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Favourite Skill Cape??


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Ok Brosums, whats your Favourite Skill Cape and why??I am in a huge toss up for my favourite,I like a lot of the capes lmao the ones with good colours like herb, have a shit emote though. So i cant decideThink Ive settled on the smith cape lol mainly cause its gold trimmed and I like the emote.

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How's the untrimmed cape better than trimmed o.0?

Can't relate to attack cape cause I like the gold trim, but I like untrimmed strength over trimmed. Red trim on the strength is too Christmasy. Basically, sometimes the trim messes up the look.Now that I think about it, I'll like to add mining trimmed to favorite looks cause the black with light blue trim is nice. Master Dungeon wins for best emote.
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