages, given a decent magic level.

43 Posted Image - Protect from Melee is necessary on some tasks

52+ Posted Image - This is the least important of my recommendations. It is extremely helpful to have, though, especially at low levels where you may need to carry more supplies.

I'd also start out with 1000 pieces of your food of choice, 100 prayer potions, 100 super attack and strength potions, and the following gear

Helm: Black Mask

Amulet: Glory

Cape: Obsidian+

Weapon: Whip/Dragon Scimitar

Shield: Dragon Defender

Body: Granite Body / Blue Dragonhide Body

Legs: Dragon Plateskirt / Blue Dragonhide Chaps

Boots: Rune Boots

Gloves: Combat Bracelet

Ring: Warrior

I would also highly recommend augmenting your setup with Guthan's if you do not have 68 Summoning. It's too hard to heal otherwise, especially on tasks that slice through a low level like Fire Giants, or even Dagannoth or Jellies.


2) Weapons


Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

The three weapons you should carry at maxed slayer levels.

The classic slayer weapon is of course the Abyssal Whip. In my opinion, the whip is the best weapon in the game - not the most versatile, but the one that will provide the most experience per hour over the long run. The Whip is criticized for not being able to train strength, but unless you like to PK and want to keep your stats a certain way controlled is a good option for keeping your melee skills balanced. The next best weapon is the Dragon Scimitar, which is worse than the whip in every way but has the option to train Strength. Honestly, I would not recommend the Dragon Scimitar in any situation if you have access to the Whip, unless, of course, you're a pure. Lower down on the Slayer tier list comes the Dragon Longsword, often the first dragon weapon for most players. The dragon longsword honestly isn't that much worse than the Dragon Scimitar for most activities and in some places even outclasses it (most notably special attack and stab bonus). Then there are a few situational weapons - the Dragon Mace is one-handed and gives +60 to crush, which makes it valuable at Waterfiends and Basilisks, for a few notable examples. I would recommend the Dragon Mace over the Obsidian Mace (Tzhaar-ket-em) because of its prayer bonus and superior special attack. Verac's Flail is also pretty good, giving +82 to crush and +72 to strength (as well as a notable +6 to prayer) at longsword speed. For stab, the Leaf-Bladed Sword is an effective option for low leveled players (+67 to stab, +50 to strength with scimitar speed), but requires 55 slayer. Alternatives to the LBS include the Dragon Longsword and the more expensive Zamorakian Spear. Guthan's Warspear is also a decent choice, but slightly worse than the LBS. Use the Chaotic Rapier if you have it on all melee tasks. For more on that, see the Dungeoneering section at the bottom of the guide.

While using ranged, the only weapons you should carry are Rune Darts and the Rune Crossbow. Use the Rune Crossbow on higher defence monsters outside of Kuradal's Dungeon. Use Rune Darts on all Kuradal Dungeon monsters (except Metal Drags, but ranging them is an exercise in futility anyway) and lower defence monsters outside of Kuradal's Dungeon.

The best weapons for mage are the Staff of Light and the Master Wand. I would highly recommend the purchase of a Staff of Light to anyone interested in maging Slayer at all.

In essence...

For Slash

Posted Image > Posted Image > Posted Image

For Crush

Posted Image > Posted Image > Posted Image > Posted Image > Posted Image

For Stab

Posted Image > Posted Image > Posted Image

For Range

Posted Image/ Posted Image

For Mage

Posted Image > Posted Image > Posted Image > Posted Image


3) Special Weapons


As their name implies, Special Weapons are used for their special attacks. There are a few you should consider-


Dragon Claws > Korasi's Sword > Dragon Dagger (p++)

These three are really the only ones worth using. They can speed up kills significantly. The Dragon Claws especially are for Kuradal's Dungeon - they hit like a truck on pretty much every monster. Korasi's Sword hits very hard on most monsters, but simply doesn't provide enough of a DPS upgrade over the Chaotic Rapier to use on most tasks (exceptions- Mithril Dragons, Steel Dragons, Abyssal Demons, Dark Beasts). If you're poor, the Dragon Dagger is also pretty damned good for a measly 40K (but again, worse DPS than the Rapier). Special weapons you should avoid include any Godsword besides the Saradomin and, indeed, any weapon, besides these two. Use an offensive special weapon if you are praying protection and completely negating damage or simply at a task that doesn't require too much hitpoint regeneration (such as Greater Demons). It is also important in powerslaying.

Posted Image > Posted Image > Posted Image


Elite Enhanced Excalibur

Saradomin Godsword

Enhanced Excalibur

The Elite Enhanced Excalibur (a reward from the Seers Village Elite Diary), heals a guaranteed 400 HP and acts like a super defence potion, thus reducing damage and healing at the same time. It is the best defensive special weapon on all tasks save for Waterfiends, where an SGS still trumps it.

The SGS is the old king of defensive special weapons, allowing you to recharge both prayer and HP. It is still the best at waterfiends, but this is too much of a niche use for a 50M item. The EE heals only HP and raises defence, making it less versatile but useful in certain situations where guaranteed HP and defence is more useful than prayer. Note that you must complete the Seers Village Diary to use the Enhanced Excalibur. I would recommend using the Ancient Mace, another possible defensive special weapon, pretty much only tasks where you're praying protection.

Posted Image > Posted Image > Posted Image


4) Armor

[hide]Well, of course, the Slayer Helm, but what else?


The most expensive metal boots you can buy are always a plus. Dragon boots are fairly cheap for what they provide, usually +1 to max hit. Ranger boots are very nice to have if you're uber rich and love to range slayer tasks, but snakeskin boots will usually do just fine. Other than those two, mystic/infinity boots are nice if you like to mage iron/steel dragons and for ice strykewyrms, but that's about all. Do not bother with Bandos boots.

Dragon Boots > Rune Boots

Ranger Boots > Snakeskin Boots

For Melee

Posted Image > Posted Image

For Range

Posted Image > Posted Image

For Mage

Posted Image > Posted Image


Obviously, the RFD gloves are the best gloves in the game. There are, however, a few alternatives. Here's the way that gloves as far as offense go

Barrows/Dragon/Rune RFD Gloves > Regen Bracelet > Adamant Gloves > Combat Bracelet > Mithril/Lower

The Onyx bracelet (e) (aka the Regen Bracelet) is slightly better than adamant gloves, but far more pricey at 500k. In my opinion, Barrows gloves are more than worth doing all the quests required, but if you really hate quests...

Black d'hide vambraces are good for ranging unless you have Barrows gloves. Dragon Slayer gloves are good if you have a hankering for totally wasting FoG points - to use them most effectively, use your Barrows gloves most of the time and switch to the Dragon Slayer gloves at the last second before the monster dies. Other than that? Kwuarm gloves are good at Aberrant Spectres maybe? I haven't tested them out much, but they seem like another waste of good Fist of Guthix tokens.


Posted Image for melee, range, and mage.


Fury > Glory

Nothing else is needed, save perhaps the 3rd age amulet (45m) and amulet of ranging (a more reasonable 1m, and a decent investment). Salve amulet (e) is not as good as Slayer Helm + Fury in most cases, and barely beats Slayer Helm + Glory when you have maxed melees. I'd tend to stay away from it. An entire flowchart is here, however, for your perusal. While Ranging and praying 15% or Leech, use a Fury instead of an Amulet of Ranging.

