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#9598 This clan is in big problem guys...

Posted by I God-Apollo on November 14, 2011 - 01:06 AM

Great way to get people to look at the thread if you ask me Posted Image Ya im trolling, what do you expect a guy who doesn't play runescape anymore and is on the forums like once a month, huh? Now admit it in this forum if it's the title that got you, or you just check all new threads. TROLOLOLOLOL Have a great life my old clan mates Posted Image

#8714 Battlefield 3

Posted by I God-Apollo on October 27, 2011 - 09:57 AM

BF= win/loss is most important to the average playerCod=kill/death is most important to the average playerThat "motivation" makes a huge difference in game play, the map sizes of BF make camping not as rewarding because less people run through your area. Camping is nearly impossible because when people know the corner your hiding in you got C4 all over the back of the wall. BF generally has more teamwork in all game modes, and is generally more strategic(this is from the BF motivation of win/loss because you cant win on your own). This is all because of bigger maps, certain roles for each class, and a variety of ways to approach the objective; like having a friendly sniper cover you from across the map by spotting and killing, stealth-fully jumping out of a helicopter, going straight for it in a tank, have your squad push up, and many more.Cod gameplay is more like a FFA, just some people cannot hit you (your team mates) this is usually because you only need you to improve YOUR Kill/Death. Smaller maps create efficient camping, killstreaks rewards campers, and since the objective is one of the most heavily guarded areas on the map generally people who want a kill streak don't go for it. Btw did i mention how COD made it easy to camp, motion sensors, enclosed one or two entrance buildings and becuase guns kill so fast they can kill you before you see it coming. And cods fast gameplay create a connection whore fest.

#8166 Delly's Weekly Skil n' Chill #1

Posted by I God-Apollo on October 15, 2011 - 08:15 PM

Won't be there as usual, I'm F2P. ;) Never saw Summon Skill and Chill, sounds interesting. =P

Nice -10 rep btw.

A bit of a fail, eh?

Make that -11rep Posted Image

#7153 If you are in this clan read this.

Posted by I God-Apollo on September 29, 2011 - 06:56 PM

My clan olympics ideas:

Make groups of combat levels

Each team picks by groups like picking teams in a game.
Then teams compete against each other. One team red, one team blue, and team captains can trade players, like in sport teams. Just put the score red-blue on top of forums near war scores to make it kinda official. And to make it more fair it's best to have at least 2 people in each combat group. Make games so that it's not only combat based games, some examples are; do who can finish dungs first, stealing creation battles, first one to get x amount of a resource in a time limit, void conquest games, and citadel games and moreee. There are many good things that may occur from this; One it gives a nice competitive spirit within the clan; like hogwarts in harrypotter has 4 different houses which compete against each other. Two it makes use of the citadel sooo much more then it is these days, and gives us a reason to get max resources.Three, it's original and I think it would be fun. You could choose the mvp of the team for the week, and maybe make it so you can bet on matches (ex: Me and freind on the other team put 5k in, winner gets 10k for their team winning the game.) maybe make something like the Runescape Olympics with it once a month, and if this does go as far as I think it could go maybe we could make red team only/blue team only topics like you have for council and such:
for those of you that read this far I thank you and make a post with a sentence including "1, rabbit, and Apollo" so I know you read this far, and I will love you, now keep reading!
EXAMPLE of what could become of the olympics:
1st round: combat level dueling (combatents must be in same combat group, one team chooses the combat group. Every week the team that chooses changes,THERE MUST BE TWO PEOPLE IN THAT COMBAT GROUPE)
2nd round: marathon of runescape, first one to run to varrock, pick up a potato from teammate (who is waiting there) and gets back to falador wins. Lumbridge would be starting point
3rd round: First one to make a (you decide) from scratch wins. EX of the (you decide) part can be first one to make a maple bow with arrows, or full iron set, etc
4th round: The hunted! You go in the biggest pvp field you can find (ex: are wildy, clan war free for all arena, clan war arenas) then you and your team decide who the person is and well first one to get their own person killed looses. Another version is the wilderness race, one person has to go to point x and then come back to point y without dieing (uses same arena as hunted)


#7053 Use the + rep button!

Posted by I God-Apollo on September 27, 2011 - 07:36 PM

I feel like the only person using the reputation buttons, I don't know about you guys but I think it should be used more because there is a reason it's there, I + rep every post that makes me laugh, feel informed, or strongly agree with. Another thing is I - rep every post I think is cruel(and not a joke), misinformation, and stupidity.

now go use the + rep button if you think it deserves it and be cool.... like mePosted Image

#6991 Don't Crash.

Posted by I God-Apollo on September 26, 2011 - 12:10 AM

Have you ever thought.... hmmmm there are less than 200 worlds, and there is always more then 150,000 people playing so sometimes you gotta crash or you can't do it, who are you to say it's my area/kills/resources. On the other hand I don't believe they should be a douche about it, I just want you to think about it in their shoes; I just hopped threw 5 worlds this one has the least amount of people outta all the ones I went to, so I'll bother less people and benefit the most. Now don't take this the wrong way there are some douches who are gonna say "fuck you 2 vs 1 go hop" but in general those crashers are just like you and me who wanna go do whatever with all the resources to yourselves. Example: when I go chinning I go to the spot where I always go, if he asks me to hop, and I think it's reasonable (more then 2 people in the same spot) I'll hop but I'll do this 4 times until I say fuck it I'm going to the one with the least amount of people.Hope you understand my reasoning, plays out well in my head. Posted Image

#6662 Real Life Names

Posted by I God-Apollo on September 16, 2011 - 05:10 PM

LukePosted Image

And does an xbox mic work for irc? i got no mic and never tried irc.

#6642 Apollo's journey into Oblivion

Posted by I God-Apollo on September 15, 2011 - 10:24 PM

Shoulda named yourself "MstrMonopoly" tbh.

I did but then, thought;"if my character sucks, then I'd disgrace the name, I can't take that risk"

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