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Delleh's PvM Guides For Medium Levels!


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God Wars Dungeon






[*]Dagonnoth Kings

[*]Corp Beast

[*]Kalphite Queen

[*]King Black Dragon







Bandos is a very popular boss for teams and solo's with semi-regular drops of around 21m, There are two roles at bandos. Tanks and Attackers. Tanks have the harder job by far. Tanks, must protect from Melee and tank the range and mage hits,


Dagonnoth Kings

Dagonnoth Kings is a popular group of bosses to kill, especially since the meele king, Rex, can be safe spotted by mages. The Dagonnoth kings use all three corners of the combat triangle, Mage, Range and Meele. and are equally weak to the opposite side of the triangle. Mage to Range, Meele to Mage, and range to Meele. The most popular king to kill is dagonnoth rex as it drops the highest valued items including the berserker ring and dragon hatchets. The best way to solo mage Rex is to where meele armour and have a negative mage attack bonus of above -30, Rexies mage defence is so low it will take damage up to -50 mage attack.

Okay here are some sets. On the left is the set for people with sublime amounts of cash (60m+), In the middle a drop to maybe 7m and on the right like 2m.

Posted Image

Corp Beast

Kalphite Queen

King Black Dragon


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