Posted Image > Posted Image > Posted Image for Melee.

Posted Image > Posted Image > Posted Image for Range

Posted Image > Posted Image > Posted Image > Posted Image for Mage


A good Slayer will need to have a decent ring collection. The Fremmennik Rings all have their uses - I would buy an Archer Ring and a Warrior Ring if you are on a budget, or an Archer Ring, Berserker Ring, Warrior Ring, and Seer's Ring if you are not. In my opinion, the Warrior Ring is nearly as good as the Berserker ring because it is better with Slashing attacks (such as the whip), and obviously worse on Crush/Stab attacks. Other than that, there is obviously Kuradal's Ring (use ALL of the time in Kuradal's dungeon), and the Ring of Life, which is only to be worn outside of Kuradal's Dungeon on dangerous tasks if you lag a lot. The Explorer's Ring 3 can be useful for the prayer bonus.

The Mobilizing Armies rings are valuable but in no way necessary. They are nice if you like to play MA, but I wouldn't waste your time getting them (not worth the massive amount of time it takes to get them)

Never use the Ring of Wealth. Ever. Never ever ever ever NEVER, unless you have literally nothing else to wear. The Explorer's Ring 3, for example, provides a free +1 to prayer, which is never bad.

In Kuradal's Dungeon: Posted Image

When not in Kuradal's Dungeon:

Posted Image > Posted Image > with Abyssal Whip or other slashing weapon

Posted Image with Stab/Crush Melee

Posted Image with any Ranged

Posted Image with any Mage.

If you do choose to get the MA rings, the Onyx (i) replaces the Zerker ring at Stab/Crush melee (if you so choose), and the (i) versions of the respective Fremennik rings replace their non (i) counterparts.


A whole bunch of capes come to mind - the Fire Cape for its +4 to strength and impressive defensive bonuses, Ava's Attractor for its +4 to ranged attack and ability to pick up fired projectiles, the Ardougne Cloak 3 for its +6 to stab and prayer, and the Soul Wars cape for its +12 to prayer. These are the only four capes that a maxed slayer should carry. However, there are other alternatives. The standard Obsidian Cape should be used at all times if you do not have access the Fire Cape and are not using stab, and the trimmed skillcape is a step above that. The God Capes are the best choice when maging, although you won't be doing this too much. They are also the best low leveled capes against Bloodvelds and other monsters that attack with magical attacks.

In conclusion:

When using melee and using non-intensive prayer: Posted Image

When at melee, using stab, and using prayer: Posted Image

When using any sort of intensive prayer and meleeing: Posted ImagePosted Image

When ranging: Posted Image

While maging: Posted Image


I'm going to list to you some wastes of money in my opinion -

Dragon Full Helm

Torag's Helm

Dragon Med Helm

Dwarven Helmet

And the only helms you should carry:

Slayer Helm / Black Mask / Focus Sight / Hexcrest (Full Slayer Helm)

Meleeing there's really no other option. The Full Slayer Helm is worth it even if you don't range/mage for the extra +10 to magic defense it provides.

Posted Image > Posted Image


There are only three shields a maxed player should carry, the Dragon Defender, the Zamorak (unholy) Book, and the Dragonfire Shield. There's really no substitute for the Rune Defender, as its unique blend of offense and defense (+19 to stab) makes it invaluable. There is a line of succession for defensive shields, though, and it goes

Dragonfire Shield > Blessed Spirit Shield > Toktz-ket-xil (for range defence)/Dragon Sq Shield (for melee defence) > Granite Shield.

Honestly, however, the Dragonfire Shield is a waste of money if you don't have lots of it. The Rune Defender excels on most tasks. You only use the DFS on five Kuradal tasks anyway (Iron, Steel, and Mithril Dragons as well as Skeletal Wyverns, and Blue Dragons and Super Antifires make 3 of those immaterial). 4 of those tasks are fairly commonly blocked. Black Dragons don't count as most players opt for the baby variety.

The Divine and Elysian Spirit Shield are better, but extremely expensive and out of reach for most slayers. Crystal shield unfortunately degrades and turns into a piece of rubbish. The Unholy Book is the best option for mages and rangers and also gives +5 to prayer. The Falador Shield 3 is nice for the free pray pot per day, but I wouldn't bother with it when you can use the Rune Defender.

Posted Image Use on almost every Slayer task.

Posted Image Use for Wyverns, metal dragons, and blue dragons (Blacks as well if you KBD or Adult the task).

Posted Image > Posted Image for Ranging

Posted Image > Posted Image > Posted Image > Posted Image for Maging


For the love of Sweet Jesus, there are so many ways to go wrong here. Say no to the D Chain and D Plate for sure.

All I'm going to say here is there is an order of melee defence, range defence, and mage defence.

While Using Melee

MELEE: (on hard tasks) Bandos Chestplate (at high defence and cash) / Torag's Body/Dharok's Body/Guthan's Body (at low defence and cash) > Granite Body > Rune Platebody

Posted Image / Posted Image > Posted Image > Posted Image

MELEE: (on easy tasks) Bandos Chestplate > Fighter Torso > Best non-degradable platebody

Posted Image > Posted Image

MELEE: (while praying protection or intensively) Proselyte Hauberk

Posted Image

RANGE: Bandos Chestplate > Granite Body > Rune Platebody

Posted Image > Posted Image > Posted Image > Posted Image

MAGIC: Karil's Leathertop > Black d'hide body > Highest magic defense you have.

Posted Image > Posted Image

While Using Ranged

AT ALL TIMES: Armadyl Chestplate > Black D'hide Body

Posted Image > Posted Image

While Using Magic

AT ALL TIMES: Ahrim's Robetop > Infinity Top > Dagon'hai Robes > Mystic

Posted Image > Posted Image > Posted Image


Don't go overboard here. Use Verac's Skirt on hard melee tasks, Proselyte on easy ones. Bandos Tassets are a waste of money but use them if you have them. Karil's leatherbottom is useful for tanking Aberrant Spectres. This is the only area where a dragon item isn't a waste - the 170K Dragon Plateskirt provides adequate defensive bonuses for minimal cost.

Defending Against Melee OR Range (While Meleeing): Verac's Skirt > Bandos Tassets > Dharok's/Torag's Legs > Dragon Plateskirt

Posted Image > Posted Image > Posted Image > Posted Image

Defending Against Magic (While Meleeing): Karil's Skirt > Black D'hide Chaps

Posted Image > http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20080704020354/runescape/images/b/bf/Black_dhide_chaps.PNG

If Ranging or Maging, emphasize offensive bonuses and neglect all defence. If the monster hits you hard, it's a sign you should be using melee or a safespot.

