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The Noob Game.

I God-Apollo

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The Noob Game


Pretty much the game is were you have to try to make as much money as you can while starting from scratch, which means you literally get 0gp to start, and you cannot use any items you previously owned to try and make some money. Then every week we see who made the most money while being a noob, anyone wanna play? Please!!! I can't play all by myself!

Ask any questions here about how to play the game, cause I probably didn't explain it very well.

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To be honest, just make a post in the Event's section, which outlines what the rules are, what the dates are, and probably who is participating.

Anybody is allowed to make an event, the ET are just supposed to make set events for people.

You can do that too if you feel comfortable doing it. You will find a set of guidelines to follow in the ET section if you are willing.
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