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InvisionPower Drops a Bombshell on Hosted Communities

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I received the following email:

Invision Power Services
December 27, 2011
Dear Valued IPS Client,

You are receiving this communication because you are listed as an IPS hosted client.

In an effort to expand our offerings, vastly improve performance and provide greater stability, we will be migrating all clients to brand new equipment specifically tailored to the IPS product line.

This is a large undertaking internally at IPS, but requires very little, if any intervention on your part. We do, however, ask that you review the following and take any necessary corrective action or contact us for further information.
Unsupported versions of IP.Board

While it is always recommended to maintain the latest version of the software to ensure all security and stability fixes are applied, we recognize due to customizations and various factors, this is not always possible. Because of the new infrastructure, IP.Board v2.x will no longer function. It is very important that if you are using this version, you upgrade as soon as possible. You should have received a separate communication if this is the case.

NON-IPS Software

To better serve our clients in doing what we do best -- providing quality community solutions -- IPS discontinued traditional web hosting services several years ago. Up to this point, we have grandfathered legacy clients who operate non-IPS software and allowing the sites to continue to operate. Because our new environment is tailored specifically toward IPS products to provide a richer and more stable user experience, we are unfortunately unable to continue accommodating applications or "scripts" that operate outside of IP.Board. If you are using such software, we must ask that you discontinue its use at your earliest convenience. If you are on a current IPS community package, you have access to most, of our community suite applications. It's quite likely that you would be able to replace your custom applications using one of our existing products such as IP.Content. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


As the creators of IP.Board, it is rewarding to see our clients customize IP.Board to suit their specific needs, leveraging the power and flexibility of the software as well as our third party add ons. Unfortunately, not all customizations are created equal and some have a very detrimental impact to the stability of the servers that house your account. For example, when used improperly, the "Shoutbox" modification can consume so many resources, that a community with 15 simultaneous online users is utilizing the resource equivalent of a community with 50 or more online users. As such, we must evaluate modifications that are known to be an issue in a shared environment. This minimizes service impact to all clients and ensures smooth and fair use for all. The following link is a list of applications and hooks that are known to have an adverse impact and as such, will now be prohibited from being operated on our network. http://www.invisionp...olicies.php#asc If you are using one of these modifications, we must ask that you discontinue its use at your earliest convenience to prevent any service disruption after the migration.

By and large, most clients will not be impacted by the migration or these changes. If you are and have any questions or concerns, we invite you to contact us for further assistance.

As we carry out the migration, you may visit http://www.invisionp.../migration.html for schedules and updates.

We truly appreciate your patience, cooperation and your continued business. We look forward to providing you with these improvements and more in 2012!

What does this mean for us? Well, on the bright side, since people will be RUNNING LIKE MAD away from their hosting now, I doubt the downtime (all those 11-12pm blacouts that can last until about 1:15am) we've experienced will be quite so bad... At least, I hope so, because the losses are substantial.

Here is the list of banned modifications:

· Manage Inactive Members
· BouncyMail
· Unreal Portal (uPortal)
· (SOS32) Total Topics in Subforums
· (SOS32) Topics Being Viewed Now
· (SOS32) TOP 20 Reputation Points
· (SOS32) Show Unread Posts in Board
· (SOS32) Top Posters 2.0.1
· (SOS32) Topic Viewed by Users 3.0.0
· Awards mod
· ibArcade
· ibEconomy

The mods listed in green are things we use extensively, and are going to (probably) have to remove. The yellow mods are things that we have installed, and may/may not have to remove.

The saddest thing about this is that InvisionPowers 3rd part developer community - the guys who make all the cool add-ons we can use - is getting totally fucked by this. Imagine donating hundreds of hours of your own free time to provide FREE software that ends up in the hands of a company that indirectly profits off your work. After years of helping them, they ban your work. o.O


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Blue speed

Blue speed

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Are you kidding me?



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Wow this sucks circumcised cock tbh...especially not managing the inactive members =/



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