At all times (While Ranging): Armadyl Plateskirt > Black D'hide Chaps

http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20090303000814/runescape/images/d/d9/Armadyllegs.png > http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20080704020354/runescape/images/b/bf/Black_dhide_chaps.PNG

At all times (White Maging): Ahrim's Robeskirt > Infinity Bottoms > Dagon'hai Robes > Mystic Robes

http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20090806202138/runescape/images/6/6d/Ahrim%27s_robeskirt.png > http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100328144057/runescape/images/3/33/Infinity_bottom.png > http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100208081419/runescape/images/3/3a/Dagon%27hai_robe_bottom.png > http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20080408043242/runescape/images/1/19/Mystic_robe_bottom_%28blue%29.png


5) Other


Obviously, you need to access your masters.

Reaching Those Masters


For Kuradal, use a ferocious ring or the Fairy Ring code BJQ and running south.

For Duradel, use Karamja Gloves 3 or Ardougne Teleport, running to Brimhaven, and then taking the cart.

For Sumona, use Slayer Rings or carpet rides.

For Chaeldar, use fairy rings.


Healing is important so you don't die.



First of all, we have food. Monkfish, the tried and true standby, are no longer the most effective food for all slayer. Nowadays, there are the Big 3 of food


Apple Pies heal 140 LP and are usually extremely cheap. However, they may be hard to buy on the Grand Exchange at times. Monkfish heal 160 LP and are much easier to buy. Curry heals 190 LP and usually costs just over 1,000 coins.


The second option is Guthan's Set. For a very long time, until the introduction of Summoning, Guthan's was the best way to heal. It requires 70 Attack and Defence to use. It's practically a must for those who do not have 68 summoning.


The third option is to use a healing familiar like a Bunyip or Unicorn. On most tasks, Unicorns are overkill. Use Bunyips whenever you are fighting in a single combat zone and are taking damage. Healing titans can be useful in the Chaos Tunnels when you're fighting a reasonably hard hitting monster such as Fire Giants, especially if you don't have access to the very high leveled combat familiars.




I'm going to group quests into two categories - the almost necessary and the merely helpful.

I believe Wolf Whistle and Druidic Ritual go without saying.


Smoking Kills - Slayer Points and Sumona

Horror From The Deep - for Dagannoths in the Lighthouse

Priest In Peril - Slayer Tower

Barbarian Training - Kuradal, Waterfiends, Mithril Dragons


Monkey Madness - If you don't have a whip, that is

Lost City - For Chaeldar, Dragon Dagger, and Dragon Longsword

Shilo Village - For Duradel

Fairy Tale II - For fairy rings

King's Ransom - If you powerslay, Piety is a must


Mourning's Ends Part I - Elves are a major pain to get to if you don't start this quest right after Regicide

Eadgar's Ruse - Faster access to Trolls

Recipe For Disaster - Barrows Gloves

Lunar Diplomacy - NPC Contact, helpful Slayer Spells, Suqahs

Nomad's Requiem - Soul Wars Cape

MEP II - Access to Dark Beasts

Cabin Fever - Access to Jungle/Cave Horrors

Animal Magnetism - Ava's Device

Blood Runs Deep - 450k Prayer XP, Balmung if you choose to use it (probably not worth it)

Legacy of Seergaze - MUCH better bloodvelds

Desert Treasure - If you're into maging tasks...

Dream Mentor - Short and access to more Lunar Spells

The Path of Glouphrie - Warped Terrorbirds, which are actually amazing XP. And Warped Tortoises, which are not.

Plague City - Ardougne Teleport

Slug Menace - Proselyte Armour

Temple At Senntisten - Ancient Curses

What Lies Below - Opens up the highly recommended Bork



6) Task List

Task-by-task breakdown for Chaeldar, Sumona, Duradel/Lapalok, and Kuradal. I will list only which weapons are best on any specific task, as the rest of the options are up to you. For example, a higher leveled player at Chaeldar will not need to use Protect from Melee while a person with just over 70 combat will most definitely have to at Bronze Dragons. I will, however, go more in depth on Kuradal's tasks.



Bronze Dragons

http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20091217153236/runescape/images/0/0c/Zamorak_spear.PNG with http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100110122235/runescape/images/7/7d/Super_antifire.png > http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100215144717/runescape/images/f/fd/Leaf_bladed_sword.gif > http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100126023042/runescape/images/archive/1/10/20100126035013%21Abyssal_Whip_Icon.png > http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20091211084217/runescape/images/2/23/Dragon_longsword.png

Harpie Bug Swarm

http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20080330171607/runescape/images/6/65/Rune_darts.PNG > http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100126023042/runescape/images/archive/1/10/20100126035013%21Abyssal_Whip_Icon.png > http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20090926142413/runescape/images/7/75/New_Dragon_Scimitar.png > http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20091211084217/runescape/images/2/23/Dragon_longsword.png

Infernal Mages

http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100126023042/runescape/images/archive/1/10/20100126035013%21Abyssal_Whip_Icon.png > http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20090926142413/runescape/images/7/75/New_Dragon_Scimitar.png > http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20091211084217/runescape/images/2/23/Dragon_longsword.png

Lesser Demons

http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100126023042/runescape/images/archive/1/10/20100126035013%21Abyssal_Whip_Icon.png > http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20090926142413/runescape/images/7/75/New_Dragon_Scimitar.png > http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20091211084217/runescape/images/2/23/Dragon_longsword.png

Mutated Zygomites

http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100126023042/runescape/images/archive/1/10/20100126035013%21Abyssal_Whip_Icon.png > http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20090926142413/runescape/images/7/75/New_Dragon_Scimitar.png > http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20091211084217/runescape/images/2/23/Dragon_longsword.png

Shadow Warriors

http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20091024002901/runescape/images/e/e7/Saradomin_sword.PNG > http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20091217153236/runescape/images/0/0c/Zamorak_spear.PNG > http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100126023042/runescape/images/archive/1/10/20100126035013%21Abyssal_Whip_Icon.png > http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20090303015517/runescape/images/1/1d/Dragon_mace.gif





http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100126023042/runescape/images/archive/1/10/20100126035013%21Abyssal_Whip_Icon.png > http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20090926142413/runescape/images/7/75/New_Dragon_Scimitar.png > http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20091211084217/runescape/images/2/23/Dragon_longsword.png


http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100126023042/runescape/images/archive/1/10/20100126035013%21Abyssal_Whip_Icon.png > http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20090303015517/runescape/images/1/1d/Dragon_mace.gif

Cave Crawlers

If doing the level 23's

http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100126023042/runescape/images/archive/1/10/20100126035013%21Abyssal_Whip_Icon.png > http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20090926142413/runescape/images/7/75/New_Dragon_Scimitar.png > http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20091211084217/runescape/images/2/23/Dragon_longsword.png

If doing the level 138's

http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20091230222032/runescape/images/6/6b/Dharok%27s_greataxe.png > http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100126023042/runescape/images/archive/1/10/20100126035013%21Abyssal_Whip_Icon.png > http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20090926142413/runescape/images/7/75/New_Dragon_Scimitar.png > http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20091211084217/runescape/images/2/23/Dragon_longsword.png


http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100215144717/runescape/images/f/fd/Leaf_bladed_sword.gif > http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100321212245/runescape/images/c/ce/Rune_crossbow.png with Broad Bolts

