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Hello people, how are the fine members of TRR doing :mellow:I have not been on IRC or active that much in RuneScape in general due to a car accident, or a bike accident. Kind of got hit by a car while I was crossing a street on my bike, yea the light was red for the dude but he decided to just drive on through, I guess he didn't see my ass in the middle of the road on a red bike, obviously because he kept going 50k/m lol. So yea, enough about me, how are you guys doing.

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That suck's bro, drivers these days. :| So whats up Allan.

Not much, back to making money, got back into black ops and owning kids lol. Not really been up to much to be honest.

Whoa, good to see you're alright. I was legitimately worried that you died or something, because... what, 1200+ hours of idling? Lol.

Yea lol, well I am back to being a bit more active anyway.Oh yea, and were are my awards :mellow:Attack MasteryStrength MasteryDefence MasteryRanged MasteryMagic MasteryConstitution MasteryCooking MasteryFiremaking MasteryFletching MasterySlayer MasteryFishing MasteryCombat: ColonelTotal Level: 2200Questing: OdysseusNot sure if you want to give me donation medal so yea lol.
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