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  1. Every so often people question my opinions on Skyrim and I feel the need to show them this site. Lol

    1. David


      I thought we'd be talking about TES 9 by now and we still haven't gotten TES 6! :blink:

  2. I still remember my account info, holy hell

    1. David


      It has been a long time. And still no TES VI...

  3. Joined a Clan for battlefield, woo!

  4. Unlike what David said, most of the methods described in this thread are legitimate sources; however, he had one thing correct. It is a HUGE waste of time. He is correct that there is a lot of ways to mess up on all of the conversions. It actually took me a moment to figure them all out myself. As he said though, there is NO physical way to mod Skyrim for PS3 or Xbox 360. This Thread is helpful yet full of scattered replies. Somebody should compile all of the methods and do a "fact/myth" post.
  5. *Important Update*= Due to the 1.9 patch, to start off this speedrun, you MUST be offline. The fastest way to level 81 was through Oghma infinium. There are probably more official easy ways to ACTUALLY speedrun this game, however this is a more casual run that gets all of the achievements. Through 3 days of inconsistent play, I had 800 gamerscore for it.
  6. I'm sorry to get back to you so late but I've tested them and they do work on 360, I haven't had anybody else on the other systems test/verify it for me but i'd assume yes. I could also add your Water-breathing + Equilibrium method to it as well.
  7. The easiest early stage way to make money in skyrim (without leveling) is to actually get out of the whiterun borders and continue to take everything the master smith on the rock has (it's been a looong time since I played Skyrim, lol) you'll get around 1k-1.1k gold every minute or so, not including what you can sell. I can post a video or explain it manually how to do it, but you just need to quick pass through two days in-game and talk to him again. it is possible to do with more ease with Whirlwind Sprint 2 but you can do it right after finishing the "tutorial".
  8. I agree with Dova, it is the easy way and some people's save will have mods encased within them, such as a map edited area or added items like that, but an actual mod such as the "better body" mod (which is actually required for a lot of more serious clothing mods) and mods that add armor or clothes are only available on PC or (to my knowledge) a Developer's Xbox, J-Tag.
  9. My Top 5 Is: 5. Frostbite spiders, because they wreck low levels 4. anything dwarven, because I've done enough 1-81 Oghma runs to hate them with a passion 3. Wolves, because they are EVERYWHERE, like absolutely everywhere and they are stupid, like moon moon 2. Falmer, practically beasts, somewhat zombie-esque and they wield weapons. they bother and scare me on occasion 1. Chaurus and Chaurus Reapers, because they are large giant armored creatures that spit and are very very aggressive. I hate them with a passion and will sometimes kill hordes of them for fun.
  10. As with what David stated, it is impossible for a PS3 or Xbox360 user to remarry in Skyrim; however, it is fundamentally possible for all three. The discrepency is that you need to have a friend (or have it yourself) a PC copy of Skyrim as well. Through a little bit of computer knowledge it is possible to load a Xbox360/PS3 save onto a PC and edit it that way, then vice versa. There may or may not be videos of how to's: on youtube, but it would be advisable to start there or via Google/Bing.
  11. I actually forgot about that glitch but i actually found something in return for you. I'd like to personally thank you in return, I am flattered that you made an account for the sole intent to thank me. If there is anything you need help with or something, please, let me know. TESV - Skyrim - Speechcraft Powerleveling 1-100 (After patch 1.9): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-yh3Znb7KM
  12. Everybody has been updated in, including Randy, enjoy the updated content everybody!
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