Red Dragons

http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100126023042/runescape/images/archive/1/10/20100126035013%21Abyssal_Whip_Icon.png > http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20090926142413/runescape/images/7/75/New_Dragon_Scimitar.png > http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100215144717/runescape/images/f/fd/Leaf_bladed_sword.gif > http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20091211084215/runescape/images/e/e6/Dlongsprite.png

Spiritual Warriors

http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100126023042/runescape/images/archive/1/10/20100126035013%21Abyssal_Whip_Icon.png > http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20090926142413/runescape/images/7/75/New_Dragon_Scimitar.png > http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20091211084217/runescape/images/2/23/Dragon_longsword.png


http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100215144717/runescape/images/f/fd/Leaf_bladed_sword.gif > http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100321212245/runescape/images/c/ce/Rune_crossbow.png with Broad Bolts





http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20091217153236/runescape/images/0/0c/Zamorak_spear.PNG > http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100126023042/runescape/images/archive/1/10/20100126035013%21Abyssal_Whip_Icon.png > http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100215144717/runescape/images/f/fd/Leaf_bladed_sword.gif > http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20091211084217/runescape/images/2/23/Dragon_longsword.png


http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100126023042/runescape/images/archive/1/10/20100126035013%21Abyssal_Whip_Icon.png > http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20090926142413/runescape/images/7/75/New_Dragon_Scimitar.png > http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20091211084217/runescape/images/2/23/Dragon_longsword.png


http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100126023042/runescape/images/archive/1/10/20100126035013%21Abyssal_Whip_Icon.png > http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20090926142413/runescape/images/7/75/New_Dragon_Scimitar.png > http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20091211084217/runescape/images/2/23/Dragon_longsword.png

Warped Terrorbird

http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100126023042/runescape/images/archive/1/10/20100126035013%21Abyssal_Whip_Icon.png > http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20090926142413/runescape/images/7/75/New_Dragon_Scimitar.png > http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20091211084217/runescape/images/2/23/Dragon_longsword.png




When you come to Kuradal, I'm assuming you have maybe 120 combat and 75 slayer. You're going to have to make a tough decision - to pray piety/turmoil on every task or not.

Please trust me when I say that you WILL profit even pietying/turmoiling every task with extreme sets and cannon (assuming maxed levels). It won't be amazing cash, but Slayer really isn't amazing cash, ever. Anyway, here's a miniguide on Kuradal tasks. Under each monster will be a recommended weapon to use and recommended place to kill them, as well as a few tips and tricks.

Aberrant Spectres

[hide]Spectres aren't particularly weak to any style of melee, meaning that you should use whip. However, the ones in the Desert Slayer Dungeon are extremely weak to the slayer's best friend - the Cannon. Set up your cannon in any open area and fire away. Since your cannon will be doing most of the work, you will want to emphasize prayer bonuses (it is necessary to pray Protect/Deflect from Magic at all levels). The Falador Shield 3 works well here for the pray restore and impressive prayer bonuses. Your familiar choice is up to you - I like to bring a Macaw to the task and do it in two/three trips, while other people like to bring Beast of Burdens to extend stays. Make sure to bring a BoB who has reasonable HP, as the Spectres will gun it down with their magic green balls in no time if not.


Abyssal Demons

[hide]Again, Demons have rather high defence and no particular weakness - therefore, their own weapon, the whip, is best against them. Some people claim that ancient magicks and hard-hitting spells in the regular spellbook are good against them, but personally I wouldn't bother. Kill them in Kuradal's Dungeon. This is an extremely straightforward task.


Black Demon

[hide]There are a whole bunch of ways to do Black Demons. They should NOT be blocked. Use a whip. If you want to get maximum slayer experience, use the Edgeville Dungeon with a cannon. If you use this location, remember to bring your antipoison. The other viable location is the Chaos tunnels, where Demons drop slightly more crimson charms and straight up melee experience is faster and a familiar is more useful. The Taverley Dungeon is mostly outclassed by the CT, but can also be good XP with a cannon/melee. Avoid the Brimhaven Dungeon at all costs[/hide]

Black Dragon

[hide]There are two good ways to do Black Dragons. The first option is the KBD, which drops 4 Crimson Charms fairly frequently and who you can camp for a good 10+ kills most of the time. If fighting him, use a Whip with Rune Defender if you have Super Antifires, and a Whip with DFS/Anti-Fire Shield if you do not. If you just want the Slayer XP, bring a combat familiar to the Chaos Tunnels and whack the babies to death with your Whip. The regular Black Dragons should be avoided.[/hide]


[hide]Use the Meiyerditch Slayer Dungeon and cannon the Mutated Bloodvelds with a Whip. You must Protect/Deflect from Melee. Your other option is going melee-only on the Bloodvelds in the room to the left. I would highly advise cannoning. Set the cannon up right in the middle of the room.[/hide]

Blue Dragon

[hide]If you have a Yak, bank the bones and hides with Winter Storage. If you don't, use Terrorbird/Warped Tortoise and bank with Glories/Duel Rings/Games Necklaces and Ferocious Rings. The babies are a waste of terrific cash. Use Whip/Rune Defender with Super Antifires and Whip with DFS/AFS without them.[/hide]


[hide]Cannon in the lighthouse dungeon with Whip.[/hide]

Desert Strykewyrms

[hide]To be honest, use desert robes if you're not praying piety/turmoil and don't have Bandos. Just use whip and a Bunyip and you should be fine. Remember to immediately click on the Stryke right after hitting it.[/hide]

Dust Devil

[hide]It was [insert your character's name here] in the Chaos Tunnels with a whip! Use the best combat familiar you can.[/hide]

Fire Giant

[hide]Use a cannon/whip in the Brimhaven dungeon for maximum experience. If you don't want to do this, the Chaos Tunnels are also very nice. Whip at all times with a combat familiar[/hide]


[hide]Here, it gets interesting. Saradomin Sword on Crush is the most effective option, followed by ZS on Crush and Whip. Use Kuradal's Dungeon.[/hide]

Greater Demon

[hide]Whip in Kuradal's[/hide]


[hide]If you have 55 Dungeoneering, cannon these in the Taverley Resource Dungeon (you have to pray melee). If not, whip in Kuradal's. Or if you prefer, cannon in Taverley. Either way, if you don't have 55 Dungeoneering you should probably block Hellhounds.[/hide]

Ice Strykewyrm

[hide]Fire Surge/Fire Blast is actually the most effective method with Fire Cape. Without Fire Cape, use Abyssal Whip.[/hide]

Iron Dragon

[hide]Zamorakian Spear with Super Antifires is best. Whip is better than Leaf-Bladed Sword when you do not have Super Antifires, ESPECIALLY while Pietying. Always do these in Kuradal's Dungeon.[/hide]

Jungle Strykewyrms

[hide]Devo said it best. Whip it.[/hide]


[hide]If you want to kill the KQ, use this task to do so. Personally, I'd take advantage of the decent slayer xp by cannoning the ones in the rectangular room with the potato cactus. Keris is fun but Whip is technically better experience. Extreme potions narrow the gap a little bit, but whip still comes out ahead. Do NOT do little Kalphites.[/hide]

Living Rock Creatures

[hide]Get into an open area with your cannon and start pwning with your Whip.[/hide]

