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  1. So long story short, i might get banned on Bard's server and since the admin sucks massive cock at doing his job correctly, i'll present my police report from some power hungry mod thefrenchfuck <3. [start] Spoogan by TheFrenchCanuck[fuck] » Sun May 05, 2013 5:11 pm Screenshots are in the Arbiter chat, but in short, Spoogan is currently on [first and ] final warning - no give or take if he screws [states why he was demoted] up again. Currently warned for disturbance of the peace [LOL?] and attempt to incite dissent/guilt trips [once again LOL?] amongst players after they ask him as to why he was demoted. Arbiters and admins who have not seen it happen should note that he attempts to get away with this in private messages, never in public chat. [End] this mod then calls me out in public, loses any argument he has in public chat, gets into a bigger rage and then threatens to ban me <3 just like the admin who he is currently balls deep sucking on. I'll go into detail if you want, i find it quite comical.
  2. Conducting another social experiment with the sloth profile picture. This time on Facebook.

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    2. Eric the Bard

      Eric the Bard

      I've considered it. However, that's as far as I went. I'm still sort of considering it.

    3. .:Spoogan:.


      So far it has received 4 likes and a WTF. How soon until the virus, err sloth picture spreads

    4. Jake


      Look up The Sloth Rebellion on Facebook. We're working to make sloths the dominant species.

  3. 3. I thought back to the book series Pendragon...
  4. Sloths. Sloths EVERYWHERE

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    2. .:Spoogan:.


      We are also doing it in style

    3. Blake


      I don't know what World War 3 will be fought with, but World War 4 will be fought with sloths.

    4. Jake


      Obviously, as they will probably be the dominant species by then.

  5. [*]I am a sloth [*]favorite scene of star wars was hoth [*]as you can see in my profile picture i am very accomplished [*]i am cherished [*]currently a college student [*]i'm not prudent [*]'merica [*]speak english better than any other language. [*]don't know another language for that matter [*]attended THREE, that is right THREE proms between my Junior and Senior year. [*]Attempted to make it a poem but failed [*]I am a sloth
  6. Edit: I promise you, 9Gag isn't the best source for fun.
  7. New proflie picture. Classy as Fuck

  8. Edit: Don't want to repost, here is another update http://www.nytimes.com/2013/04/03/world/asia/north-korea-threatens-to-restart-nuclear-reactor.html
  9. I'm thinking I need to replay FFX when I get back home
  10. *listens to FFX sound tracks; remembers the jaw dropping cut sceens; Memories come pouring back in a surge of emotion comparable to the waves in 2012 movie * "No Tidus come back!" "Screw you Wakka and your spiked hair" "o shit Rikku is kinda hot <3" "BLITZBALL <3 <3 <3" "lul final boss was easy" "stupid seymour, WHY, WON'T, YOU, DIE!" "haha Kimahri is a kitty" THE FEELS ;_;
  11. Understandable, considering majority of the population suffers in poverty and a select few are living a luxurious life style. In an article i read if war did break out, it would be with rebels that finally had enough of his shit. On another note, if it wasn't a threat made to the US, why did they put US soldiers in it and some US aircraft carriers and then attempt to photoshop explosions onto them.
  12. Yea they're not using MW3 clips anymore. I think their inability to understand what threatening the can result in probably because they haven't heard this beast tear their tanks up http://youtu.be/P8Qvy-atBd0?t=1m6s Also i couldn't resist
  13. Considering a perfect girl doesn't exist, wouldn't it be better to go from 1-9? edit: i would consider a 0 an acceptable rating, what if, for example the girl switches gender?
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