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Brads Goals :D


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Making a change from smithing for double exp as I think smithing at 40kxp an hour would be a waste of double xp :PGoing for 99 construction over the weekend and upto :)Going from 40kxp per hour to 200k+xp per hour it should be a quick 99 :DGot all the planks I need so should be straight forward :P

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Yer the new layout sucks lolCan't see the chat at the bottom whilst it's up...Aye I'm getting about 150kxp an hour because I afk a lot lol and I've spend like 130m on the planks for 99 so not too bad lolThankyou all :D

I agree, the new layout is terrible. Gl on 99 construction though! Also, Prayer got the coolest skillcape emote, so gratz on that even though it's a bit late...
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Well then guys.What do you think I should do?Option 1. Carry on afking rc until I get bored.Option 2. Afk smithing which I'm already bored of.Option 3. Do some dung for some much needed gravite gear for warring.Please place your fingers on the keyboard and let the voting begin!

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