Mithril Dragon

[hide]A short, fun task. I'm going to have to refer you to Tip.it's guide here, but just let it be known that Leaf-Bladed Sword IS better than Whip here.[/hide]


[hide]Actually, there are a couple of ways to do Nechryaels. Bladewing has an excellent guide on how to chin Nechs, and ice barraging them works in the same vein. However, the fastest xp will be *surprise* whipping them in the Chaos Tunnels with a combat familiar.[/hide]

Skeletal Wyverns

[hide]Block, or failing that, melee with Whip and DFS. Piety/Turmoil are VERY useful on this task.[/hide]

Spiritual Mages

[hide] Spiritual Mages are decent cash. Whip the Zamorak mages with Protect from Magic on. Combat familiars are nice as well.[/hide]

Steel Dragons

[hide]Zamorakian Spear with Super Antifires is best. Whip is better than Leaf-Bladed Sword when you do not have Super Antifires, ESPECIALLY while Pietying. Always do these in Kuradal's Dungeon.[/hide]


[hide]Cannon the northern Suqahs. Protect prayers are not needed with Unicorn, otherwise, you may find them useful (if you have very high summoning, combat familiars are better than unicorn anyway). The best weapon to use is the Whip.[/hide]

Terror Dogs

[hide]If only you could cannon these suckers... prayer is not viable, so use whip. You may find that a unicorn is necessary on this task. If not, bring plenty of food and a nice combat familiar.[/hide]


[hide]If you can beat Jad in a good amount of time, go for it. If not, kill the Melee then Ranged TzHaars as they will give the best xp. Stay away from the level 74 TzHaars and the mages. Again, use whip.[/hide]

Warped Tortoise

[hide]Whip in the Poison Waste Dungeon. Bank using Spirit Trees. Combat familiars are useful. Cannon is unnecessary.[/hide]


[hide]The SS is better than the ZS. For a full listing of crush weapons, read the weapons section of this guide. Unicorns are very useful. If you don't have this, use Bunyip and Swallow Whole scrolls. Chaos Tunnel Waterfiends are EXTREMELY good at VERY HIGH levels. If you don't have maxed melee, I wouldn't even bother. Use fairy rings, bank in Zanaris.[/hide]


7) Dungeoneering



On April 12, 2010, Jagex released Dungeoneering. The skill offered many cool, high-level rewards, some of which are extremely helpful during slayer - starting off, of course, with the chaotic weapons and going on into jewelery and other added, bonus items.

http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100426045221/runescape/images/5/52/Chaotic_rapier.png, 80 Dungeoneering required

The best chaotic weapon, in my opinion, is the Chaotic Rapier. For slayer, the Rapier is unbeatable - you will use it on every task save waterfiends, and always on the stab option. Basically, the Rapier is a souped-up Abyssal Whip, and its potential is unlimited.

http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100422222013/runescape/images/8/8d/Chaoticlongsword.png, 80 Dungeoneering required

The Chaotic Longsword is the choice of obsessive Bandos soloers and inefficient players. However, the CLS does have some uses for Slayer. On Kuradal's task list, it is best (if you don't have a rapier) on Abyssal Demons, Black Dragons, Dark Beasts, Iron Dragons, Mithril Dragons, and Steel Dragons. If not powerslaying, use it on any mid-defence monster. Also, the CLS is probably the best weapon overall at Skeletal Wyverns.

http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100623161242/runescape/images/0/05/Chaotic_maul.gif, 80 Dungeoneering required

The chaotic maul is, bar none, the best weapon at Waterfiends. However, it is mostly a boss hunting weapon and I would not advise using it on most slayer tasks because of its slow, 4-bar (Godsword) speed. Though I previously stated that the CLS was the best weapon at Wyverns, the maul also may have some use here. At high levels, it is possible to simply tank the dragonbreath effect of the Wyvern - as demonstrated in this Zarfot video


http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100421031721/runescape/images/c/cf/Arcane_Stream_Necklace.png, 70 Dungeoneering required

The Arcane Stream necklace is yet another way that Jagex has decided to boost mage slaying. If you're seriously interested in mage slaying, this necklace, which increases your magic damage by 15% and gives +14 to mage attack, is absolutely vital. When used in conjunction with the hexcrest, the Arcane Stream Necklace becomes even more powerful. It's also very useful on Ice Strykewyrms tasks, raising the maximum damage of a Fire Surge to over 1000.

http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100420190425/runescape/images/9/9c/Bonecrusher.png, 21 Dungeoneering required (but 34,000 tokens required)

The Bonecrusher is hardly necessary or even very useful, but it provides a constant source of free prayer experience and can save you a whole bunch of coins in the end. Whether it is actually useful in terms of opportunity cost has yet to be decided, but I'd say go for it if you're on a low slayer level (less than 90 or so).


The Gem Bag is surprisingly useful and cheap. I would recommend it at the following Kuradal tasks: Dust Devils, Fire Giants, Gargoyles, Greater Demons, Nechs, and the TzHaar. If you insist on wearing a Ring of Wealth, use this on every monster that drops gems. If you're only marginally interested in Dungeoneering, I would blow your tokens on this right away.

That's about it for Dungeoneering... obviously, if you have extra tokens, finish the Chaotic set and get a Scroll of Life for farming runs, which I recommend you all do between Slayer tasks. You could alternatively wait for Dungeoneering Batch 2, which should be coming out in the coming months.



1) Powerslaying Miniguide (aka the tl;dr version)


What is powerslaying? Powerslaying, simply, means that one attempts to get the absolute maximum Slayer experience possible. This means that you will be spending a bunch of money. Although powerslaying does profit in the very long run, in the short term it is very easy to make losses of up to 5 million or so. Basically, you need even more stuff for true powerslaying. The main four tenants of powerslaying are

1) Always use piety or turmoil


Piety/turmoil are the powerslayer's best friend. Turmoil is better by a very decent amount, but I think that extreme potions are the better first choice for a powerslayer and are about half the cost. Other things to note about prayer in Slayer...


If you do not have 70 prayer or are on an extreme budget (or both), use Superhuman Strength (It's the Level 13 Prayer that boosts strength by 10%, and only costs about 3 ppots per task).


The Soul Split and Berserker prayers both have their uses for Slayer. Soul Split essentially removes the need for a healing familiar or food, thus saving a lot of inventory space for prayer potions and super/extreme sets. I would say that if you do not have Soul Split, a healing familiar would be much easier to use at any single-combat task and that praying against the attack style of the monster (melee against Fire Giants, for example) is necessary most of the time. At Dust Devils, Kalphites, TzHaar, and Warped Tortoises, this is not necessary. Simply bring some food and a defensive spec weapon, as a combat familiar almost always outweighs an offensive spec weapon. You should pray Berserker any time you are using any pots, which should be all the time.


If you ever leave regular prayer for Ancient Curses before level 95, you were probably lured by these babies. Resist. Piety is much more useful than any prayer other than Turmoil.

