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Hearthfire Official - Build Homes and More!

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Bethesda has officially announced Hearthfire, and it's everything it was rumored to be and more. Don't worry, we have the details!
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Editor's Note: If you're looking for information on how or where to buy land/property in Hearthfire, try this guide.

Bethesda dropped a bombshell earlier today by announcing that not only is Hearthfire real, it's going to be released on Xbox Live in under a week on September 4th. Yeah, we didn't see that coming either. The announcement revealed that Hearthfire will offer players the following abilities...
  • Purchase (and defend) property.
  • Build your own home/complex from the ground up.
  • Ability to use drafting tables and carpenter's workbenches to make furnishings.
  • Hire stewards to run your affairs.
  • Adopt children into your home. But be warned, you have to raise them!
The DLC will reportedly cost 400 Microsoft Points; that's $5.00 if you're a normal person and not a Microsoft suit.

An official promotional video was posted alongside the announcement.


With Skyrim’s newest game add-on, Hearthfire, you can purchase land and build your own home from the ground up – from a simple one-room cottage to a sprawling compound complete with an armory, alchemy laboratory, stable, garden, and more. Use all-new tools like the drafting table and carpenter’s workbench to transform quarried stone, clay, and sawn logs into structures and furnishings. Even transform your house into a home by adopting children.
Hearthfire releases on Xbox LIVE next week (September 4th) for 400 Microsoft Points.

Meanwhile, PS3 owners still have yet to have any official announcement concerning Dawnguard's PS3 release date. However, Skyrim Patch 1.7 (released in July on the 360) was officially available in Europe on August 28th.

Thanks a lot Bethesda, I really feel special. The Ps3 version of Dawnguard must be amazing for you to delay it this long. Right? RIGHT? You're running out of time before I lose interest in the game. Hurry up!
I've already given up on Dawnguard. Unless it's $10 or less I'm not buying it. I completely understand that they had an exclusivity agreement and respect that, but the complete silence regarding the situation and ignoring an entire userbase? The whole thing has become a joke. The communication is just horrible, and they're losing a lot of money because of it.As far as Hearthfire is concerned, I plan to adopt Babette. If it's ever released on the PS3.
I know they do this crap to make more money, but seriously, why couldn't this be in the very first edition of the game :(
I hope they add Khajiit children to adopt. Otherwise my home will be kind of awkward."Daddy, can we play now""No play. This ones shall lick now"Also, I plan to seduce my stewardess.
What about adopting the Jarl's son? He wouldn't be happy about that.Also, I can't see the PC community being into this. They have mods that give you houses several times better than what this looks like.
I think this is meant for xbox, because they are trying to fix the lack-luster PS3 version. they are working on the memory problems and stuff. so Dawnguard is mayyybe coming soon. Don't worry squishy, I'll at least give you a "guide" about it all :D
This looks cool, Its awesome that its coming out so soon too. I really should get back into skyrim and get dawnguard as well. It really sucks the way they're treating Ps3 users though.
they can't really do much to be honest, it's all in the programming. I don't want to sound arrogent or whatever but you tend to get a much different perspecitve when you have a general programming experience.
Was I the only one shocked at how lame the video was?

Was I the only one shocked at how lame the video was?

The video is pretty lame, the actual content sounds good though,
i thought the Hearthfire trailer was bland, unloke Bethesda's standards, however it did give you a very good idea of what you're buying.

they can't really do much to be honest, it's all in the programming. I don't want to sound arrogent or whatever but you tend to get a much different perspecitve when you have a general programming experience.

But this isn't a fledgling developer like CDProjektRed. This is BETHESDA. They have made multiple Ps3 games, and have been releasing them consistantly for six years. They don't have an excuse for not knowing how to program a Ps3, when fellow RPG companies like Bioware and From Software can program on them with ease, and with a smaller budget.
you won't understand until you program for yourself, especially with C++, Just because you happen to have several years of experience, does not make it any easier. also Bioware and other use other program languages that THEY created. I'm fairly certain Bethesda uses C++ still as it is generally commonplace, along with giving the user power and control over what they are doing.Skyrim have thousands, if not tens of thousands of lines of code and C++ does not point out mistakes and if one thing is out of place, something may not work. it could take from hours to months to figure out, going down all the code. David hopefully understands the difficulty and could maybe explain it better. Also, they aren't just trying to fix the PS3 problem, they still need to develop DLC for the xbox at least, as they are under contract.
Actually watched the video, and yeah it is kind of lame. Though to be honest, a add on like Hearthfire doesn't really need the kind of epic video that Dawnguard had.
agreed. I think they handled it the right way by making it seem more "educational" because building a house probably won't be as much of an adventure, like dawnguard. Based on everything, I'd give it a 7 or 8/10
this is gonna be so epic i cannot wait. this video sucked but im still excited
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