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Unlimited and Free Arrow Exploit

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Unlimited and Free Arrow Exploit

I used to use steel arrows like you, then I took a daedric arrow to the knee. (I'm sorry)

By: Blexun

Skyrim was originally going to let you fletch your own arrows. It was cut from the final game, for whatever reason. If you are like me, you may have trouble finding decent arrows. If you are a budding archer that wants to get in plenty of practice, or an experienced archer that just wants easy kills, you may enjoy this little exploit that can duplicate any arrow as long as you have one of it.

Getting Started

    [*]One arrow of your choosing that you wish to duplicate. Ideally a glass, ebony, or daedric arrow
    [*]Slighty decent pickpocket level and/or gear
    [*]Access to an area where NPCs practice shooting arrows
    [*]A bit of patience
    [/list]Advance Requirements

      [*]High Pickpocketing level with perks invested in Light Fingers as well as either Night Thief or Misdirection
      [*]Pickpocketing gear and/or potions to increase your odds
      [*]Access to the Thieve's Guild will make things a lot easier and safer
      [/list]Duplicating Those Precious Arrows
      Take your arrow of choice and find a place where a guard or another character shoots arrows at a target for practice. A good place for all players is outside of Castle Dour in Solitude. If you have access to the Thieves' Guild, this is recommended (more information in Tips and Tricks). Approach the character that is shooting arrows, attempt to pickpocket him, and instead of stealing something from him, give him the arrow you wish to duplicate. If you have the Misdirection Perk, which allows you to steal equipped items, steal the default arrows he is shooting now. If you don't have that perk, you'll have to do a little more work.

      Wait until the person you planted the arrow on goes asleep. For guards, this is usually around 9pm. If you did this in the Thieves' Guild, you'll have to wait a bit later, something like 12 AM. Find the person you gave the arrow too, and steal the arrows he usually shoots. Afterward, wait until morning and go to where the chosen NPC shoots arrows. Instead of shooting the arrow he normally does, he'll be shooting the arrow you gave him, never running out even though he only has the one. Just stand near the target and collect them as he shoots them.

      Tips and Tricks

        [*]Save before your pickpocket attempts, especially if you attempt to do this with a guard
        [*]The Thieves' Guild is the ideal place for this. Not only do the thieves not retaliate when being pickpocketed, they also sleep in a more accessible area and they shoot faster than guards
        [*]Try going to the Fletcher in Solitude to get a starter arrow. You can also try to find and kill a Dwarven Centurion, which usually always has some high leveled arrows
        [*]Once you do this trick once, the guard or thief will always carry your arrow, allowing you to collect more when needed without having to go through the whole process again
        [*]I successfully stole steel arrows off a sleeping thief with 27 pickpocket and the basic Thieves' Guild boots
        [*]If you get bored of just standing there and grabbing arrows, try to grab them before they hit the target or try to run in front of one. Neither are that much fun, but beats just standing there
        [*]Occasionally when doing this trick in the Thieves' Guild, another thief will stand too close to the archer and stop him from shooting. To counter this, repeatedly sprint at the thief not shooting the arrows and talk to him/her as well
        [*]On a side note, giving one arrow of any type to a follower will give him/her an unlimited type of that arrow

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Good guide, we should combine all of the exploits into a big article and then add it to the main page.I've read that this works with companions/followers too.



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Oh yeah I was gonna add that to the tips. And yeah, maybe we can add condensed versions of the exploits into a big article then link them for more info or to just comment on the guide individually.

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