2) Cannon the cannonables


http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100626231025/runescape/images/e/eb/Cannonballs.png x 10000

Due to the introduction of the Chaos Tunnels and Kuradal's Dungeon, the cannon is no longer as important as it once was. You are still going to want to use it on any multicombat task that you don't do in the chaos tunnels... and some singlecombat ones. Personally, I enjoy some inefficient slaying methods, such as using melee and a combat familiar to kill Black Demons in the Chaos Tunnels rather than range/cannoning in Taverley Dungeon. To be a true powerslayer, you must cannon these. The complete list of tasks you should cannon are below, along with one viable non-cannoning alternative in come cases. Tasks that should absolutely be cannoned have no alternative.

Aberrant Spectres

Dagannoth (Dagannoth Kings)

Dark Beasts in Temple of Light (Kuradal's Dungeon)

Hellhounds in new Dungeoneering Resource Dungeon

Kalphites (block)

Living Rock Creatures (no Cannon)

Suqah (block)

Black Dragons in Evil Chicken Lair (Baby Black Dragons in Chaos Tunnels)

I buy ~10000 cannonballs at a time. To pay for cannonballs, I used to use my herb farming money, but I now use my boss hunting money. I would do both.

3) Always use Combat Familiars in multicombat areas

Actually, I take that statement back already. The first useful combat familiars are the Karamthulhu Overlords. Before this, I would bring a terrorbird for extra prayer potions and food. In order, you're going to want the highest-level combat familiar you can find. These are what I feel are the familiars, in terms of usefulness, from top to bottom. When maging Slayer you need a Wolpertinger for its special.


The Steel Titan is a fast, hard-hitting (maxing over 240) combat familiar with an absolutely amazing special attack that can absolutely destroy monsters by itself. It is, put simply, the best thing out there. Oh yeah, and it gives 15% to stab, slash, and crush defence. Which is basically like turning a +250 bonus into a +287.5 bonus, akin turning an adamant platebody into a dragon plate. If you own a Steel Titan, the fastest possible slayer XP is probably open to you. Use it on every task you can.


The Iron Titan might be the Jan to the Steel Titan's Marcia, but in this case both Jan and Marcia are both incredibly hot. The Iron Titan is pretty much one step down in every regard from the Steel Titan in every way- maxing only 230, using only 3 moves in one turn to the Steel Titan's 4 during specs, and giving only 10% to stab, slash, and crush defence. Once again though, there's no shame in being second if you're this good.


The Wolpertinger is essential while maging Slayer. It is also the 3rd best combat familiar in the game. It hits hard and fast on every monster that attacks with melee. It also gives magic experience rather than melee or range, which can be useful to some. I would recommend using the Wolpertinger over the Iron Titan if you're not going to bother using the special attacks of the Iron Titan, which improve the xp it gives greatly. The Steel Titan is superior regardless.


The Geyser Titan is the first of the very helpful combat familiars. It gives Ranged XP and maxes at 210 damage. It also lasts forever, meaning that you will definitely only need one pouch for any slayer task you take this familiar to. Essentially, the Geyser is worth charm collecting for if you're stuck on 88 summoning, as it helps with slayer immeasurably.


I have done extensive testing on this subject. The Spirit Dagannoth is ever so slightly more powerful than the Swamp Titan and a fair bit more powerful than the Lava Titan. The scrolls for all three are useless.


Fire Titans are the best of the three titans - they are usually either the cheapest or second cheapest behind Moss TItans, and magic usually hits harder on most slayer monsters than melee. Side note: i mentioned in the Healing part of this guide that Fire Titans can also heal. This is true. Fire titans allow you to bring an offensive special weapon into multicombat areas with impunity... therefore, you may want to use them over Spirit Dagannoth if you have Dragon Claws. Geyser Titans are always better, however.


Karamthulhu Overlords are surprisingly good.

When not in multicombat areas, feel free to use whatever familiar you want until you have a Yak, in which case you would usually use that. Using a Bunyip is the simplest method until then. Unicorns are useful at tasks like Mithril Dragons and Waterfiends.

4) Potions

"You are here to learn the subtle science and exact art of potionmaking," he began. [...] I don't expect you will really understand the beauty of the softly simmering cauldron with its shimmering fumes, the delicate power of liquids that creep through human veins, bewitching the mind, ensnaring the senses ... I can teach you how to bottle fame, brew glory, even stopper death -- if you aren't as big a bunch of dunderheads as I usually have to teach." - Severus Snape

Potions help you kill stuff.

At lower levels, you are going to use super sets. However, when you have accrued a decent cashpile, buying the herblore level required to use extreme potions is a very good idea. Make sure to buy these when you have the money. They also help with boss hunting/getting on a good boss hunting team, so there's another good reason to buy them. In general, the main thing that you want to learn is when to repot. I usually repot when my strength level dips under 10 below its base, feel free to repot slightly before or after that. Err on the side of repotting too soon. Overloads should not be used on regular tasks, they are too expensive. Extreme Prayers are too slow to make, but if you have a ton of them feel free to use them.

Other tips and tricks

Always try to stay in combat. This means attacking the next monster as soon as the one you've just killed goes into its death animation. Do not stop to look at drops - if it's something good, you can always pick it up a little bit later.

Slayer can be overcrowded at times. I would recommend going to a high population world for every Kuradal task as even if only one other person is slaying side by side with you, your experience may be reduced. This is particularly notable at extremely killable or low-spawn monsters such as Greater Demons, Kalphites, Iron Dragons, and Steel Dragons. In addition, there are several monsters who can only support one Slayer per world - Nechryaels, Warped Tortoises, Fire Giants in the good spot, Bloodvelds, and Black Dragons. Luckily, these are pretty much the least crowded tasks, so just hop if you see someone already there.

That's basically it. I have some calculations on how many prayer pots to bring/use on each task - the general rule of thumb is to take two super/extreme sets and have the rest of your slots filled with pray pots, with 4 empty slots for charms and early drops. At some tasks, such as Dark Beasts, this will not be nearly enough prayer potions to last you the entire time. Bring a Beast of Burden to carry extra prayer pots for you. A Yak works best, but a Terrorbird will do in a pinch (don't use Tortoises, you won't need more than 12 extra ppots. The Yak is for banking smaller drops as well). You may make the conscious choice NOT to Alch, but I bring the runes whenever I go to a monster with a lot of alchable drops, such as Greater Demons, Dust Devils, or Fire Giants.

Oh - one last word of advice... don't try to max prayer bonus. +20 is the maximum you should have... there are certain tasks where one can go over, such as slaying Black Demons w/o Fire Cape or Bandos. In that case, you would wear a Soul Wars cape and Proselyte in addition to your Fury, giving you well into the +20s. If this is confusing to you, feel free to PM me.


2) Full Powerslaying Guide


First of all, if you haven't already, go and read the tl;dr version.

1. Armor/Weaponry and a note on Waterfiends

Setups from best to worst -







Whip can replace Rapier in any of those setups, but getting a rapier before starting serious Slayer training is highly advised. The Amulet of Fury can be replaced with a Glory in any setup. Ring of Wealth is junk, don't wear it. Obviously, replace the Zerker with a Ferocious Ring in Kuradal's Dungeon. Other than that, you're going to be using this setup on nearly every task. Also, you can use Bandos at Waterfiends. Just pray magic instead of ranged and use a Unicorn if you're under 95 summoning. If you're over 95 summoning, though, you're going to want to do Waterfiends in the Chaos Tunnels with an Iron/Steel Titan and some Karil's. Also, you want a Chaotic Maul to kill them. If you don't have it, use a Saradomin Sword or a Zamorakian Spear (but the sword is better).

