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Racial Skills - Ebonheart Pact

  • The racial skills of the Argonian, Dunmer, and Nord races - collectively known as the Ebonheart Pact - have been discovered!


We have completed a fantastic skill database containing all known skills and their effects. It contains up-to-date information in an easy format, so please use it!

Original Article

As we now have a good idea what the racial skills consist of for the Aldmeri Dominion and Daggerfall Covenant, it's about time we added the nearly complete list for the Ebonheart Pact to the front page.



  • Histskin - Health regeneration increased by 100 for 15 sec. Activated elite ability.


  • Restoration Talent - 15% faster XP in restoration skill line.
  • Resist Affliction - No reduction in combat stamina regeneration while in water.
  • Unknown - +26 poison and disease resistance.
  • Unknown - 7% increase in healing received.

Dark Elf


  • Ancestral Guardian - 15 seconds, activated, can taunt.


  • Ambidexterity - 15% XP for dual wield.
  • Dynamic - Magic and stamina increased 3%.
  • Resist Flame - 40 fire resistance.
  • Flame Talent - Fire damage increased 7%.



  • Battle Cry - 7% AE damage increase anyone in area, activated.


  • Two Handed - 2h XP gained 15% faster.
  • Robust - 4% combat regen HP.
  • Resist Frost - 39 cold resistance.
  • Rugged - Armor increased by 50.

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Ultimate: Histskin - Health regen increased by 100 for 15 sec. Activated elite abilityPassive:15% faster xp in restoration skill lineNo reduction in combat stamina regen while in water+26 poison and disease resist7% increased healing receivedDark ElfUltimate: Ancestral Guardian15 seconds, activated can tauntPassives:Ambidexterity15% xp for Dual WieldDynamicMagic and stam increased 3%Resist flame40 fire resistFlame talentFire damage increased 7%NordUltimate: Battle Cry 7% AE damage increase anyone in area, activatedPassives:2h skill again 15% fasterrobust: 4% combat regen HPresist frost: 39 cold resistRuggid: Armor increased by 50


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Ok so i just got done reading the new patch notes.


There are 5 new races that will be added to the main game, all with unique skillz.


Black guy:


Thievery +50

Can stealth into shadows, as long as he is naked and has eyes and mouth closed.

Home speak:  Charisma +400 to all other black guys, but -400 to anyone with a brain.


Chinese guy:


Intelligence +150

You may take a maths test once every day, if you fail, you sacrifice yourself cos you brought shame onto your family.  If you succeed you get +50 int.


English guy:


+500 to everything


French guy:


You may not participate in combat.  If you spot an enemy, you must turn and flee.


American guy:


You may eat any animal 3 times per day, up to and including things the size of a dragon.  Gain +50kg in weight per animal, and lose mobility.

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