This being said, if you're not maxed...

Essentially, you want to maximize strength bonus with any setup. If just praying turmoil and berserker, the Bandos and Fire Cape setup will provide more than enough prayer bonus to use on any task. However, on some tasks that take a long time or while praying protection, this setup may cause you to have to bank. In addition, without Berserker and Extreme Potions, you will have to repot more, thus draining your inventory of space. Luckily, Jagex made a wonderful thing called a War Tortoise which will carry extra prayer potions for you. Most of the time, a Terrorbird will also work. Just store some prayer pots in it before you do your task.

Another note on inventory - the vast, vast majority of the time, one extreme set while using Berserker is good enough. The exceptions are: Abyssal Demon (large tasks), Dark Beasts, Living Rocks. If you don't have a CLS but DO have a Yak, you might need two extreme sets for a large number of Wyverns. Repot when your levels have reached 8 below their usual if using Berserker, this will give you 37 minutes to complete the task. If you don't think you can complete a task in 37 minutes, just bring a couple sets (if you don't have maxed or close-to-maxed melees, some tasks are going to take longer than 37 minutes) If you don't have extremes, see below.

Super strength and attack potions are a lot worse than extremes - you're going to want to repot more. You should bring 3 super sets to any of the above tasks and 2 to any regular tasks. This issue is compounded by the fact that most with supers won't have Berserker, either. Try to repot when your levels have reached 9 or so below the usual... this will give you about 72 minutes to do the task, which given that you'll be praying Piety

Alching is mostly useless in the current RuneScape metagame, but it's still useful at a bunch of tasks: bring alch runes to the following: Abyssal Demons, Black Demons, Dark Beasts, Dust Devils, Fire Giants, Iron/Steel Dragons if you don't bank the bones.

Remember how I said that you shouldn't use overloads because they're too expensive? Feel free to use them if you have a ton of them. It's just not big enough a boost to justify the extra 250,000 you're spending on pretty much every task.

2) How To Spend Your Money (Milestone Levels)

Always buy gear first. Just sell it if you need a more important milestone. Example: buying Bandos. If you want Turmoil or Extremes, you can always sell the Bandos later to buy it (and trust me, either Extremes or Turmoil >>>> the small strength bonus acquired from Bandos.

Anyway, this is the order in which you should acquire stuff.

Black Mask

70 Prayer (Piety)

88 Herblore (Extremes)

95 Prayer (Turmoil)

92 Herblore (Overloads)

If at any time you have the charms for 88, 95, 96, or 99 Summoning, sell your gear to buy this. Remember, levels are more important than gear but always acquire as much gear as possible. There's no point in building up a cashpile when you can always re-sell armor/weapons. It's also easier to save up with gear, because you always want to spend cash on lame "skills" like construction or smithing. Having your money tied up in gear makes you a lot less susceptible to such irrational impulse buys.

3) Slayer Blocklists

For experience only! If you're doing Slayer for effigies, check out Vexn's "Effigyscape" guide, which is fantastic.

Block: Desert/Jungle Strykewyrms, Warped Tortoises, Greater Demons, Terror Dogs

This should be your blocklist no matter what your gear is, if you're using Kuradal.

You may want to cancel: Iron/Steel Dragons without Super Antifires or Chaotic Rapier, Abyssal Demons if you have infinite money, TzHaar if you can't do Jad.


3) Special Tasks


If a monster isn't covered here, it's because all you have to do is turn on prayer, drink your super sets, whip out your melee weapon (or, should i say, rapier out your melee weapon), and kill the monster.

Black Dragon

Use your standard Slayer setup. Praying melee is pretty useful on this task. If you have 96 summoning, just stuff a couple extra pray pots in your Yak in case you run out, since your inventory in this task is pretty crowded. Honestly, without a Yak I wouldn't even bother banking the bones/hides - just go ahead and do the task.

You're going to want to do these in the Zanaris Evil Chicken Dungeon. For those with significantly lower levels or some sort of hatred of the dwarven multicannon, killing the babies in the Chaos Tunnels is a perfectly fine alternative, although the charms and effigies from the babies are terrible. The other places to kill Black Dragons are horrible. The King Black Dragon takes forever to respawn and any task there will take a long, long time. It's probably a maximum of 12k Slayer XP/hr, but if you must, summon a Lava Titan to take you there first, then later bring in your Tort/Unicorn/Yak/Steel Titan. The Taverley Dungeons and Lava Maze are fundamentally flawed due to the fact that there are only two dragons in Taverley and the fact that the Lava Maze is annoying to get to.


This is the setup you should be using if you have a Yak. Without a Yak, just bring a tort so you can fill it with bones at the end of the task/store a couple extra prayer potions in it. Without a Yak, obviously disregard the scrolls.

Like all dragons, Black Dragons are weak to stab. The rapier is the best weapon to use, obviously. With an admittedly small sample size (around 140 on-task dragons), I have determined that a whip with either a anti-fire shield or a dragon defender (for those with access to Super Antifires) is a better option than Korasi's sword or the Brackish Blade. Note that these calculations assume 99 attack and super sets with the anti-fire shield and 99 attack and extreme sets with the dragon defender. For players with lower attack, the accuracy bonus offered by the Brackish Blade or Korasi's Sword might outweigh the large strength bonus offered by the abyssal whip.

Any further information on this would be incredibly appreciated.


Bloodveld are a truly fantastic task. Do the mutated variety. Set your cannon up right in the middle of the room and start pounding away while praying melee and using a combat familiar. This is one of those tasks where your prayer might run out if you have 70 rather than 95 prayer. To offset this, bring a t-bird filled with some pray pots then dismiss it for a real combat familiar once you have exhausted the t-bird's supply. Also, this might be one of those extremely rare tasks where wearing a Ring of Wealth is a decent idea. Mutated Bloodvelds have a high droprate of rare table drops, and your melee isn't doing a lot of the damage, so using a RoW instead of a zerker isn't going to kill you. Also, you can help collect data on the RoW. If you use it for an extended period of time, please note how many secondary-rare table drops you get.

Blue Dragons

Honestly, I have no idea why people do these in Kuradal's Dungeon at all.

Provided that you have 60 dungeoneering, you can do these in the Taverley Resource Dungeon. You should also probably have 70 agility, because otherwise this task is an absolute pain in the butt to get to, and you're better off powerslaying Blue Dragons like regular monsters in Kuradal's Dungeon. If you don't have a Yak, it's easy to bank with Love Story tabs to the Taverley House Portal and Rings of Duelling. If you do have a Yak, you get to deal with a totally uncrowded world and a lot of spawns. Either way, you get to use a cannon! Also, if you bring a Yak, make sure to bring some summoning potions, because there is no way your Yak can keep up with all the drops you have to bank by itself. With the high price of Summoning Potions these days, though, each 7.5k potion only lets you bank 5 extra items. The simple math that can be done is that each drop you use a potion for costs almost 2k to bank once you figure in the cost of the scroll. Sure, at Frosties, this is invaluable. But here, you're going to be quaffing a lot of these. My advice is to bring a bunch to bank the bones with, but simply picking up the hides and storing them in your Yak near the end of the task is probably the better idea. Once again, using a whip on these is going to be better than using an inferior stab weapon.


Cannon in the lighthouse if you want.

But if you like to DK, go for that instead. At this point, you pretty much need a Yak for it to be even close to efficient. So get one of those and probably some overloads before you go, then read a 2.5bridding guide somewhere on these forums. Any of them should be fine. Disclaimer: doing DKs for Slayer at pretty much any level is sort of inefficient. Cannoning in the lighthouse is almost always going to be the superior option.


4) Ranged Slayer Guide


Ranged slayer isn't terrific experience. In fact, it's terrible experience for both range and slayer! However, there is a reason to do it. If you have maxed melees but not maxed slayer (as is normal for most players), ranged slayer could be a good idea.

The easiest way to incorporate ranged into Slayer is by using a cannon on every task possible. Over time, this will accumulate plenty of ranged experience.

Unlike melee slayer, where you can pull out a chaotic rapier on every task, ranged slaying requires a variety of weapons. The blocklist is also very different. Essentially, anything with high defense should be blocked or canceled.

Please note that safespotting Ranged Slayer is generally stupid unless you are a pure. Safespots reduce experience and inhibit the use of Ava's Attractor.


80 http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20091205042556/runescape/images/7/72/Ranged-icon.png - if you don't have this, go chin mummies/cannon dagannoth or wallaski

80 http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20080425010421/runescape/images/1/1e/Defence.gif - note: this is for this guide only. if you want to safespot Slayer monsters, use another guide.

Access to Kuradal

New blocklist

Skeletal Wyvern

Steel Dragon

Iron Dragon

All Strykewyrm


Full Armadyl with an Amulet of Fury, Ava's Attractor, Ranger Boots, Archer Ring, Barrows Gloves, and a Full Slayer Helm is the best option. Use extreme range potions if you have them. For alternatives, see the gear section of this guide.


http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100415232811/runescape/images/6/61/Chaotic_crossbow.png http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20080706090609/runescape/images/a/a3/Magic_shortbow.png http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20090302233022/runescape/images/e/ed/Dragondart.PNG

These are the three main weapons that could possibly be used on Slayer tasks. A Rune Crossbow is usable for those that do not have a chaotic crossbow.

Lifting heavily from Grimy's DPS calculators and assuming Eagle Eye and optimal gear on each task (what I mentioned in the "Gear" section), it is advisable to use

Dragon Darts on:

Aberrant Spectres

Dust Devils

Fire Giant

Greater Demons




Spiritual Mage

Terror Dog

Warped Tortoise

Magic Shortbow on:

Abyssal Demon

Black Demon

Blue Dragon

Desert Strykewyrm

Iron Dragon

Jungle Strykewyrm

Living Rocks


Chaotic Crossbow on:

Black Dragon

Mutated Bloodveld

Dark Beast

Mithril Dragon

Steel Dragon

In case you were wondering, yes- the ferocious ring was examined in these calculations.

This may change with Rigour. So few people have rigour, though, that I decided not to use it. With Rigour, Dragon Darts would become preferable on Blue Dragons.

I also assumed 99 range and a mid-range extreme potion (117, as this is the average between 122 and 112, when most people re-pot. This may have a slight effect on data as compared to ). As this is not the case for many people who are range-slaying, I tested the data with 90 range. The results were the same, with the notable exceptions of changing Iron Dragons to the Chaotic Crossbow and everything from the Dragon Darts to the MSB except for Fire Giants and Spiritual Mages.


A weapon that may be better is Karil's Crossbow. The Karil's Crossbow's bolt racks disappear on death. However, it beats every other weapon in terms of DPS on every Slayer monster except for Mithril Dragons, where a chaotic crossbow is the preferable option. However, the ammunition one fires is lost upon the shot. With each rack costing 249 coins, one must expect to pay 600,000 gp an hour to use Karil's Crossbow for an extra 1k or so slayer XP an hour. Therefore, only the rich or those capable of making lots of money (only merchanting will make this much) should use Karil's Crossbow.

Assuming non-optimal gear is tricky. Without Armadyl, the MSB and Dragon Darts lose some of their power. The same goes for Ranged Slayer without extreme potions. Without both, the only monster Dragon Darts should be used on is the Greater Demon, and the new MSB list is the old Dragon Darts one and the Chaotic Crossbow will handle everything else (a Rune Crossbow is inferior to the MSB on any Slayer monster with less than 1000 defence or so). Without one, Greater Demons, Fire Giants, Hellhounds, and Gargoyles should be done with Dragon Darts, the rest of the old Dragon Darts list becomes the new MSB list, and the Iron Dragons should be done with the Chaotic Crossbow.

Special Weapons and Healing

While using the Magic Shortbow, use this as a special weapon if you have no problem with healing. No other special weapon significantly increases DPS, if at all. However, if healing becomes an issue on any task (as it may for players used to slaying with +300 defence bonuses), a couple of things may be done.

If damage issues are only minor, bring a couple of super defence potions. These cost almost nothing and let a Bunyip overheal on most tasks.

The special of the Enhanced Excalibur heals 200/400 hitpoints every 5 minutes and boosts defence. While this may negatively impact Slayer experience because the MSB special attack can no longer be used, it is an extremely useful healing mechanism.

Also there is something called "food". While as a melee slayer you may have never needed to eat, ranged slaying provides plenty of opportunities to munch a shark or two.


Again, use a combat familiar in multicombat and a healing familiar in singlecombat (using a Unicorn may be necessary on some singlecombat tasks, especially if one does not have 99 defence). Geyser Titans and Steel Titans both provide ranged XP.


It is most efficient to use Runite Bolts for the Chaotic Crossbow and Rune Arrows for the Magic Shortbow. This is at any level. Make sure you have about 10K Rune Arrows before range slaying, as many will break.

A Note On Nechryael

Most people know that Nechryael can be chinned. Use Bladewing's guide for more information.

Chinning Nechryael Guide

That about wraps this guide up - I may have missed some methods. It may be more attractive to chin Fire Giants or some other avant-garde method then MSB them. If you become aware of one of these methods, PM me or post in this guide (this goes for the melee information as well).


Thanks for reading!

If you ever see the words "posted image" where there should be an inventory icon, tell me.

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If you want to reformat a bit to go with our other articles, I think this is worth of being promoted to the main page now that we have IP Content. It should actually get some outside exposure and google ranking that way. Just letting you know in case you want to make any edits to it before I add it.Edit: and the corp mini-guide as well.Edit 2: Oh, and I'm sorry that our conversion broke half of the images. They should go back to normal after you edit it since I've upped the image limit.

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Ive read this guide before, but wow, a lot of work has been put in it. It's such a pity half of the images dont work at the moment and like stated before, it needs to be updated (polypore stuff etc.)

Yeah, nice guide. And it sucks that the images aren't embedded properly, but guess it couldn't that long to finish. Is this outdated though?
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